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At the outset, it is our duty to acknowledge with gratitude the generous help that we have received from the Karnataka High Court and particularly the then Chief Justice Mr. Justice S.A. Hakeem for making available the required premises at the heart of the city in the City Civil Court Complex, Bangalore, for locating the Headquarters of the Commission.

The task of establishing the Commission with the necessary funds, staff and equipments was much eased by the continued support from the Ministry of Law and Justice of the Government of India and in particular, by the guidance of Mr. M.P. Singh, Additional Secretary, Dr. P.K. Agrawal, Joint Secretary and Mr. P.N. Singh, Deputy Secretary and their predecessors in office. Ms. S. Anand, P.A.O. and her staff have given proper guidance in financial matters. We would like to thank them for all their assistance.

We are grateful to all the High Courts, State Governments and Union Territory Administrations for their co-operation in collection and collation of information and material required for preparation of this gigantic task.

We would like too to thank the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi and Mr. M.C. Gupta, its Director, Mr. O.P. Minocha and Prof. S.S. Singh who constituted the team for evolving principles of rationalising the pay structure for the three cadres of our Judicial officers.

To Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon, former Director of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, we owe a special debt of gratitude. We have had the advantage of his critical advice from his profound knowledge of legal education and judicial training. He has indeed taken personal interest in preparing an innovative Report on Judicial Education and Training.

Special thanks are due to the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, the Director Dr. M. Ram Mohan Rao, Mr. S.S. Vaidyanathan and Prof. S. Krishna for preparing the report on ‘Improving Work Methods and Work Environment in the Subordinate Courts in India’ and also for co-ordinating for holding the "National Consultative Activity on Judicial Education and Training and I.T. for Judiciary."

Our thanks are also due to Dr. N.L. Mitra, Director, National Law School of India University, Bangalore and his staff who have furnished a wealth of information regarding the history of the judiciary in certain States and Union Territories.

Mr. K.R. Chamayya, initial Member-Secretary of the Commission, even after he left the Commission has been kind enough to associate himself with the on-going work of the Commission and we are obliged to him for preparing drafts of model Civil Courts Act, model Judicial Service Rules including Conduct Rules for Judges and Rules for Recruitment of Judges of Family Courts.

In installing computers and developing software to our requirement, Sri A. Venkateshan, Technical Director & State Informatic Officer, Karnataka Unit, Bangalore and colleagues of NIC were of enormous help to the Commission.

It is a pleasure to mention Justice Mr. C.S. Ramlu (Rtd.), President and Mr. N.S. Saini, General Secretary of the All India Judges’ Association who have submitted a detailed representation to our Questionnaire and all other Judicial Officers’ Associations and others who have responded to our Questionnaire and who have participated in the personal hearings. We are obliged to each one of them.

The central feature of the preparation of the Report has been the inhouse hard and sustained work from our limited staff, who are indeed, the unsung heroes, details of whom are in the Annexure. They took pride in working overtime with a sense of involvement in the preparation of the Report.

It would be true to say that, without the helping hand of Mr. H.G. Srivara, K.A.S., Deputy Secretary and Mr. R. Ramapriya, Joint Director (Economics & Statistics), the whole project might have aborted. These two Officers deserve great thanks for their patience and assistance.

We also wish to thank our Secretaries, Mr. K. Vittal Sheregar, Principal Private Secretary to Chairman, Mr. B. Krishna Murthy, P.S. to Member-Secretary, Mr. S. Seetharam, P.S. to Member and Personal Assistants, Mr. R. Venkataraman and Mr. N. Prabhakar, for their hard work. We also acknowledge the useful service rendered by Sri R. Ramachandra, Section Officer (Accounts) of the Commission.

We also thank Mr. Panduranga, Proprietor, ‘Five Star Impressions’ and Mr. K. Narayana, Proprietor, ‘Span Print’ for their co-ordination in bringing out the printed Report within the stipulated time-frame.



Justice K. Jagannatha Shetty

Former Judge, Supreme Court of India



Justice P.K. Bahri (Rtd.)                        Justice A.B. Murgod (Rtd.)Judge,

                   Delhi High Court Judge,                                                                        Karnataka High Court

                                  Member                                                                                        Member-Secretary

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