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“Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judges, who have NEVER Learned
to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND”
To Make India Corruption Free:
Prosecute & Jail Corrupt 867 Judges = Activate JUDICIARY

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On Trial: Indian  Judiciary Institutional Corruption of 867 Judges of India & Lokayukta Institutional Corruption;
WP.PIL. 44135/2011 in Karnataka High Court; before Chief Justice Court
- 25 Nov 2011

Plot Thickens, My Lord. DNA article

Colour Stickers: Being Circulated in Bangalore to Prominent People; Who in Turn are Pasting the Stickers in Karnataka
High Court, Lokayukta Building, Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha, Police Stations & Such Other Important Public Places.
You as a Indian Democracy Admirer; May also take the Print & Paste it on the Places you Choose to in Any Coun

Civics Lesson to Primary School children of India:
To be a Citizen of India, he has to obey the Laws of India, he has to pay taxes to the Govt. Only then he can claim his Rights.
Judges' oaths of office of Supreme / High / Subordinate Courts of India:
"I, A.B., having been appointed a Judge… do swear in the name of God/solemnly affirm that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established… that I will duly and faithfully…, knowledge and judgment perform the duties of my office without fear or favour,
affection or ill-will and that I will uphold the Constitution and the laws."
President of India: Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to Judicial & Legal Fraternity of India:
"If you can not make India corruption free, India will not become Developed Nation even by 2020" & "I am asking the Judicial community to start a nationwide movement to form corruption-free-India, similar to your ForeFathers' Freedom Struggle" (26 April 2003)
On 1st May 2003, CBI arrested Justice Shamit Mukherjee on the charges of "receiving illegal gratification for delivering an Order to favor litigant in DDA case" under Prevention of Corruption of Act. Delhi Special Court remanded the  Judge for CBI custody for a week. [062.01w]. Complete story [062]
5th May 2003: We are presenting this whole-sale case involving (about) 867 Judges

Crimes committed by 120 High Court & Supreme Court Judges for a Plot of Land:-

01. Who will Guard The Guardians?
"It is Most unfortunate that Judicial Emp. HBCS which should have been model to other Housing Societies, has itself become the Leading Law breaker without the least fear or Care for Law; Propriety or Public Interest. It has indulged in acts of Favor, Cronyism and capricious indifference to Law at Will, obiously under the hubris that having S.C & H.C. Judges as its Members & beneficiaries will ensure immunity to all its Illegal acts.

What is more disquieting is the Rediness with which sitting S.C & H.C Judges who are not "Employees" under any Government but are Constitutional functionaries, should have eagerly become members of Employees HBCS and obtained sites. Having registered office in Karnataka high Court building itself invoking "Awe & Terror in the Minds of various Government Agencies who have to take action against the Society as per law, do not create an atmosphere of Fairplay, Straightforwardness or Impartial dispensation of JUSTICE"

The Investigations reveal that this Society’s Illegal activities have Topped list of Cheating & Frauds in this Country, by the way Society has violated Gravest-of Grave Laws. I feel pity to Express, JUDICIAL LAY-OUT, has become MOTHER of ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Committee has received Complaints that stating that other Societies have also indulged in Similar illegal Activities.

Therefore to take stringent Action against illegal activities of Karnataka state Judicial department Employees’ House Building Co-operative Housing Society, it is Recommended to supersede the Society forthwith & to initiate Criminal prosecution against persons who are responsible for for such nefarious Activities.

Courtesy:- Joint Legislative Committe,
[Investigation Committee of Identifying Government Land Grabbing  in Bangalore Urban & Bangalore Rural Districts] 

02. Karnatka High Court Searching for Titles to "120 S.C. & H.C. Judges Sale Deeds, Judicial Layout ownership:

"Violation of Laws & Govt. Directions in forming Judicial Layout; Including violation/Contempt of Judgments, is done by securing Judgments from Judges/Bneficiary/Court. Soceity has never said Layout is Approved by BDA". The President of the Soceity to Karnataka HIgh Court in WP. PIL 40994/2002 . . . [Read More]

03. Three S.C & H.C Judge-Beneficiaries PIL 7105/2007 in H.C; insisting for C.B.I Investigations
against Employees HBCS, at para 30A & B:-

"JUDICIAL Layout is mired in Controversy & has become a Cess-pool of SCANDALs. It has become Talk-of-Town. It is submitted there are Too-many-Skeletons in the Closet ... "S.C & H.C. Judges are confronted by members of Public with Questions; for which JUDGEs have No-Answers . . The Question normally asked is "Whether JUDICIAL Layout is Above Law?". . . [Read More]

Index to Annexures in Petition






RESOLUTIONS of 867 odd Corrupt Judges of India:
Means To Ends

Ends:-PLOT: "To Knock a PLOT of Land by Hook or Crook belonging to Poor Agriculturists without paying a Penny we shall use-N-misuse Courts & collude with Govt. if required coerce one and all and to build Bungalows thereon", We 867 odd Judges of India including Judges of Supreme Court most Judges of Karnataka High Court, Judges of other High Courts, Judges of Almost all Subordinate Courts of Karnataka, Lokayukta & Judicial Officers there-under, Law Secretaries totaling  about 867 {illegal members}  out of 2,600 members of "Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society Ltd., High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore - 560001" which for brevity people call 'Fraud Judges Society' or 'Fraud Housing Society'
Resolve to use the Means (PLOTS) viz.,

  1. Not to Respect Laws or by Fraud mend-the-Law by force of Court Order.
  2. Not to respect Government Orders or by Fraud/Court Order bend Govt.
  3. Not to honor the Lawful Contractual Obligations arising of Agreements & Undertakings etc., made with Government of Karnataka and to this End Use-N-Misuse Courts-N-Govt. whenever necessary.
  4. Not to Respect Judgments of Supreme Court. Or mis-interpret it or by Fraud conceal True Facts & declare the said Judgement is not applicable to Us.
  5. Not to Respect Judgments which are Rendered & Procured by ourselves for illegal gain & self enrichment in contravention of all Laws & Facts ; to achieve these enter into Alliance with Govt. in-and-out of Court and
  6. To dare those who come across our aforesaid Resolutions; in the same manner as we colluded with Govt. of Karnataka & BDA etc., in 1995 to get Judgment ILR 1995 KAR 3139; and hoodwinked Petitioners & Union of India's Law Ministry.
  7. Still any allegations against us, we shall throttle the same by either "In-House / In-camera Proceedings" or by warning to expose the crimes committed by Judges or who-so-ever initiate investigations against us.
  8. If anyone else including Ministers commit any of above acts; we condemn them to Jail.
  9. Please recommend our names to "The Law's Hall of Fame" at http://www.duhaime.org or Email to mailto:lloyd@duhaime.org

"One Billion People of India"

Means To Ends

Ends: We, The People of India, custodian of the Constitution of India and the Institutions there under; having failed to get JUSTICE [033.01] & as we are of the opinion that in-justice is flowing from Law Courts creating  a state-of-Anarchy hence in accordance with our Fundamental Right of "LIBERTY of Thought & Expression" hereby pledge & resolve; for the facts & circumstances of the story in this web-site; that until and unless the Constitutional Authorities prosecute 867 odd Judges under Contempt of Court Act, 1971; Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and Indian Penal Code, 1908 & other penal laws to prove that "Truth Thy Shall Alone Prevail" & "Be You Ever So High; Law is Above you" thereby proving "Rule of Law" as applied in the case of Delhi High Court Judge Shameet Mukherjee is equally applicable to these Corrupt/criminal Judges;
To achieve Ends we shall use the Means viz.
  1. We shall not respect the 867 odd Corrupt Judges or their offices including any Orders of them hereafter.
  2. We shall have no option but to boycott all Courts, Court Proceedings & not to respect any Orders passed by any Courts; unless 867 odd judges are prosecuted as per law stated above.
  3. The afore-stated 2 Resolutions shall be in effect; Unless the Corrupt Judges do not resign from their offices to allow a Free & Fair Investigations & Prosecutions thereof.
  4. The afore-stated 3 Resolutions shall be in effect; Unless their illegally acquired property is returned to its Rightful Land owners along with any Buildings thereon or until such time that Union of India / C.B.I fails to take custody of same.
  5. We shall not respect "In-House or In-camera Proceedings & its conclusions " of past & future.
  6. Henceforth we shall not respect Judges who will / may be appointed or promoted " without calling for objections of People-of-India by advertisements in National Dailies including their antecedents in same manner as how a politician has to for-contesting-elections " and such other norms of Natural Justice so that appointee / promotee Judge should command "Peoples' Confidence before he enters into office" in the same manner as "Council of Ministers does it by proving by vote-of-confidence".
  7. We shall not rest until & unless these 1000 odd Judges are arrested in same manner as Justice Mukherjee was.


"The fathers did not desire to grant the judges non-forfeitable life tenure, thereby placing the judiciary wholly beyond the sovereign power of the people." [008.09]

The Law's Hall of Fame of World: This is where we have prepared short descriptions of the lives and times of the most famous (or infamous) people that have shaped our law or legal institutions. The persons selected are taken from all nations and eras and based only on merit. Most are lawyers but this is not a criteria for inclusion. Nominations welcome! We're always looking for persons, dead or alive, that have made major contributions to, or have had a major impact on, the law. Please e-mail nominations to
mailto: lloyd@duhaime.org

Hall of Fame of Indian Judiciary: Mr. Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer

Hall of Shame of Indian Judiciary: since Independence - 1947 to 2003

31st March 2003 - Delhi High Court Judge resigns: Suspected of collusion with Property Developers. Raids by CBI on corrupt higher officials in Delhi Development Authority (DDA), found Draft Judgement & Court Records [062.03w] [062.01w]
30th April 2003 Judge arrested by CBI.[062.18w]   1st May 2003: Judge was remanded to CBI custody [062.19w]

Present Scam: Will the 867 odd Judges resign; who are involved in the present investigated Land Scandal involving Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), Govt. of Karnataka etc.,; before being removed un-ceremoniously as Justice C. Shivappa of Chennai High Court was removed ?? and allow to be arrested from their offices ?

Zist of crimes & Evidence demanding Judges' Resignations:

  1. The Documents you are about to view prove 'Contempt of Court' 'Corruption' & several penal crimes including criminal conspiracies committed by Judges
    Click here for Flash Movie (Kindly wait as movie loads - about 1.5 MB) 
  2. High Court of Karnataka has admitted Public Interest Litigation WP No.40994 of 2002 [040.02 ]; which petition is filed by and on behalf of the Corrupt Judges. Petition directly admits that they have committed crimes punishable under Contempt of Court Act of 1971, Prevention of Corruption Act of 1988 and various crimes punishable under Indian Penal Code. Court's interim order;  cross confirms zist of crimes.
  3. Fraud Judges themselves allege that they have no-confidence to get Justice from High Court of Karnataka. Refer last paragraph of Legal Notice [040.16]. This is Annexure 'J' (pages 55 to 71) in PIL WP No.40994 of 2002 [040.02].

Judges Gods or Devils?
We the People of India have appointed the Judges is to provide Justice & discharge duties in accordance with Law. To this end we are paying & caring them as Living Gods. If we withdraw the Faith, Confidence & Hopes bestowed upon them & their Offices; will it not be greater damage than the Corrupt/Criminal Judges demitting Offices on their own volition?
We have appointed them as LORDS / Gods but NOT as DEVILS. We shall not allow such Devils to continue. We shall Un-veil Veil of Corrupt Judges and if they chose to "Shall be Devils together & Doom together" then that's Dooms Day of Judiciary. [Gods in Black Nighties ]


Zist of Story: with full evidence, court records, live cases, and admittance to crimes by the judges themselves.
What the story involves is of a (Microscopic) Housing Society consisting of 867 judges out of total 2600 public/government servants. The membership is not compulsory inter alia is restricted only to "Employees of Karnataka State Judicial Department" but on voluntary basis . The aims and objects of Judges becoming members of this society is to get a PLOT of land in exchange for PLOTS viz., misusing their positions including their offices to further the illegal aims and objects of the society.
What Crimes have they Committed, necessiating Peoples' Resolution?:
The "Long & Short of Crimes Judges have committed" is this that if were to be committed by any ordinary persons/Advocates/Minister including Judges; same would have been languishing in Jail. The Corrupt Judges, PLOTTERS for the heck of a PLOT of land have made many conspiracies (PLOTs); to defeat laws of India, Rendered & Secured fraud judgments, legalized illegals. Evidences of crimes perpetrated on Laws, Govt. & Court are adduced by themselves. They admit that JUDICIAL LAY-OUT or Judges Slum is a result of not only Fraud Judgments but also of Un-Holy Alliance of Judiciary with Govt. of Karnataka (if not Legislature also) since 1985. Few cases are alive in Supreme Court & High Court (which are well informed in this website/CD); which cases inadvertently prove our earlier statements. Estimated amount involved is Rs. 17 Lakh Billion.


Bells of Warning-1995:
These Judges missed the opportunity in kind of warning in 1995. Chose to secure Fraud Judgment cited as ILR 1995 KAR 3139 which is nothing but an "Epithet on Epitaph of Judiciary". In 1994-95 despite all odds patriotic Advocates took-up the case in context. All except two Judges of Karnataka High Court were Respondents. High Court fraudulently hushed-up the case, dismissed bonafide Petitions, upheld malafide & Fraud contentions of Govt. of Karnataka & Fraud Judges. Advocates were threatened with contempt of court penal actions. Fraud Judgment is reported as ILR 1995 KAR 3139 [027.05]. Supreme Court dismissed Appeals.
Frauds of that case are hovering-over High Court & Supreme Court today. Skeletons / skulls/Frauds are being dug-open & attempts are on trying to re-bury the same; both by Fraud Judges alone.
Their illegal aims and objects, illegal acts, conspiracy, fraud judgments, Contemptuous acts & crimes are covered in detail and supported by evidence in this website/CD.
What is in this Story is confirmed by the Pamphlet (Gang) War ongoing against Fraud Judges Society by no-less than the Member Beneficiaries in the name of "The Judicial Layout Residents & Site Owners Association" & "Auction of Judges Bunglows & Sites" circulated by Land Owners' Association on whose lands the Fraud Judges Society has formed 2600 sites. [Gods in Black Nighties]


2003 The Kill: LOSS of Confidence in Judiciary: LOSS of Confidence in Judiciary: The Actions & Inactions of Supreme Court knowingly trying to suppress crimes of these Judges has resulted in We, the People of India losing confidence in Courts & given rise to a Question whether at all "People of India's Fundamental & Statutory Rights are safe in present set of Judges & Courts and Laws Governing thereof" ?
Sweeper / clerk / peons to be appointed / transferred / promotion, disciplining etc. legislature and courts have formed laws and rules but there are no such rules for Judges. This shows the alarming condition of law making process in India.
Supreme Court laid down the law in respect of candidates for election to contest as the Members of Parliament, Members of Assemblies or for that matter any person / politician, who may Represent people in elections, we emphatically approve Supreme Court striking down the Poll Reforms Act; which the politicians since 50 years never thought of giving the people of India to choose the right candidate by curtailing to know their antecedents.
Having the Parliament failed to create National Judicial Services does not mean that Supreme Court should sleep over the matter. It is the duty of Supreme Court to lay down law and machinery thereof; as a stop-gap arrangement; to handle the appointment, transfer, promotion, including the ways and means to handle the erring / corrupt / criminal / sexy judges, etc. in the same manner as how it acted in trimming Politicians.


What Urgency to leak In-Complete Story drafted, Crafted & Published On-Line (though containing errors)?:

Question is Shall we be mute Spectators? Shall we allow our Courts of Justice & Courts of Records to turn into Courts of Frauds?

(a) Three Litigations pertaining to the story are alive in the kind of JUDGES' SKELETONS in Supreme Court (S.L.P.No.12153 of 2000) & High Court of Karnataka (Public Interest Litigation W.P.No. 40994 of 2002) (W.P.No.15101 of 2001). As on this date the tainted Judges in the name of their Constitutional Rights are continuing to mis-use & thereby Dis-serving High Court of Karnataka & Supreme Court of India.
(b) Hence in Public Interest to avoid / reduce such crimes we are leaking the In-Complete-Story which is drafted, Crafted & Published On-Line; so as to alert at the earliest the Constitutional Authorities, as otherwise Frauds by Judges on Courts of Justice continue & we the people keep collecting / watching Fraud Evidences & Judgments etc., which story, if we may say so, shall have no end.
(c) Their both Means & Ends are dirtier than dirtiest.


Patriotic intention to weed-out corrupt Judges: Story involves investigation of crimes committed by Judges is On-Line-Publicized with avowed Patriotic intention to weed-out corrupt Judges on one-hand & on the other to improve Quality of Justice as well as to enhance Confidence of General Public in Judiciary. The views / opinions / remedies (proposed) are ours. As the Story involves Constitution & its Functionaries it is advised to understand Righteousness or otherwise of this story; to consult Experts having knowledge of working of Parliamentary Democracy, Constitutional Law of India, Freedom of Speech & Expression.
Only CBI is authorized to investigate Crimes committed by Judges; the Jurisdiction of State Police of any State is barred.
To avoid Common Men losing Confidence in Judiciary on-one-hand & on-other-hand with a fore-thought that Sensible Constitutional Functionaries will rise to the occasion, without loss of time, in discharging their Duties; we have published Draft / in-complete Story backed by bare necessary Documents & brief arguments with anticipation that they will understand complete Story.
The gist of story is flashed to all Members of Parliament to enable them to discuss in Parliament to find ways & means to reduce and if possible to eradicate Corruption in Judiciary. It enables every MP to discuss vote for National Judicial Services Bill, to amend Judges (Judicial Officers' Protection) Act, & other such laws so as to bring the erring Judges within the reach of Common Law.
Email IDs of Members of Parliament to enable you to alert them of their solemn duties "Parliament & Govt. of India to step in when Judiciary is on brink of collapse" [063]


The Web-Site: As the Story(ies) run-in-867 proportionate to Documents & paragraphs there-of relied upon or being relied upon; for now & future; to enable one to have easy access to info & documents, of which size run into over 200 MB (Mega Bytes) space, we thought it fit to circulate the same in the form of Compact Disc (CD) for Learned Persons as some of the info is sensitive.
The copies of Compact Disc (CD) is already posted / sent to President of India, Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister, Union Law Minister, Union Home Minister, Speaker of House-Of-People, Chairman of Upper House, Central Bureau of India and such others for simultaneous & concurrent actions.
Humble Petitionary Copy to: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi requesting Her to advise in such a manner so as to "Good Senses to prevail over Mr. S.M. Krishna, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, who also is in-charge of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)" and advise him to fight the-on-going-cases in Supreme Court & High Court of Karnataka lawfully keeping Farmers' interest as foremost without conspiring with Fraud Judges or any court and not to follow the modus operandi of then CM/Govt. in 1995.
Message to Common Man: Golden Formula

Year 1942:  Quit India.... Mr. Corrupt Justice ! Patriotic Advocate K.L. Gauba wrote a Book on La-de-Affairs of Justice Douglas Young. He was hauled-up for Contempt of Court & sent to Jail. But to be freed earlier than Court had sentenced him. Courtesy: Queen Elizabeth & Indian Govt. His release made Corrupt Judge to Resign.
Do   You    wonder    what   may    happen  to   us ?  "Only Victory:  In Battles- At- Court"
PERSECUTION: Digvijay mote & family =  'JUDICIALLY  tried  ACQUITTED !'
Lodged Complaint  Against  Web  CONTENTS &  OWNERS of  this SITE were INVESTIGATED by  No-Less Than "Karnataka-Secretariat  POLICE"  charge SHEETED.  Case DismissedRISKY ! ? .
"Lok Ayukta has proudly informed Vidhana Soudha Police & Criminal Court that CD contents are legal. So also its Sales + Campaign. CD =  named as  "Lok Ayukta  Land Scam" or "867 JUDGES JUDICIAL TYRANNY "

Alas ! 1942 Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi:-
 Never ever thought that "Freedom-from-British" mean "Indians shall-be-Commanded & treated as Slaves-by-More Corrupt Indian Brother Citizen Judges"

A judicial scandal has always been regarded as far more deplorable than a scandal involving either the executive or a member of the legislature

"Judicial office is essentially a public trust, and the right of the people to revoke this trust is fundamental." [008.09]


Judges Gods or Devils?

1995: Bells of Warning

What Urgency to leak incomplete Story

Patriotic intention to weed-out corrupt Judges

Resolutions of 867  odd Corrupt Judges of India



Zist of Story

2003 The Kill: LOSS of Confidence in Judiciary

Story flashed to all Members of Parliament

Message to Common Man: Golden Formula

Himalayan Blunder JUDICIARY UnMASKED  
13.21w Contempt power is a case of survival after death : V.R. Krishna Iyer
013.17w Confiscate property of Judicial Layout: ATR Committee on Land Grabbing. The Hindu 22 Aug 2007
066.04s Judicial HBCS Superseded / Layout = 10 Crimes Established = 867 Judges + Lok Ayuktas + Up-Lokayuktas =  Illegal & Un-Lawful Conduct of Society ;8th August 2007
066.01s "Judicial Layout  NOT  BDA Approved =UD + BDA " = ‘ Illegally CMC Approved  KHATAS & CMC Approved Plan for Bungalows 867 Judges + Lok Ayukta  Judges ”066.01s  Affidavit filed by Society President C.Shivalingaiah: WP[PIL]40994/02
Watch Videos on YouTube.com
077.08s A. T. Ramaswamy  Interim Report. Part - 2 July 2007 Complete Report
013.16w "Fear of ATR WRATH =BDA hands over its layouts to the BBMP: The Hindu. 1st Aug07

Un-Bridled Corruption in Judiciary = Conspiracies between “Judiciary & Government” = Judgments Purchased = Anarchy in India = A.T. Ramaswamy Committee opines of “Judicial Layout, Yelahanka” 24 May 2007

ATR to Media: Judicial Layout: “Be you Ever so HIGH; LAW is Above YOU” JUDGES Including All Culprits, shall face Criminal Prosecution.

PIL of 2002 + Contempt of Court Case No. 87 of 2004:      "Chief   Justice   S.R. Naik   +  H.L. Dattu  [  High  Court  Sitting Judge]      got  Prized  with  One  Site  Each-of-Big-size,  in  Criminal   Contempt    of  present   Contempt   Proceedings"       "High Court attempting to Hush-up ?"                   " To Maintain Dignity of High  Court  + JUSTICE  + Peoples' FAITH-in-High  Court ,        Case should  have   been Transferred to Supreme   Court".                  " Corrupt JUDGES for DIGNITY-of-Seat-of-Justice sake should have Resigned"                                             "Should learn Morality from 'Politicians + Bureaucrats + Advocates + Press' who respect Court Orders"       "If not You Mr. Chief Justice of India     or    Chief    Minister               Who else Should Punish These  errant 867  Corrupt  Judges  +  Lok  ayuktas, who are Criminal Contemnors, are not ready to Resign "     "Neither   Govt  is  Not  Ready  to Prosecute   them   with  Penal   Charges of   IPC  u/s  120  +  420  +   100s of Sections"      "Un-Holy    Alliance    [Judiciary  +  Govt]             on  Records  of       High   Court?"
On Trial:
 Karnataka High Court

5TH Time Hushing-Up

 High Court is Best Bet !
Will Approve: All illegal  Layouts +  Bungalows" Why run Pillar-to-Post for Tens of- Offices?  After All we R Brother Judges. Will wave off Criminal Contempt

Trial of Four times Hushed-up 867 Judges'   POSH SLUM  

Karnataka High Court coercing B.D.A & Govt for Compromise = Bangalore into SLUM !
Constitution being Blackmailed: High Court which is Hearing 867 Judges Case
2005 Bangalore SLUM = Government files Affidavit: 867 Judges' Lay-out not Approved by  BDA & is Illegal. 156 Acres Acquired by Society. 40 Acres by Land-Grabbing.
2004: Affidavit of 867 Judges Society in present Case:  B.D.A. Never Approved Lay-out.
1999: 193 Acres Lay-out NOT Approved B.D.A reply to Lok Ayukta
1995  Judgment: 28 Sitting Judges 193 Acres Lay-out Approved  |  FRAUD Judgment
1994 FRAUD Judgment:   867  JUDGES' Judgment: 
 Lay-out Approved by B.D.A+ Relinquished CA sites of 96 Acres
! All Fraud!
Conspiracies Government not pleading to re-open all cases & Judgments secured by 867 JUDGES by FRAUD. Since 15 years = 867 Judges' Conspiracy with CMs.
Bangalore Infrastructure Collapsed Judges Role Models = 3,20,000 Acres = SLUM

Constitution Rapers:  JUSTICE  Blackmailer King-Pins:  Share Conspirators  Dare - Devil  Chief Justices  of India +  +  +  Judges

M.N. Venkatachalaiaha
Chief Justice of India
S. Rajendra Babu
Chief Justice of India

Human Rights Commission
R.V. Raveendran. Judge
Supreme Court of India
S.V. Patil. Judge
Supreme Court of India

Human Rights Commission

S.R. Nayak
Human Rights Commission


Indian Constitution

Dr. Ambedkar

"India MOST Corrupt" =  "Vertical Section of INDIAN JUDICIARY= 867 CORRUPT + CONTEMNOR JUDGES" =
"Judges Sold-away Judicial Duties: if  for a PLOT-of  Land; Clue / Guess to PEOPLE of  India as What   could be fate of One's case " =
"How Suitcases, Sex etc., are Bartered for Judgments" = "India Pervasively CORRUPT"

Investigation:  "INDIA is in DANGER when 867 JUDGES who have never learned to OBEY LAW nor Respect Their-own Judgments;  are given the Right-to-Command Indian Citizens&Governments"

PROSECUTION  'supreme COURT IS DENUDED OF CONTEMPT: As Web Contents has put 867 Judges' Fraud Society in Contempt  DOCK  in Karnataka High Court '

A f f e c t s:   Judges modus-operandi   = GOLDEN FORMULA is used as Model by other Developers = Silicon City of India  = Bangalore Converted to  SLUM City = Infrastructures Collapsed =
Most of MNCs like Infosys & similar Giants are slowly but steadily shifting their bases = Rupees 17 Lakh Billion is escheated to Karnataka Government. 

PERSECUTION: 'JUDICIALLY  tried  ACQUITTED !' "aNTI-CORRUPTION BUREAU Lodged Complaint  Against  Web  CONTENTS &  OWNERS of  this SITE were INVESTIGATED by  No-Less Than "Karnataka-Secretariat  POLICE"  charge SHEETED.  Case Dismissed"  RISKY ! ? .


We Dare those who try to expose  Corruption-within-Judiciary,  Lok Ayukta etc.,.  For We JUDGES all that Matters is Our Greed.  India & Constitution gives us Protection for Fulfilling Our  LUST & GREED  We Judges are of One GENRE as Opposed to Bureaucrats & Politicians.,   It Broods Corruption; We are not bothered.
=   It Broods  Disrespect for Law + JUDGMENTS + Courts... Indian Citizens .

Lok Ayukta [Ex]
Karnataka Corruption Legalizing Authority

Justice N Santosh Hegde.   Lok Ayukta   Karnataka. 
Can not enforce Lok Ayukta Act until Venkatachala Case is Handed-over to CBI Probe?

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Savior of 867 Scamster Judges: Law declares such Judges as Imposter +Constitution Marauders !
In 1995 He Delivered "Constitutional Fraud Judgment": ILR 1995 KAR 3139.
Now being re-opened

M.F.Saldanha's Present Business: 
Chairman of Karnataka Chapter

"Misinforming  world Nations that CORRUPTION is HIGH in  Karnataka: Central & State Governmet offices.        Imagine this  person's Fraud Reporting believing as true by  TRANSPARENCY.ORG ?

Why Saldanha Not Reporting to TI that Corruption is High in  Higher Judiciary, as 867 Judges' Heads are being tried in W.P. No. 40994 [PIL] in Karnataka High Court ?
"Is it this that by false & Misleading Statements India is being shown POORLY in the Eyes of World Nations ? "

 M. F. Saldanha:  To term him Justice is Shame on Indian Constitution. If he has any dignity; he should Resign & find Fitting Occupation. Broker etc., !       Imposter + Constitution Marauder ! = Chairman of Karnataka Chapter OF www.transparency.org   E-Mail This Info to : ti@transparency.org :
To cleanse TI of such persons; Appeal to every Citizens & People of Earth Planet.

Imposter + Constitution Marauder !

Judicial Facts

" If a citizen does not OPPOSE Injustice & CRIME, then he is Encouraging it"
 " If INJUSTICE is happening to your neighbor and you can SLEEP, WAIT for your turn! You are NEXT"

How you can Help Clean Judiciary

Those who have Judicial Evidences of Corrupt Judge [s] of India; like what we have on website, may  Complain to us.
 Same would be posted on Web;
but only after
 due legal verification.

Email:  complaints@JudgesPlot4Plot.Com

Judicial Facts

      " Where LAWLESSNESS becomes the law, HONEST CITIZENS become cheats, crooks and dacoits"
" Anyone who PROFITS from CRIME is a part of it . No crime is VICTIMLESS"
"WEAK people can never be SINCERE; COWARDS can never practice MORALITY"