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“iBi” = “Indian Bureaucrats Ink” =  = “4 Times Hushed-Up 867 Judges SLUM”
Constitutional Conspiracies = “Investigators of Judicial Frauds in Government Cases”

Presents:      “Gift to Karnataka”   “Rule of LAW” + Rupees 17 Lakh Billion; hitherto written-off in Govt. Accounts
=   “12 Years Investigations”  = “ ‘867 Judges + Lok Ayukta + High Court’s  Frauds on ‘Govt. + Legislature’
[iBi= IAS + IPS + IRS + KAS + Officers + Others =Time 4 JUDICIARY to LEARN MORALS =Pay 4 CRIMES; Else WE Disobey…]  = 867 Judges' Corruption + Crimes + Contempts

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10 MB

Lok Ayukta N. Venkatachala Institutional Corruption CDs presented to Justice Santosh Hegde.
Our Investigation Video CDs presented to Justice Santosh Hegde, Lok Ayukta Karnataka

6.7 MB

“Shall act sternly Against Brother Corrupt Judges” Chief Justice Balakrishnan


“Evolution of LAW: Constructive Criticism should not Embarrass Judiciary =
Judgments + Complaints Against Judiciary” CJI Balakrishnan

6.8 MB

MPs & MLAs are more reportable to People than Judges;
who are not Elected + Un-Bridled + Un-Questionable

3.9 MB

“Constitution of India & Legislature is Supreme”: Somnath Chatterjee. Speaker, Lok Sabha

2.6 MB

 INDIA Vs India Turning Point for Indian JUDICIARY: Amitabh Bachan  [ English]

14 MB

Justice 4 Sale = Allegation of Corruption in Judiciary/ Judge"; Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan

14.9 MB

"Be- Aware Corrupt Bureaucrats": Dy CM Warns "Proceeds of Auction of Govt. Lands = For Karnataka's Public Good"

8.4 MB

Judges Scam = Mother of All FRAUDS "Judges should not have secured Sites meant for Govt. Employees": A.T. Ramaswamy Interview. 21 Dec 2006

3.9 MB

"High Court Hushing-Up, Govt. Aiding to Conspire to Hush-up" + Recomment Advocate General to Prosecute Case as per Law" A.T.Ramaswamy Interview Continued: 26 Dec 06 

6.8 MB

Chief Minister Kumaraswamy + Karnataka High Court CJ Cyriac Joseph: Speeches

2 MB

Lok Ayukta + 867 Judges Land Grabbing: "Judges + Lok Ayukta: King Pins= Makers of Bangalore into HEAVEN for Land Grabbers" : Mr. Mote's Commentaries on Ramaswamy Committee

12.4 MB

Mr. Mote’s Commentaries on Constitutional Conspiracies between CMs & Karnataka High Court:
HC Conspiring with Chief Minister I/C of BDA in Court on Record ?!
Allowing “High Court to Purge Criminal Contempt + Become: Government & Legislature”

7.5 MB

Other Illegal Layouts Constructed in Bangalore  Investigated by

2.7 MB

"Complaint to Mr. Chief Justice of India: Mass & Rampant Corruption in Indian Judiciary”: IBI

10.9 MB

Intro of Investigators + Appeal 4 Donations: Nation First; Our Lives Secondary


Constitutional Conspiracies: Recommended Few Docs. Out-of 15,000+ Files:

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XXX Judges List: Names, designations & Sites, Allotted to abuse Indian Judiciary + Parliament + Governments + LAWS = Bangalore SLUM

Karnataka Legislature admits the Contents of Website & Castigations made Against 867 Judges + Lok Ayukta

"La-de-Affairs of Housing Societies in Bangalore & morefully Fraud Judges  Housing Society"
Karnataka Legislature Joint House Committee on "Encroachment of Government Lands in Bangalore City / Urban District" ; Chairman A.T. Ramaswamy Interim Report Part-1 = 96 scanned pages

 BOUT:- 5 : “867 Judges: High Court Order” = “ Karnataka High Court = Govt. + Legislature + Judiciary” = “Legalizing 193 Acres SLUM” + “No Contempt?”  = Chief Minister’s Failure Or Conspiracy ? =”Legalizing 3,20,000 Acres of SLUM” = ”Nullifying Land Ordinance=NO TRIAL ?”

Converting Govt. Burial Ground into 867 Judges Bungalows = Justice Ram Mohan Reddy + Billappa has become BDA

 Govt. & BDA’s Affidavit in 2005: Affirms that “867 Judges + Lok Ayukta Layout” = “NOT Approved by BDA + 40 Acres Land Grabbing + Lands not Converted + Illegally 2,400 Sites formed in 193 Acres ‘Judicial Layout’ ”.

Govt. & BDA’s Affidavit in 2006:   404 sites are formed in ‘Parks + CA sites + Built Houses’  “in Un-Approved Lay-out Plan”. Alas! “Court + CM, desire to Approve”.

“Judicial Layout” = 867 Judges = BDAs’ 1992 Fraud Resolution = “Bangalore 3,20,000 Acres of SLUM = Karnataka Infrastructure Collapsed.  Rupees 17 Lakh Billion Judicial Scam”

 BOUT:- 1: 1994:  Kar HC; 867 Judges Revenue Sites = Justice G.P. Shivaprakash [allottee of site who became Upa Lokayukta] observing if Layout is Approved by BDA &  Relinquished 50% of Layout- Lands towards “Public Property = Parks + C.A. sites for Public Utility, quashed GO Prohibiting Registration of Revenue Sites.”

BOUT:- 2: 1995:  867 Judges Represented by 28 sitting High Court Judges Conspired with then CM = “Layout Approved by BDA + Land Converted + Illegally Acquired 156 Acres of Lands GOT JUSTICE SEAL”.

 “HELL 4 Land Grabbers & “Revenue Land Fraudsters = ” JAIL to: 867 JUDGES + High Court Judges Reddy + Billappa + Venkatachala” =  “Land Revenue [Amendment] Ordinance, 2006” = “JAIL from 1 year to 3 years for Govt. Officers, Judges, Lok Ayukta & Any Persons Violating.”

Karnataka Assembly:-  “Judges Should Resign, if they Have any Respect for Judgments”   “BDA declared as   ILLEGAL Judicial Layout- 867 JUDGEs”  “JUDGES R beyond reaches of INDIAN Laws” “JUDGES = Employees, Should be Jailed” News + Video   27 July, 2005    “Learn Morality from Bureaucrats!”

Beginning of BOUT-5:  2002:  IBI = + CDs = “‘Karnataka  High Court + Lok Ayukta’ Hushed-Up Case Re-opened:  Karnataka High Court  +  CMs R Conspiring to Defeat Legislature Laws

 BOUT-3: 1999:  Anti-Corruption Bureau; Becomes Corruption Legalizing Bureau” = Lok Ayukta Investigations: =”BDA replies, 867 Judges Layout not Approved”.  = It is DAGGER on Lok Ayukta Justice Hegde.     Disabled to Prosecute  any Officers ; unless made over to CBI

 BOUT-4: Lok Ayukta Hushed-up: 867 Judges Cum  Employees: “Lok Ayukta DIRECTS CMC, to Take-Over  867 JUDGES SLUM =
MODEL 4 ALL Land Grabbers + Law Violators

Can present Lok Ayukta be a MUTE spectator ? or Justice Hedge Should Refer this Case to CBI or Resign 

 CJ S.R. Nayak + H.L. Dattu: Allotted with Temple Sites during Contempt Proceedings

 Judges are involved in a RACKET in High Court Premises;  Judges’ Society in a Complaint admits. Judges-to-Police Complaint Copy.

 “Lok Ayukta Institutional Corruption” = Lok Ayukta Complaint Against  Mote Family openly distributes CDs of  “Investigator Digvijay Mote & Family”.

Mote Family's SILENT Sufferings:   Lok Ayukta’s Criminal Case against IBI Leader   Dismissed: Digvijay Mote & Family Acquitted = Courts  R not ready to Oppose TRUE Facts   =   “TRUTH thy Shall TRIUMPH” = This is Venkatachala's DARBAR !?

 “Indian Bureaucrats Ink”:  Digvijay Mote , Founder + Investigator : Gist of Sacrifices.

Digvijay Mote’s Patriotic Humanistic Service:  Since 12 years, 100s of Sri Lankan Refugee children provided with
“FREE Residential Schooling + Accommodation + Food”, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Digvijay Mote Investigated: “Five Lakh Sq. Feet of Public Property” converted into sites, contrary to JUDGES’ Modus.
Now worth Rs. 500 Crores, Amarjyothi Layout-off-Airport Road, has become No-Man’s-Land:
Neither BDA nor BMP wants to adopt this Layout. Got Army Land Freed

867 Judges + Lok Ayukta’s Front-Men;   Siphoning Rs. 400 Crores & Investing in Land Deal = 
“The Govt. Dues & Sale of Public Properties / CA Sites”.  [
Kannada Weekly News]

Legal LEXIM + ":Moral Maze “Be U ever so High; LAW is Above U” = “INDIA is in DANGER when 867 JUDGES who have never Learned to OBEY LAW are given the Right to COMMAND & Nor are Punished 4 CRIMES” :  Courtesy :- Chief Ministers