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“India       Corrupt = Corruption in ‘Judiciary+ Anti-Corruption Bureau’ = Lust of       Judges ”

Delhi High Court Judge's case:
What were the alleged crimes committed by Justice Shamit Mukherjee forcing him to
(a) resign on 31st March 2003
(b) CBI to arrest him on 30th April 2003
(c) Trial Court remanding him to CBI custody, on 1st May 2003 for one week ?

Present Case of 867 odd Judges
(A Vertical Portion of Indian Judiciary):

If the Justice Mukherjees's alleged crimes are The-Crimes-Punishable, then here is a case of 867 odd Judges Land Scandal (investigated over 6 years) subtantiated with Evidences of crimes. The Crimes & Evidences thereof are more severe & stronger. "High Court of Record" is turned into "Court of Fraud".

Crimes Committed by 867 odd Judges: Punishable under Several Sections of; inter alia;
Indian Penal Code (including criminal conspiracy, cheating, impostors, robbery of Public Property/apportioning of Public Property amongst themselves, breach of contract, giving & taking Judgments with criminal & corrupt intentions, High Court approving loans fraudulently, HUDCO, LIC, ICICI, HDFC loans at stake etc.,),
Prevention of Corruption Act (misusing their offices including High Court & Supreme Court to cheat Govt. of Karnataka, BDA., Land Owners, passing of Fraud Decrees/ compromises illegally for self-enrichment, Legalizing illegal acts by fraud judgments, giving & taking Judgments with criminal & corrupt intentions) and
Contempt of Court Act (contempt of Judgments rendered & secured by themselves. ILR 1994 KAR 2115 : ILR 1995 KAR 3139 & several non-reported Judgments apart from violating several other Judgments & Laws)

Evidences to substantiate Crimes: Agreements with Government, Land Acquisition Proceedings, Payment Registers, Correspondence/payments documents, Court Records, Judgments, Reported Judgments ILR 1994 KAR 2115 : ILR 1995 KAR 3139, Pending Cases in High Court & Supreme Court & whole lot including admission of these crimes by themselves etc. The Vigilance Commission's investigations under P.C. Act is added evidence. Our Investigations translated into stories backed by evidences of facts, Law, Judgments etc., we hope is made easier the task of Chief Justice of India & CBI to act forthwith in accordance with Law & convention.

The Questions that arise in this 867 odd Judges Land Scandal are:
Whether or Not: Chief Justice of India shall direct the Judges to resign forthwith & direct the Central Bureau of India to commence Investigations & Prosecute them; in like manner as was done in Delhi High Court Judge Mr. Shamit Mukherjee?
Whether or Not: Central Bureau of India shall make immediate arrest of Judges involved in this scam; in the same manner as was done in the case of Delhi High Court Judge Mr. Shamit Mukherjee?
Whether or Not: Supreme Court of India, Parliament of India and Government of India shall support & admire the positive actions of CJI & CBI, who may act in the same manner as was done in Delhi High Court Judge Mr. Shamit Mukherjee case?
Allow the 867 odd Corrupt/Criminal Judges to go scot-free & continue the crimes in increasing order?
whereby Constitution of India (and Laws made there under) will be thrown to winds? ANARCHY !

When   JUDGE = Omniscient + Omnipresent + Omnipotent = Violates Laws = 
To Violate Laws, Gives away Illegal Judgments = Files Case in High Court; admitting Violating  all Judgments & Laws.

n 1928, U.S. Supreme Court defined, the failure of Govt. to respect Laws made by it thus:
"The Government which is Omnipresent & Omnipotent powered with full of Laws; 
as a teacher which  teaches its Subjects by its Examples; 
If it violates Law it calls for Contempt of law; 
Thereby allows People to take Law unto themselves; whereby it invites ANARCHY"

If so, then what should be done of 867 Judges or Indian Judiciary?

  • Investigations & Reporting of 867 Judges; shows Exact reasons; for India being Most Corrupt

  • Contents of the Web are being used by Karnataka High Court to Haul-Up Corrupt Judges

  • Judicial Reasons for Collapse of Infrastructure in Bangalore; the SILICON City of India

  •  " Investigations Prove: How ' Judicial Frauds .. Affect Democracy’;
    ‘Dignity of: Judiciary, Legislature & Governance, short of ANARCHY ! ' "

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