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867 Judges Judicial Scam = Anti-Corruption Bureau Legalized
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 Bangalore Infrastructure Collapsed Irreparably


Conspiracies in Video: Judicial Commentaries
Investigations of Constitutional Conspiracies Between: Indian JUDICIARY + Ministerial Governments". Promotion of Web   + CD Circulation+ e-mails + SMS + Campaign + Etc”

To-Stop Tyranny  on Executives

“Tyrant-Judges’  + Courts + Anti-Corruption Bureaus + Judicial Bodies’  + Ministers’ + Law Makers”




"Respect & Glory:
 Bureaucrats’ + Officers’   Valued Sacrifices + Services of 'Past  +  Present + Future'




Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
President of India



Smt. Sonia Gandhi,
President Congress


Shri Vijay Shanker, Director, CBI


Justice N. Santosh Hegde,
Karnataka Lok Ayukta


Central Vigilance Commission


Arun Jaitley
Indian Legal Eagle,
Former Law Minister


Kapil Sibbal
Indian Legal Eagle,
Central Minister


Kulwant Singh
Maj. General (Retd.)


Ram Jethmalani,
Senior Advocate


Malati Das
Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Karnataka



B.K. Das
Former Chief Secretary,
Govt. of Karnataka




"Investigators of Judicial FRAUDS in Government Cases"

FOUNDERS: Indian Bureaucrats Ink

"    INDIAN  BUREAUCRATS  INK  =  iBi " AIMs':     “ To-  Show- Case  How for   Personal  Gain  Judges + Ministers + Lawmakers Conspire; DISUSING   Courts   &   Institutions”          " How Ministers Illegally Conspire   allowing  Judges     to   secure   Judgments    in   Blatant    violation   of   Laws."                 " Cut  Nexus   of Judges    &   Ministerial         Governments. "      "Investigations   U  are  watching  are  Giving  JUDGES  +  LOK   AYUKTA   Sleepless   NIGHTS  =  Prosecution  in  High  Court  +  Lok  Ayukta  "           " Inspiring     GOOD    Judges   to    Fight   against   CORRUPT   Judges" 


Association requested DIGVIJAY MOTE,  after filtering  many  Persons-of-Lesser-Patriotism; to lead the Campaign. After Years-of-Persuasion,Mote not only Agreed to lead the Patriotic-Judicial-Nationalistic-Mission, but also “volunteered His Two Young Kids  to lend Their names to Web-site, www.JudgesPlot4Plot.com

Patriotic Website Owners
Your Donations Need-of-Hour

Your Patriotic Donations in F/O Mr. SANT MOTE, South Indian Bank, SB A/C No. 0396 0530 0002 0606. Brach Code: SIBL 0000 396, Christ UNiversity. 
Note: Sant Mote is  Patriotic Owner of this site & also Studying Mass Communication in Christ University


Deepak Digvijay Mote

Sant Digvijay Mote

Glimpses         of      DIGVIJAY MOTE

1987: Took Voluntary Retirement from his Successful Business.

1989: November 1989, Voluntary participation during the 1989 parliamentary election campaign of Shri. Rajmohan Gandhi in Amethi under the leadership of Shri. L.C. Jain.
Raj Mohan Gandhi, suspecting Poll rigging / Booth capture by opponent s' / henchmen; indented Supreme Court Advocates. I, Digvijay Mote was given in charge of those Two Advocates Prasahnat Bhushan & another Lady advocate. As suspicion was confirmed by me by sixth Sense, I purchased Camera & audio recorder. I did Photograph Two Advocates Prasahnat Bhushan & another Lady advocate. So also recorded Statements of Booth Capture in one of polling Booths. The Photos are innumerable & Recordings.
Photos are are [ 01 ] [ 02 ] [ 03 ] [ 04 ] [ 05 ] [ 06 ] [ 07 ] [ 08 ] .
More photos, you need Email to digvijaymote@gmail.com .
Matter of fact Mr. Gandhi wanted me to look after the Constituency & also to attend to complaints of Party followers. But I had to withdraw from his offer for I wanted "Liberty & Freedom".

1990: 30th October, 1990 was a Lieutenant to Shri. Ashok Singhal, Secretary General, Vishwa Hindu Parishat of India in Ayodhya. He was the one who admitted Mr. Singhal to hospital when his head was profusely bleeding due to a Hit on forehead. He wished me to teach Hinduism (through an Ashram) to Senior most Bureaucrats of India located in South & North Block of Delhi. For me Liberty of Thought & Expression was foremost; hence did not heeded.

1991: Moved the High Court of Karnataka a Writ Petition questioning the counting procedures being adopted by the Election Commission in the Parliament Election.

1992: Delivered a Seminar on the 10th general Election, 1991, on 7th May 1992 at National Law School of India University, Bangalore, regarding Constitutional Fraud Committed by Election Commission of India.  mortals only know as how many thousands of people have died due to these lights' effects since ever it found its way onto Indian Roads. This Judge is also beneficiary of site & has built house which is rented out.

1993: Moved the Supreme Court with 3 Writ Petitions; questioning amongst others the very Constitutionality of Parliament, Election of 1992 President and Vice President Election, Constitutionality of the 1991 Parliament General Election.. [Reported as JT 1993 (5) S.C.1] Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachaliaha & Justice S. Mohan (both Judges are beneficiaries in present Judges Scam) who pronounced the judgment had no legal standi as none of Respondents including present President Mr. Narayanan were neither served with notice nor heard. Dismissal was to appease President Narayanan & PM Narasinha Rao.The dismissal of Petitions meant that Mr.Vajpayee Govt. can Pick-N-Choose the States "where election could-be or could-not be held" in 2004 General Elections to Parliament . Don't hold elections in States where his Party / Allies Parties' prospects are less or doubtful. Reason for not holding elections "Law & Order situation in those States is not conducive". BJP comes to power with thumping majority as did Congress in 1984, 1989 & 1991.


1994: Sri Lankan refugee Children (the 150, now 300 children) being Schooled in Yelahanka, Bangalore, were starving totally then [don't know now ] ; had to Petition High Court & when Hon'ble Judge failed to direct Govt. for providing with food etc. had to go in for Writ Appeal [No. 354 of 1994. DD17/2/1994]., but succeeded [High Court Judgment] . Later he withdrew from the case as elderly including a ex-Minister also a refugee started misusing Funds & Donations. Now in 2002 Honeywel Software, Hewlett-Packard, Technology for Social Action ( a group of software professionals) and the Rotary Brigades have come forward to sign a pact of assistance with the school [047.06] . While his two kids & wife are toiling to live  a simple dignified life.

1994: Identified and informed and got executed the coverage in Indian Express of the matter of Road Under the Railway Bridge being constructed for convenience for Jaffer Shariff the then Railway Minister in a village road, while kilometers away in Bangalore - Hyderabad crossing had no road above /below the railway line .At present the road under bridge is constructed; which as otherwise would not have been constructed as the Railways wanted to close the road by building walls and intended to divert the traffic by by-pass road.

1995: Made research and presented a document the Vice Chancellor of Solan Agricultural University (Himachal Pradesh) and to the delegation of members of Parliament headed by Smt. Susma Swaraj, "Revolution - Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables" by the use of the latent heat in chilled Himalayan Rivers and Rivulets to help the people of the Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir and for their economic prosperity.

1997 to till date: Continuous investigations in corruption, omissions & commissions in Karnataka, Indian Judiciary & Politics. The creation of Centre for Investigation & Prosecution of Corrupt Judges of India & Fraud Judges Scandal is one amongst them.


Fraud Judges' Society: His Investigatory Encounters & Prizes thereof is detailed at bottom of this page.

1999: On 16-4-1999 launched www.scandalindia.u4l.com a day before Vajpayee Govt. lost vote of confidence. The Sole purpose was to force President of India not to appoint any one suo moto as PM but to direct Loksabha choose the PM in like manner as Speaker's. In other-words PM aspirant should First prove Majority on floor of House instead of Proving later. The contents of web were put in force by not less than T.N. Seshan [CEC] combined with C.Subramanian [Ex-Governor of Maharashtra] from Chennai [Elect PM on floor of the House; Times of India, 26-04-1999, Page-9, Deccan Herald]. The Blitz of 24-06-1999 published article of Mr. Subhsh Kashyap, Author of Bible for Parliamentarians "Practice & Procedure of Parliament" in half page his interview under caption IT WILL BE UNETHICAL IF THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT RE-INVITE VAJPAYEE. Not to leave behind the IT suave CM of Andhra also fired Letter to President officially [The Hindu 24-4-99; & 26-4-99] ELECT PM ON FLOOR OF HOUSE : TDP & NAIDU AWAITS PRESIDENT'S RESPONSE. The web achieved its precious limited goal. At present Web site Remains disturbed due to launcher. [File: Effects of web site]

He has also written a document to prove that " Budget of India, passed by Parliament of India in 1999" is un-constitutional, null & void. He is one of persons having Mastery over Indian Democracy & Flaws within. 

Fraud Judges' Society + Present Scam on Web = Investigations since 1994:
His Investigatory Encounters & Prizes thereof :- 

Mote  alerted Judges in 1998: My Father under his new founded NGO "Representatives of Aggrieved People" had cautioned to High Court Judges that the Judicial Layout formed by Fraud Judges Society is illegal by his representation 9th Feb 1998 [001.09]. But Registrar General Mr. V.G. Sabahit (now high court judge) kept it suppressed instead of circulating same to all Judges. He & his father both are illegal beneficiaries of sites. In March 1998 he replied that as Letter Petition was not in order he did not circulate to Judges.[001.09s ]


2600 Fraud Sale Deeds: Based on my Father's representation in 1998 the then Principal revenue Secretary Mr. V. Balasubramanian, IAS, directed IG (Stamps & Registration) of Karnataka in Dec 1998 to furnish Extracts of all sale deeds registered in relation to sites formed in (a) " Judicial Layout in 157 acres" formed by Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees' House Building Co-operative Society Ltd (b) " Amar Jyothi Layout in 46 acres" off Air Port Road formed by Amar Jyothi House Building Co-operative Society Ltd.[025.19s]. Accordingly in January 1999 IG directed Sub-registrars of Yelahanka & shivaji Nagar to comply with directions[025.20s ].

Father Found " Five Lakh Sq. Feet of Public Property" converted into sites ( now  worth Rs.200 Crores): Based on sale deeds extracts in respect of Amar Jyothi Lay out ; Father informed to IG(stamps & Registration) on March 1999 that public Property of 5 lakh sft. is robbed & converted into sites.[001.01As]. Based on my Father's complaint IG as late as in May 2000 held inquiry & recommended COD inquiry.[001.08] [001.08s] [001.01Bs] .[001.01Cs] .[001.01Ds]. In this layout MLAs have built houses. They too know about Judges having embezzled Public Property. Extract of 576 sites[001.10s ]. Hence BDA , we suspect was directed by CM not to take any cognitive steps as Judges & MLAs will spill the Beans of Corrupt Ministers. 

Fraud Judges threatened Sub-Registrar not-to-furnish extracts of 2600 sale deeds [A102 ]:  Sub-Registrar of Yelahanka alerted that my father is behind Revenue Secretary's order to furnish extracts. They threatened him not to comply with & not to furnish sale deeds extracts. Fraud Judges to hush-up mis-appropriation of "Public Property- of about 57 Acres into 500 or 600 sites" thought it fit to have a Lok Ayukta (which consists of Fraud Judges) Enquiry. Accordingly in 1999 it issued Notice to Fraud Judges Society. But it did not asked the help of BDA or my Father . Enquiry was to hush-up the matter. If Extracts were to be provided to my Father he would have Investigated the mis-appropriation in 1999 only. Failed to do so Two cases in the kind of Skeletons have appeared in High Court in 2001 & 2002.[023.27] [040.02 ]. News Papers have reported that Ministers, MLAs & MPs are also alloted with sites. Presumably to silence Govt.

Persecution of my Father in 2000, conspiracy of police with Fraud Judges Society : My father by representation dated 8th August 2000 addressed to BDA Commissioner inter alia requested for (a) BDA approved layout plan in 1992 & modified later copy of that also (b) if not approved, then an endorsement to that effect. Representation was  also bringing to BDA's notice that Fraud Judges Society & Lok Ayukta are conspiring to negate BDA's authority & are trying to bring layout under purview of  Yelahanka City Minicipal Council . [021.24s].[Flash Movie][040.02][023.27 ].
 Chief Minister S.M. Krishna was also served with the copy. No reply. Instead of reply Police started to harass my Father. One such incident is narrated below.


15th August 2000: Fraud Judges in collusion with Traffic Police Inspector of our area i.e., Ashok Nagar Mr. Joy De'souza ( now transferred. His phone Nos.Resi.080-294 26 85. Mobile:98450-92829); illegally took my father & our vehicle Hero Honda to his custody illegally & in violation of all Laws & Supreme Court Directions .
"Day of Independence" became a "Day of Slavery" to my Father.

Due to the  harassments he had to encounter from Police & Judiciary , he lost total interest in the Investigations, compilation etc.,. He filed a Criminal Contempt of Court Petition in 2000 against I.G. of Police, Home Secretary, Magistrate & Police Inspector [039.03 ]. 
High Court of Karnataka made him to lose confidence in Judiciary. 
The loss of confidence arose out of Frauds committed by Police & State Govt. on High Court on one hand & on other hand   High Court accepting same as bonafide, contrary to facts. 
High Court chose to disrespect Supreme Court's Judgment & its Directions; but compromised / connived with Contemnors in the case who included I.G. of Police, Home Secretary, Magistrate & Police Inspector.[039.04
The Judgment & Father's petition read together makes amply clear our accusation . 
As a evidence of this conspiracy of High Court with Contemnors our only vehicle of convenience a Hero Honda is still remains in the illegal custody of Police. Vehicle was illegally taken custody on 15th August 2000 while Father was returning home after attending a function of  Independence Day of India celebration.
The Traffic Court Magistrate Mrs. Usha Rani & High Court Judges (who conspired with police) Mr.
H.N.Narayan & Mrs. Manjula Chellur are not only members of the Fraud Judges Society, but are Illegal beneficiaries of Plots.

Message to my Father by Judges:
The actions of Police, Judicial Proceedings & Judgment rendered by Judges who happend to be Members of Fraud Judges Society convey to father is this
that Judges & Govt. co-exist together to help each other. Any one trying to cut the nexus will be punished both by Govt. & Judges. 
Any one if thinks that a Fair Trial & Judgment will be given by Judges of India; is a fool, Generally Experienced.

2002 Hit & Run:  On May 30th of 2002 the hench-men of Police & Fraud Judges Society driven in a car dashed him  & went off. His leg was fractured. Now he is handicapped both physically & mentally by the mis-ventures of Plotters.


He since year or two stopped taking interest in this story. Some times his behavior looks strange for us. But his communication skills with his equals is far surprising. He even fore-informs us of Tomorrow's National News or events. He has virtue with strange Powers. Or else he nor my family would not have been surviving nor this Scandal seen Light of this Day.

2004: Lok Ayukta Persecutes his Family: PERSECUTION: 'JUDICIALLY  tried  ACQUITTED !' "aNTI-CORRUPTION BUREAU Lodged Complaint  Against  Web  CONTENTS &  OWNERS of  this SITE were INVESTIGATED by  No-Less Than "Karnataka-Secretariat  POLICE"  charge SHEETED.  Case Dismissed"  RISKY ! ? .

His Last Desire:
Poor Farmers are put in possession of their Lands along with Judges' Bungalows
 or any structures thereon. 

To Hear & See 1000 odd Judges languishing in Jails.

1. Show- Casing How JUDGES Conspire with Ministerial  Governments.
Conspiracies in Video: Judicial Commentaries
 How Ministers Illegally Conspire allowing  Judges to secure Judgments in Blatant violation of Laws.

 3.  How Judges & Ministers are “for  Their Personal  Illegitimate Gains Disusing   Courts   &   Institutions”.

4. Cut Nexus of Judges & Ministerial Governments.

5. Inspiring  GOOD Judges to Fight against CORRUPT Judges.


How this Helps ?
1.  Shame Both Institutions through Mass Media like our Web Site

2. World-wide Campaign through this web site.  At present  
Average Visitors Per Day 250 to 300. Visitors’ Duration 45 Mins to 2 Hrs.

3.  Alert Indians & Foreign Govts / Institutions that India is Corrupt due to Un-bridled Corruption amongst Judges.

 4. YOU too, requested to do a little in sending out Messages to Known & Un-known








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FOUNDERS: Indian Bureaucrats Ink:- Bottom Lines + Mission Appeals

Judicial Facts
" If a citizen does not OPPOSE Injustice & CRIME, then he is Encouraging it"

 " If INJUSTICE is happening to your neighbor and you can SLEEP, WAIT for your turn! You are NEXT"

How you can Help Clean Judiciary
Those who have Judicial Evidences of Corrupt Judge [s] of India; like what we have on website, may  Complain to us.
 Same would be posted on Web;
but only after
 due legal verification.

Email:  complaints@JudgesPlot4Plot.Com

Judicial Facts
      " Where LAWLESSNESS becomes the law, HONEST CITIZENS become cheats, crooks and dacoits"

" Anyone who PROFITS from CRIME is a part of it . No crime is VICTIMLESS"
"WEAK people can never be SINCERE; COWARDS can never practice MORALITY"

Founder Bureaucrats: Hints ..Bits.. Appeal...
JUSTICE . .  Lost . , at last
Judges are Final Arbiters

Indian Citizens'  Constitutional
& Fundamental Rights.
Indians prefer Alien Nations viz., U.S.A., U.K., European Counties where Persons' Life & Liberty are more Guaranteed.
For No-Person-can-Live in India FEARLESSLY
Whims & Fancies of JUDGES:

Determine Person's  Constitutional & Fundamental Rights.

Our Investigations Reported on website; only prove THIS.

No MORE .. !
JUDICIAL Anarchy =
India's Anathema
Hypothetical Judiciary !  =
Those who expose Corrupt JUDGEs ; shall not be spared. 
867 Judges filed case against Us:

When WORLD is looking at INDIA as being Most Favored CORRUPT nation; in 2004 while we, our family of FOUR; who were campaigning against CORRUPT JUDGES & Anti-Corruption Bureau i.e., Lok Ayukta.
We are Confident YOU shall Donate liberally, for whom "Indian Democracy vis-à-vis Corruption in JUDICIARY and JUDICIAL Bodies Matters" .

Ur valued Noble Donations Shall be Invested in furthering Investigations in Judiciary across Indian Judiciary + Judicial Bodies.

Our Monthly Expenses is Rs. 400,000 - 500,000. Anonymous/ Synonymous.

We were Charge sheeted by No-Less-Than Secretariat Police.
Complaint was lodged by Anti-Corruption Bureau i.e., Lok Ayukta on advice of N. Venkatachala.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau i.e.,
Lok Ayukta proves this Claim of us;
 as it has proven by defending Offences of 867 Judges.
Present Scam Modus-Operandi of 867 Judges;
 proves further as How Ministerial Government & Judiciary collude; to defeat Constitution & Laws.

Litigant Citizens are made to Run-from-PILLAR-to-POST.
Lower Court to Supreme Court.

Karnataka High Court uses Records:
Pleased to Re-Open the Case, which was 4 Times hushed-up.
 Contents  backed by Un-Impeachable JUDICIAL Evidences.

Contents are Certified by Judiciary & Anti-Corruption Bureau i.e., Lok Ayukta: