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WP No.40994 of 2002

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Epithet on Epitaph of Indian Judiciary

I.L.R.1995 KAR 3139: A Judgment which Judicially speaking ; Judges did not just wanted to bury JUDICIARY; but also Legislature & Government.

Savior of 867 Scamster Judges:
In 1995 he Delivered Constitutional Fraud Judgment

Un-fortunately TI has appointed him as Chairman of Karnataka Chapter. Can you Imagine of this person's Bonafide Contributions towards "Impartial Reporting of Corruption in TI" ?

C O M P A R E       I N V E S T I G A T I O N S   of  C O R R U P T I O N : O U R s Vs  TI
Justice Saldanha's Contribution in TI Web Site
Effects of our Investigations + Reporting in Our Web Site


"High Court Unmasked"  =Live Body, Buried-Alive  Reopened in High Court = WP[PIL] 40994/2002 & CCC. 87/04= Our Investigations of 10 years are yielding Fruits. web Site & CDs; have had an major impact on all Three Constitutional Pillars & are being brought within Constitution; i.e., to have Equidistance from one each. 

General Comments

Critical and Factual Comments at appropriate places of Issues of Judgment

Full Judgment along with "Critical and Factual Comments at appropriate places of Issues of Judgment"

1. This Judgment is Mother of all Fraud Judgments / Decrees. Epithet on Epitaph of Indian Judiciary : "Court of Records" made to be "Court of Frauds". Judicial Layout is result of these Judgments. We thank Judges who delivered this Judgment in 1995; dismissing True Facts but up-holding Frauds. Or else we would not have this chance to Investigate & Prosecute the Corrupt Judges.

         1995 Message: We all are Brother Judges. WE shall not allow anyone to split us or spit upon us.
          Note : In the Judgment below there are typographic errors ; We recommend readers to refer scan copy of this reported Judgment [027.05s] Our comments are given at some places {in colors other than Black} to Convey to the Authorities-That-Be that said Judgment is an result of Frauds , Conspiracies , suppression of true Facts , Corrupt motives, Criminal intention etc., as Means to End . High Court became Means & Ends are to some how save Judges from grave dangers & equally to see that sites allotted to them ( piece of land ) are also made secure.
            Presiding Judges to protect all other sitting Judges of High Court of Karnataka ( who were members of Fraud Society ) chose an Marriage of Convenience or you call it Unholy Alliance with Govt. of Karnataka. Advocate General had no any objections to file , though lot was there; but chose to hand-over the Brief to Judges themselves so that he can flow as per swing of Court's mood. He acted as an Agent for Unholy Marriage of Govt. & Judiciary. The Govt. & Judiciary thought it fit so to do, as it had done since 1985. Each other thought not to expose each other's crimes. Union of India which was a Party to proceedings was kept in Dark.

             S.L.P. of Petitioners' : Supreme Court dismissed out-rightly at the threshold! Courtesy CJI A.M. Ahmedi

                 Fate of Presiding Judges : K.S. BAKTHAVATSALAM & M. F. SALDANHA
Justice K.S. BAKTHAVATSALAM is retired. He should not be appointed as Judge or any other posts / employment ; but CBI should proceed with Prosecution of him under Prevention of Corruption Act [041.05]& I.P.C. [007]
             Justice M. F. SALDANHA who is still a sitting Judge in Karnataka High Court; CBI should proceed with prosecution of him in accordance with Section 2(c) read with Section 16 of Contempt of Court Act, 1971 [041.05] and so also should be prosecuted for having rendered the following Judgment with Corrupt motives under relevant Sections of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.






2600 FRAUDULENT SALE DEEDS " Fruits of Contempt"

02 CCC.87 of 2004 Contempt of Court Case.. Live

041.05  Contempt of Court Act, 1971
CCC 87 of 2004

" Un-Holy & Anti-Constitutional  Nexus Between 'Karnataka Judges' and 'Karnataka Government'  " for
Judges PLOT for PLOT of Land

000.02.01s  Writ Petition No.40994 of 2002  Interim Order
000.02.02s  Order in Criminal Contempt of Court Case No. 87 of 2004
000.02s High Court's Contempt Orders 17 Dec 2004J.Reddy.Int.Order