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"The fathers did not desire to grant the judges non-forfeitable life tenure, thereby placing the judiciary wholly beyond the sovereign power of the people." [008.09]

Judges of Supreme Court [A105]


The Judges of Karnataka High Court who are elevated as Supreme Court Judges since 1983 to 2003 are all suspected to be members of Fraud Housing Society, i.e. Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees' House Building Co-operative Society Ltd., High Court, Bangalore. Tel. 080-2867294 or 2869542 Extn.379. The judges who are members of this society are shown with their membership numbers. The suspicion of other judges having been benefitted directly or indirectly out of this Judicial layout arises due to the fact that the said housing society is not publicising the list of members & the list of persons who are allotted with sites in the said layout.

Membership Details of the 2000+ members of the Society [014.16]


The Society's 2000 members as in the year 1990 and Details of some persons who became members  after 1990. Details about 600 to 700 members we are unable to know. The Society has kept secret of its members even from disclosing to Lokayukta and its own Directors and so also other members.The members who are alloted with sites; have formed an Association called as JUDICIAL LAYOUT RESIDENTS AND SITE OWNERS' ASSOCIATION. This Association which has filed Writ Petition No. 40994 of 2002 admit in Annexure 'F' of the petition [040.13] that the society is not disclosing as to who are all the members and allotees of sites. 
For details of persons, the date of becoming member, the site size appplied for etc. [014.05][CD].
For scanned copy (in CD) of the Register of Members as on 30 June 1986; containing 1421 members [014.09s ]. For scanned copy (in CD) of the Register of Members as in 1990 [014.10s]

Very Very Important Persons (VVIPs) who are suspected to be members of the Society are/were Judges of:


Supreme Court of India,
Present & Former Judges of High Court of Karnataka,
Present sitting Judges 2002,
District & Lower Courts of Karnataka,
Law Departments,
Other High Courts,
Bangalore City Courts

"A judge may not depart from the high standard of rectitude expected of a judge even outside the court and he may be subjected to disciplinary action even for acts unconnected with his judicial duties."[008.09]

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