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Supreme Court
SLP No.12153 of 2000

High Court of Karnataka
W.P. No. 15101 of 2001

High Court of Karnataka 
 Live Contempt Case:
Judges Vs Judges: CCC No.87 0f 2004

WP No.40994 of 2002

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ILR 1995 Kar 3139

SLP No.12153 of 2000

W.P. No. 15101 of 2001

WP No.40994 of 2002

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Fraud Defined:"No Judgement of a court, no Order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by Fraud. Fraud unravels Everything."
For complete judgement on Fraud, its effect and duties of Courts or Govt. [006.03] & [006.05]

The alleged frauds which are committed by the Society [ A105 ] are to the maximum extent are approved by the members of this Society in its Annual General Body Meetings . 
The beneficiaries of this society have formed an Association called as JUDICIAL LAYOUT RESIDENTS AND SITE OWNERS' ASSOCIATION admits in its Writ Petition No. 40994 of 2002 and in its Annexures of the petition. [040.01] index to WP. [040.02 is WP].
In other words the Members of this Housing Society [ 014 ] 
The Lokayukta of Karnataka matter of fact had warned to this society that a "search and seizure warrant shall be issued, if the society fails to produce the approved (B.D.A.) layout plan of so called judicial layout. The correspondence between the Lokayukta and the Society; in kind of Annexures; which forms part and parcel of a Writ Petition also confirms that the stories we have written are authentic [023.27]


Where the Court is Misled by a Party or the Court itself Commits a Mistake which prejudices a party, the court has the Inherent Power to recall its order. [006.03]

Evidence of Frauds by Judges, for Judges and of Judges 

Evidence of Frauds perpetrated upon law, Courts and Authorities is adduced by Judges themselves in the High Court which are live cases in the kind of skeletons in Courts namely: in Supreme Court SLP No.12153 of 2000 [026.22][026.22A]. In High Court of Karnataka W.P. No. 15101 of 2001[023.27] and the other Public Interest Litigation WP No.40994 of 2002[040.02 ].


It is universally accepted that a trial Judge ought to be neutral and detached. He must be kind and benign. He must have an omniscience and not subjective confidence. He must be quite familiar with the law and knowledgeable about human behaviour. He must have manifold "personality". It consists of, among others, independence, courtesy, patience, dignity, open mindedness, impartiality, thoroughness and decisiveness. Above all, he must have social consciousness. There may be some variations in "this personality" of the Judge from person to person, but whatever be the variations, the central core of agreed standard is that he should be neutral and impartial; calm and non-contentious umpire.[055.06]

The only GOOD Judgment & GOOD Judge we have come across in 1000 odd Judges; who is above Board to be corrupted; amongst all Judgments / Judges (involved in Judicial Layout).

Highlights of Judgment (interim order):


  1. It is also evident from the loan application submitted to the High Court by the defendant that they have obtained loan for the construction for their house. All these documents produced by them will come to their help only when they are able to show that Sy. No. 98/2 or 98/7 belonging to the plaintiff have been acquired by the society.
  2. Without acquiring the said Sy. No. the society gets no right to execute the sale-deed in respect of sites allotted to defendants 2 and 3 formed out of said Survey No. 98/7.
  3. Where as the defendants 2 and 3 have failed to produce any documents much less a scrap of paper to show that they have got right, title interest or possession over the Sy. No. 98/7 from the Society had any kind of right over the same.
  4. Even in respect of the sites allotted to Defendants 2 and 3, no documents such as BDA plan or survey sketch have been produced to locate and identify the same. [Flash Movie]
  5. Keep a copy of this order in O. S. 7973/99.

Fraud Judges having failed to get illegal order, got this case transferred to another Judge Mr.A.T. Munolli; who happens to be member beneficiary of Fraud Judges Society & got a Fradulent Decree legalizing Land Grabbing by Judges & so also Fraudulantly High Court Approved Loan got legalized. [015.01] [040.16] [040.02] For more: [016.01]


One, who comes to the court, must come with clean hands We have no hesitation to say that a person, whose case is based on falsehood, has no right to approach the court. He can be summarily thrown out at any stage of the litigation. [006.03]


Fraudulent Writ Petitions & Suits:


The Society filed various Writ Petitions & Suits Fraudulently. The Society got the petitions/Suits fraudulently, got it listed and heard by Judges who are Members / Beneficiaries of the Society. For the list of the Fraud Judgments, etc.[501.00]

Contempt - Violation of the orders of the Court - In addition to punishing the contemnors, the Court can pass directions to remedy the breach of its orders - Well settled principle, that a contemonor ought not to be permitted to enjoy and/or keep the fruits of his contempt, applied - Constitutions of India, Articles 129 and 142. [020.02]

Staying of the Legal Govt. Dues:


Justice S. Rajendra Babu of Karnataka High Court (At present He is Supreme Court Judge & Chief Justice in-waiting) who illegally allowed Writ petition No: 2382 of 1990 & stayed the legal the Govt. Dues. [026.02] [026.06] [026.08] [026.22]


(It must act directly or by reflected influence react upon the welfare of the State. It may constitute an intentional violation of positive law, or it may be an official derelict on of commission or omission, a serious breach of moral obligate on, or other gross impropriety of personal conduct which, in its, natural consequences, tends to bring an office into contempt and disrepute.)[008.09]

Frauds & Conspiracies:

Frauds in Land Acquisition:


The Govt. of Karnataka and the Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-op. Society Ltd., High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore entered into tacit and illegal conspiracy of supresssing the Agreement executed between them [005.01] as per Sec.41 of L.A. Act; [003.05][003.09][003.08][003.01][003.04 ] according to which the lands should have been acquired as for a Private Company under Part VII of LA Act. on the contrary Govt. proceeded to acquire the lands under Part II of the LA Act claiming to be for "Public Purpose". And this Agreement was illegally, intentionally, frauduluantly was supressed in the judicial proceedings in High Court of Karnataka and Supreme Court of India. The so called Judicial Layout formed on such fraudualuantly acquired land is nothing but FRUITS OF CONTEMPT.

("The commission of an offence against the general law of such a quality as to indicate that the incumbent is unfit to exercise the office") [008.09]

Conspiracy of Govt. of Karnataka and Fraud Housing Society: Crimes committed on Land Acquistion Act. [501.03]


Govt. claims that 156 acres of land is acquired under Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (L.A. Act); but on the date of taking possession of lands in 1992 Govt. had not paid a penny to land owners or had deposited the compensation in the courts as per law. [501.03]

Robbery & Misappropriation: Rs 172 Crores Public Property[A106]


Our Claim that Rupees 172 Crores worth of Public Property is Robbed, Misappropriated by Fraud Housing Society stands confirmed by the very Evidence in kind of W.P. No. 40994 of 2002, the Annexures , Prayers , etc., thereof. This petition which is treated as Public Interest Litigation is filed by none less than the very members of the Society under "Judicial Layout Residents and Site Owners' Association". [A106]

Frauds/Conspiracy: "Fraud Judges Society & BDA" [502.01]


The Fraud Housing Society got a Fraudulent Resolution passed by B.D.A. in 1992 [021.19s] based on fraud claim that it owns 156 Acres [021.21s]; on which date the Society had not an inch of land in its possession. Be it so. As per the prevalent Law every Developer of a Private Layout was supposed to pay to BDA a sum of about Rs. 6 Lakhs per Acre towards Betterment Charges like Cauvery Water Cess, Ring Road Cess, Beggars Cess, Improvement charges etc., .Till date not a single penny is paid.

"scarcely any political question arises in the United States that is not resolved sooner or later into a judicial question" is as true in India so it was then in the United States of America" [008.09]

Cheating to Banglore Development Authority [502.02]


This Fraud Housing Society has become a Model for other Housing Societies in Cheating to Banglore Development Authority; whereby BDA is defrauded by at least 32 Housing Societies in Bangalore alone holding an extent of 2500 Acres x Rs. 6 Lakhs / per Acre = Rs. 150 Crores [021.18]

Compensation: Judges' Society Cheating Govt., Karnataka Govt. owes Rupees 268 Crores to Farmers [501.04]


Government Cheating to FARMERS Rupees 268 Crores in collusion with Fraud Housing Society; on whose lands the so called Judicial Layout is formed. [501.04]
The Fraud Housing Society on its own honest submission; much before the Compensation Awards were passed; admit in1990 that Lands acquired / being-acquired are not Agricultural Lands but are Urban Lands.[026.09] . As the Fraud Judges Society till date has not paid a PENNY and their S.L.P. is pending in Supreme Court of India; we are of utmost belief that Supreme Court of India shall take note of this fact and "Shall Do Complete Justice" in this case also as in "Skipper Vs DDA" in accordance with Article 142 of Constitution; and direct Fraud Judges Society and / or State Govt. to pay to Land Owners @ Rs 400 to 500 per Sq. Foot of land & interest thereon from 1990 to till date or alternately be pleased to direct Govt. of Karnataka to put Land Owners in posession of their respective Lands including any improvement / construction thereon made. Such Direction from Supreme Court is Just & Necessary; as so far Land Owners are denied Justice & thereby made to Lose Confidence in Courts by Judges/courts; to reinculcate & resurrect the Confidence of Farmers in Supreme Court. The details of case pending before SC is SLP No. 12153 of 2000.[026.22] [026.22A]
The case is clubbed with similar Fraud Housing Societies. Similar Orders may be made to land owners of whose lands Fraudulantly are acquired by the other 3-4 Societies.[026.01]

"The allegation against the judge was that he had filed a false return of Income Tax." [008.09]

Intelligence Bureau of India: Land Acquistion compared.


The Govt. of Karnataka and Judges thought it fit as to not to allow IB's subsidiary called as SIB to locate their office and accomodation complex near to High Court. Despite IB paying 3-4 crores of Rupees in 1993 and Govt. of Karnataka having convinced and agreed to acquire the property invoking Emergency clause under Land Acquistion Act, for the reasons well known to Govt., failed to put SIB in posession of property in 1993-94 as per law.
Whereas Govt. put Fraud Judges Society which had violated all terms of agreement in posession in Emergency manner which we think is kind of unholy alliance of Govt. with Judges if not with Judiciary of Karnataka.
For More info on Land Acquisition of IB [1E03]

Every Govt. or Public Servant: I.A.S, I.P.S, M.P/M.L.A, who-so-ever-be Ministers including Judges required to act honestly and not to use his position as a government servant for enriching himself or others. Every dishonest act of a government servant, including acts by which he uses his position for enriching himself or others would clearly amount of misbehavior. [008.09]


Implicit in the oath was the requirement that Federal judges and Justices must uphold and obey the constitution and laws of the United States" [008.09]

Fraud Sale Deeds: 2600 Sale Deeds of Judicial Layout

Fraud & Conspiracy


The claim of Fraud Judges Society stating that BDA has approved the layout plan is just not a fraud on Law , Facts , BDA & High Court but also a conspiracy in the kind of Un-Holy-Alliance with Govt. of Karnataka in 1992; but to be admiited & revealed by Fraud Judges in the year 2002.[A107]

Sites - be Demolished


500 to 600 sites to be Demolished out of 2600 sites already Registered, High Court in some cases approved loans & most have built Houses ; by Fraud , Conspiracy, Cheating , Contempt of High Court etc., ; is hanging like a Sword on Fraud Judges & morefully on High Court of Karnataka in a case before it.[A107]


Fraud Judges Society

Illegal Actions of the Society


This Society's actions in forming the illegal Judicial Layout is or could be understood by reading between the lines of the document which is a Notice issued no lesser than the vigilance commision of Karnataka under Prevention of Corruption Act. [Flash Movie]

Society's Bye-laws [027.12]& Illegal Membership


Many who are not employees of the Judicial Dept. are beneficiaries contrary to Clause 10 B of Society's Bye-laws:
All members shall be eligible to avail the benefits as per the objectives under bye-law No. 4 subject to the condition, that a member shall be eligible for allotment of site/flat/house only if he fulfills the following requirements:
[b] he / she is an employee of Judicial Department for which the Society has been organised and has put in a minimum continuous or intermittent service of 5 years in Karnataka

"It is also necessary to protect the fair image of the institution of the judiciary from those judges who choose to conduct themselves in a manner as to blur that image. [008.09]

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