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SLP No.12153 of 2000

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SLP No.12153 of 2000

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Where the Court is Misled by a Party or the Court itself Commits a Mistake which prejudices a party, the court has the Inherent Power to recall its order. [006.03]

Evidence of Frauds by Judges, for Judges and of Judges
Evidence of Frauds perpetrated upon law, Courts and Authorities is adduced by Judges themselves in the High Court which are live cases in the kind of skeletons in Courts namely: in Supreme Court SLP No.12153 of 2000 [026.22] [026.22A]. In High Court of Karnataka W.P. No. 15101 of 2001 [023.27] and Public Interest Litigation WP No.40994 of 2002 [040.02 ].

Supreme Court Building

Skeleton in Supreme Court
SLP No.12153 of 2000 [026.22]

High Court Building Skulls in High Court of Karnataka

CCC. No. 87 of 2004

W.P. No. 15101 of 2001[023.27]

W.P. No. 773 of 2007 [078_01]

WP No.40994 of 2002[040.02]

W.P. No. 7105 of 2007 [PIL] 

WP. No. 28787 of 1995

SKELETON / SKULLS IN Lokayukta    Lokayukta Institutional Corruption

000.04    Lokayukta Institutional Corruption

000.04.00s  Past & Present Lok Ayukta[s] & Upa Lok Ayuktas are Plotters
000.04.01s  Lok Ayukta Rs.17 Lakh Billion Scam Hush-up. htm
000.04.02s   Bangalore Development Authority informed to Lok Ayukta in 1999, that Layout Not approved. It is a 1,000 Judges Slum
000.04.03.As   Lok Ayukta received our complaint of 7 July on 8th July 2004  Having received Our Complaint against Lok Ayukta on 8th July 2004; Lok Ayukta lodges fraud Complaint with Vidhana Soudha Police stating that we were selling CDs on 8th July Mid Night.  Scan FIR. Police Fraudulantly converts Mid-Night 1.30AM into Afternoon Remand Application Vidhana Soudha Police to please lok Ayukta fraudulantly demands for 15 days custody of Volunteers. [ Kannada language].  Index to Depositions of Complainants: in Kannada language: Complainants agree that 
[1] The scam as reported in CD is true. [2] Lok Ayukta is investigating & tried to Hush-up the same. [3] BDA informed  Lok Ayukta that Judicial Layout is "Illegal Layout in 1999. [4] Instead of "Order to BDA for Demolition of Layout, it directed to Judges' Housing Society to hand-over Layout to CMC; an Illegal & Institutional Corrupt act  of Lok Ayukta.  [5] Complaint is lodged fraudulently; to coerce CIPCJI Volunteers
000.04.05  Vidhana Soudha DPAR reply to us CIPCJI. In kannad language
000.04.06a  Scan of Postal Covers containing "Reply Letters of Govt.''
000.04.06  Home Department [Police] Vidhana Soudha's Reply
000.04.08s  Our Questionnaire in kind of challenge to Lok Ayukta
 000.04.07s  Media News of 1000 contempt judges & Judges Slum