Quest for Answers

Un-Answered Questions

To be anwered by the Plotters who include Judges of Supreme Court & High Court in Public Interest and to maintain the dignity and majesty of the courts and so also to establish the confidence of the general public in the courts
[1] Whether Acquisition of Lands is Public Purpose or Private Company ?
[2] Compulsory Acquisition, Compulsory Compensation . If so whether Compensation is paid by Government to Land Owners ?
[3] Whether Moneys to be paid by Govt. to Land Owners as Compensation, did Society pay money to Govt. ?
[4] Till date when the Lands are still not Converted from Agriculture to Residential Use, without a Govt. or Court [Legal] Order ; how is  B.D.A. competent to  approve Lay-out Plan ?  Has BDA has approved Lay-out Plan till-date or not ?  If not how Society claims BDA has approved Lay-out Plan ?
[5] On the date of Conditional Resolution passed by BDA in 1992, Society was in possession of 139 Acres of lands. How did Society claimed it has been given with 156 Acres & BDA Resolution to that effect, as balance 17 acres came into its possession only in 1994 that too by Order of High Court ? Even otherwise has the Society has fulfilled the conditions of Resolution till date ? Till date whether at all B.D.A has approved the Layout plan for the Judicial Layout ? If so can you publicise the copy of the same and a copy be sent to us as the Lokayukta has sent search and seizure warrant sent or so ? For evidence view Flash Movie
[6] In 1994 when Govt. gave Directions to Sub-Registrars of Bangalore not to Register the sites formed by this Society in the said Lands ; Society approached High Court . High Court concluded that once Lay-Out is approved by BDA & Society has executed Relinqushment Deed [relinquishing 50% of lands forming Roads & Civic amenity Sites] ; the Court quashed the Govt. Direction . Has the Society Executed Relinqushment Deed ?
[7] How did the Lay-Out grown from 156 Acres to 200 Acres ? By Land-grabbing or extorcion ? Has the BDA approved Lay-out Plan for the said 44 Acres ? Are these lands are Converted ? Are these lands form part of SLP of Society pending before Supreme Court ?
[8] When if lay-out is approved by BDA , then it was only BDA which was competent to open individual Khatas in allottees names ; how CMC Yelahanka opened the Khatas in allottees names & is this legal ?