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The Supreme Court in Skipper Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. against Delhi Development Authority observed at para 37 of its judgement [020.02] thus: "Before parting with this case, we feel impelled to make a few observations. What is happening in this case is illustrative of what is happening in our country on a fairly wide scale in diverse forms. Some persons in the upper strata (which means the rich and the influential class of the society) have made the 'property career' the sole aim of their life. The means have become irrelevant - in a land where its greatest son born in this century said "means are more important than the ends". A sense of bravado prevails; everything can be managed; every authority and every institution can be managed. All it takes is to "tackle" or "manage" it in an appropriate manner. They have developed an utter disregard for law nay, a contempt for it; the feeling that law is meant for lesser mortals and not for them. The courts in the country have been trying to combat this trend, with some success as the recent events show. But how many matters can be handled. How many more of such matters are still there? The real question is how to swing the polity into action, a polity which has become indolent and soft in its vitals? Can the courts alone do it? Even so, to what extent, in the prevailing state of affairs? Not that we wish to launch upon a diatribe against anyone in particular but Judges of this Court are also permitted, we presume, to ask in anguish, "what have we made of our country in less than fifty years"? Where has the respect and regard for law gone? And who is responsible for it ?"

The Supreme Court of India is a creature of the Constitution of India.
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The Court and Constitution are eternal. Tainted judges come and go; where they should go. In this case to the jail.

The Story in context from all 360 degrees is same if not more serious that that of the frauds committed by Skipper Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. agaist Delhi Development Authority. The judgements delivered by the Supreme Court is the evidence as how powerful the Court is. It can do and undo. [020.02][020.01][020.07s][020.08s][020.09s][020.10s]

The endless crimes committed byjudges of Supreme Court and other plotters are conviniently and evidentially crafted under the heading of Plots. Bits of the crimes committed by the Judges and misusing the Supreme Court thereby judges disserving the judiciary is explained herebelow: 

Who are the Judges Members of the Society or The Beneficiaries of the sites... 
The list of the Judges who are Members of the controversial Housing Society.

Who are the Judges heard the matters related to the Houisng Society cases, contrary to the Law of Natural Justice... 
Justice S. Rajendra Babu, Justice R. P. Sethi

Justice S. Rajendra Babu
conspired with the said Housing Society in 1990 while he was a Judge of Karnataka High Court in Writ Petition 2382 of 1990 [026.06] and gave a stay order of an amount of Rs. 55 lakhs as legally demanded by the Govt. of Karnataka [026.08]. The conspiracy of the Judge and the society is this that they illegally and fraudaulantly suppressed the Agreement [026.02] executed in accordance with Sec.41 of Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

The fact of the Society and Govt. having entered into Agreement / Contract is admitted by not only the society [para 1 of 024.01][para 1 of 025.01] but also the then Chief Justice of Karnataka Mr. Justice R. P. Sethi in his judgement in Writ Appeal of the Society [para 4 of 026.04]. Matter of fact Mr. Sethi is also a member of the Society and was elevated to Supreme Court.

Matter of fact Justice S. Rajendra Babu in the matter of another Housing Society considered the aforesaid Agreement and the Land Aquisition is not for Public Purpose but for a Company and allowed the Govt. to not to proceed with the said aquisition proceedings despite of the fact that the Society was prepared to pay all the money demands of the Govt. [003.05] [003.01]

Justice Rajendra Babu in the case of "Release of Detinues of Persons alleged to be helping hands in brigand Veerappan of Karnataka forests", when the Karnataka Govt. appealed to the Supreme Court against the order of special court; he dismissed the Special Leave Petition (SLP) on the ground of delay of 358 days (less than one year) in approaching to Supreme Court. On the contrary he along with the other brother judges of Supreme Court, we suspect, got admitted SLP No. 12153 of 2000 in Supreme Court. This SLP is by the said Housing Society against the judgement of Justice R.P. Sethi aforementioned [026.04] of 1997. i.e. a delay of 3 long years.

Justice Rajendra Babu has constructed a house in the controversial Judicial Layout, and it is learnt that the house is leased out to company as guest house.

The said Agreement fraudaulantly and illegally was supressed by the plotters in collusion with Govt. of Karnataka in the great trial wherein except two Judges all other Judges of Karnataka High Court were respondents and other Judges including those of Supreme Court, etc. were parties to the proceedings represented by the Housing Society [027.01][027.02][027.03]027.04]. The judgement was reported in Law Journals recited as ILR.1995.KAR.3138 [027.05]. If the agreement were to be taken on record in the proceedings of the High Court, the Land Acquisition/Lands Acquired would have been struck down and the Land should have been directed to be returned to the erstwhile landowners in accordance with the Supreme Court Judgement in the case of HMT Housing Society [003.01]. This is a fraud by the Judges on the Judiciary. It is a fit case for the Supreme Court to maintain not only its dignity and decoram but also the confidence of the people of India in the Judiciary.

The Supreme Court way back in 1994 has authoritatively has pronounced that the conversion of agricultural land (to any other purpose than agricultural i.e. Residential, Commercial, or Industrial or for any other reasons) is mandatory as per Sec. 95 [026.12] of Karnataka Land Revenue Act. The said judgement of which the relevant portion is also notified in the Gazette of Karnataka Govt. in 1995 [026.11s].

It is surprising as how the Supreme Court judges along with other plotters have been continuing to violate the said Supreme Court judgement. If it is not Criminal Contempt of Court then what else? If judges dont respect the judgements why should the public respect the courts and the judgements??

In violation of the judgement and without any Govt. or Court directions have gone ahead to form the layout, 2600 sale deeds of sites are registered in the guise of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) of which honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka is incharge of the portfolio. The fact that BDA has not approved the layout and the frauds committed by the society and its conspiracies as defined in Sec.120 - A punishable under 120 - B read with Sec. 34 of IPC. The frauds and conspiracies committed by the society, its members and the allotees of the sites, we hope, the readers will believe by reading the Writ Petition No.40994 of 2002 [040.02].

The Karnataka Lokayukta (vigilance commission to investigate the corruption charges against Govt. and Public servants), which hosted all India Lokayukta conference in January 2003; inaugurated, attended and addressed by no less than Vice-President of India and Home Minister of India. Those VVIPs of India did not know that they were sharing the dias and sitting next to Mr. N. Venkatachala the Lokayukta (vigilance commissioner) of Karnataka State who is also a member of the Housing Society in context and beneficiary of "Fruits of Contempt" committed by the Society in forming the controversial Judicial layout. The lokayukta itself had issued "Search and Seizure" warrant to the Housing Society if it fails to produce the layout plan approved by BDA [023.27] [Flash Movie].

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