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Corruption in Judiciary: Does it mean that Parliament or Supreme Court  fails to Tame Corrupt Judges & continue appointing Persons who are unfit to be Judges ; then IS IT NOT OUR DUTY to tame these Institutions ? 
 1,000 Judges  are Members of a Housing Society meant for Karnataka Government Employees   
[State Police & CBI both have concurrent Powers], as they have abused Their Judicial Office as Judges + committed Crimes in their personal capacity.

We are left with No-Option but to Supplant same by Non-violent means; bycott all Courts, Don't allow our cases to be heard by them , if heard Don't respect Court Orders .
    We shall not allow Persons ; who by their crimes should have been cooling their heels in Jails ; function as Judges.
Hon'ble Justice K T Thomas, Supreme Court judge, in his D P Kohli Memorial Lecture - 2002, to Central Bereau of Investigation (CBI) titled, ANATOMY AND EPIDEMIC OF CORRUPTION, exclaimed:
  "The only solace I had, when I read a news-item that a society called Transparency International conducted a study of corruption level in various countries, was they found India as the 10th highest corrupt country in the world. Why I felt it as a solace is, because there are nine other countries in the world, which are more corrupt than India. I thought then about the lamentable situation of those other countries because I myself was lamenting about my own country’s pitiable position."
he went on to criticize the various Politicians, Legislators, IAS, IPS, the other Officers of Govt. excluding the Corruption in Judiciary . [075.02] [055a]

Similarily, the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Mr. N. Vittal (former CVC) attributes in his own words thus:
  People like S S Gill in his book THE PATHOLOGY OF CORRUPTION have pointed out: As I see it, there are five key players in our Indian corruption scene. These are the corrupt politician (neta), the corrupt bureaucrat (babu), the corrupt business (lala), the corrupt NGO (jhola) and finally the criminal (dada). [070.04]  But utterly failed to criticize corryption in Judiciary. Neither any remedial measures. Listed all & sundries including IAS, IPS etc., on web site. Not a Single Judge.But was craving to have jurisdiction over Prime Minister but not Judges.[070.00 ] 

The Supreme Court, its present and former judges; Chief Vigilance Commission or for that matter Union of India/ Central Govt. of India; not exposing Corruption in Judiciary & finding No-Perennial remedy for same, we suspect may be due to Fear of Back-Lash or due to  collusion-inter-se. ; which we consider is the prime cause for India to be on top of the list of corrupt countries on this planet.

Corruption in India; we attribute it to the Judiciary or deficiency in it including the corruption in itself. That apart, Supreme Court not allowing the executive to probe the corruption in judiciary or"Not holding Inquiry-in-Open Court against corrupt Judges" on the contrary conviniently supresses corruption in judiciary thereby allows corruption to increase in all walks of life. Its effects are felt, suffered & to-be-paid for we common innocent citizens.

Mr. P. Shivashankar, Union Minister for Law, Justice and Company Affairs in a speech addressed/delivered to Bar Council of Hyderabad, in 1987 said:

  "Anti-social elements i.e. FERA violaters, bride burners and a whole horde of reactionaries have found their haven in the Supreme Court" AIR 1988 SC 1208 [041.03 ]

The Chief Justice of India, Mr. Venkataramiah in 1989 observed:
  "The judiciary in India has deteriorated in its standards because such Judges are appointed, as are willing to be 'influenced' by lavish parties and whisky bottles".
"In every High Court there are at least 4 to 5 Judges who are practically out every evening, wining and dining either at a lawyer's house or a foreign embassy." [041.09 ]

India Today, India's leading English Weekly magazine. 20, January 2003.Cover Story:
  THE JUDICIARY LOSING FACE Recent charges of misconduct mar the image of the institution"
Rot in the System…:- Charges of misconduct and delinquency against some senior judges severely dent the image of the judiciary, promting the Govt. and the legal fraternity to contemplate urgent corrective steps.[059.04

Arundati Roy, a journalist of international repute and revolutionary penner went to jail or rather sent to jail by Supreme Court having she tried to protect the fundamental rights of people of India:- Freedom of Speech and Expression, in her 'contempt case' expressed:
  In recent months this court has issued judgments …
…They have materially affected for better or for worse, the lives and livelihoods of millions of Indian citizens. Whatever the justice or injustice of these judgments, whatever their finer legal points, for the court to become intolerant of criticism or expressions of dissent, would mark the beginning of the end of democracy…
…If the judiciary removes itself from public scrutiny and accountability and severs its links with the society that it was set up to serve in the first place, it would mean that yet another pillar of Indian democracy will crumble A judicial dictatorship is fearsome a prospect as a military dictatorship or any other form of totalitarian rule[041.06 ]


Opposed to all above we are not basing this Corruption in Judiciary theoritically but with court records and judgements given and taken by the "who is who" in Indian Judiciary as on this date. The judges involved in this Plot for Plot story run around in 1000  numbers; the total members of judicial department is about 2600. The conspiracies and the frauds committed by these judges also run in thousands. The Society whose members are the said judges, we call 'Fraud Judges Society' . The conspiracy doesn't end within judiciary but pervades/conspires with Govt. of Karnataka inside and outside the courts for A MENIAL PLOT OF LAND. [A105]

History of Corruption in Indian Judiciary since Independence: 1947 - 2002 …

WHAT WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, EXPECT of the Constitutional Institutions and its Functionaries, acting in accordance with Constitution & the Laws made thereunder…



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