Indian Penal Code

Sec. 2. Punishment of offences committed within India:- Every person shall be liable to punishment under this Code and not otherwise for every act or omission contrary to the provisions thereof, of which he shall be guilty within India.


In other words No Judge is above Law and more so the Indian Penal Code is equally applicable to all Judges .

For example the then Chief Justice of Madras High Court Mr. Justice K. Veeraswami [ Father-in-Law  of Supreme Court Judge]  was Charge Sheeted & prosecuted under Prevention of Corruption Act by Central Bureau of Investigation  [049.01s]



Cheating to Banglore Development Authority Rupees  9 Crores & 36 Lakhs.


Cheating to Banglore Development Authority Rupees  9 Crores & 36 Lakhs.

The Fraud Housing Society got a Fraudulent Resolution passed by B.D.A. in 1992 [021.19s scan BDA soc. 28-11-92 Corditional.Lout. Aol Ltn ] based on fraud claim that it owns 156 Acres [021.21s Soc-BDA. Laut. Apl Request.6th Nov. 92 ]; on which date  the Society had not a Inch of land in its possession . Be it so. As per the prevalent Law every Developer of a Private Layout was supposed to pay to BDA a sum of about Rs. 6 Lakhs per Acre towards Betterment Charges like Cauvery Water Cess , Ring Road Cess , Beggars Cess , Improvement charges etc., .Till date not a single penny is paid . Modus operandi is take the Fraud Judgement by getting its case listed before the Judges who are Members of this Fraud Housing Society  [002.05 Cess Pment Jment 39338-92 ] . Based upon such Fraud BDA Resolution ; without lands being converted from Agriculture to Residential which is mandatory as per Supreme Court Judgement [  002.09 1994 SC Jment. Convertion Must.Govt Circular of 1995.] ; illegally sale Deeds of 2600 sites formed in the layout are Registered . One such sale deed is that of Justice G.C.Bharuka  [ 021.16 SALE DEED 18-04-96 ]