Indian Penal Code

Sec. 2. Punishment of offences committed within India:- Every person shall be liable to punishment under this Code and not otherwise for every act or omission contrary to the provisions thereof, of which he shall be guilty within India.


In other words No Judge is above Law and more so the Indian Penal Code is equally applicable to all Judges .

For example the then Chief Justice of Madras High Court Mr. Justice K. Veeraswami [ Father-in-Law  of Supreme Court Judge]  was Charge Sheeted & prosecuted under Prevention of Corruption Act by Central Bureau of Investigation  [049.01s]



Government Cheating to FARMERS Rupees 268 Crores in collusion with Fraud Housing Society


Government Cheating to FARMERS Rupees 268 Crores in collusion with Fraud Housing Society ;on whose lands the so called Judicial Layout is formed .

The Fraud Housing Society on its own honest submission ; much before the Compensation Awards were passed ; admit through the Writ Petition No. 2389 of 1990 in Karnataka High Court , Writ Appeal arising of it i.e., W.A.No. 1606 of 1997 to the Special Leave Petition No.12153 of 2000 pending in Supreme Court  admit that the 156 Acres of lands that are fraudulently Acquired by Govt. of Karnataka under Land Acquisition Act , 1984 [ as amended by Parliament in 1984 by Late Indira Gandhi Govt. ] are in fact not Agricultural lands as claimed by Govt. in Award proceedings but the lands are Urban Lands .

In legal sense Society agrees that the Awards passed by SLAO & approved by Govt. of Karnataka claiming the lands as Agricultural lands is Illegal , contrary to the Law & the Govt. ought to have considered the lands as Urban Lands & the Awards should have been passed accordingly at the higher price.

 That is compensation awarded @ Rs. 80,000 or 1,00,000 per Acre in the year 1990 is illegal . One such Fraudulent Award passed is the proof [ 004.08  ]. [ 004.03 ]

Hence , as the Farmers are / were not paid a penny or had deposited the compensation in Courts by Govt. soon after passing the Awards as per L.A.Act ; it is the duty of the Govt. to pay the Farmers @ Rs. 400 per square Foot . That is considering 43000 sq.ft.  per Acre . Calculation 156 Acres X 43,000 sq.ft  X Rs. 400 = 268,32,00,000.

The Society had executed an Agreement per Section 41 of L.A.Act read with Article 299 [ 033.299 ]with Govt. of Karnataka. Evidence of Agreementís existence [ 005.01 ] . The veracity of such Agreement having been entered is admitted by no less than the Societyís Members [ Chief Justice R.P.Sethi & Justice S.R.Bannurmath at para 4 of Judgement W.A.No. 1606 of 1997  [026.04 ] .

Govt. & Society colluded to get the lands acquired from Farmers fraudulently & free of cost by coercion. Supreme Court  speking through J.S.Verma , N.P.Singh & S.P.Bharucha  has observed that once the Agreement is entered ; any acquisition made by Govt. as PUBLIC PURPOSE is Fraud & directed the lands to be handed over to farmers in ILR 1995 KAR 1962  in H.M.T. House Building Co-operative Society Vs Syed khader .[003.01 ]

Justice N. Venkatachala [ who at present is Vigilance Commissioner of Karnataka  & is also the Member of the Fraud Housing Society] then in 1994 as a Supreme Court Judge had quashed the land acquired for Advocates & Chartered Accountants [003.07 Sreenivasa HBCS ] [003.08   Amarnath Ashram Part-VII]

Under the circumstances ;  it is just not Lands but buildings thereon should go back to its Rightful owners viz., erstwhile land owners ; as the Judicial Layout is an Illegally Acquired Property as defined by Supreme Court ; under the similar circumstances; in Skipper Construction Company Vs Delhi Development Authority [020.02 SkipperSCJment.96 ] read with Articles 300A [ 033.300a ] 14 [ 033.14], 141, 142 & 144 of Constitution of India.