[1]    Home Minister's [ Mallikarjuna Kharge's ] son-in-law is allotted with site of size 60'x40' [ Evidence : Hi Bangalore ; Kannada Weekly ; 6th Sept. 2002 ] ; presumably to facilitate land grabbing of lands of poor farmers .

[ 2] Revenue Minister Shreekantiaha ; for his daughter one site

[ 3] Then Co-operation Minister [ now Urban Development Minister ] Mr D.K.Shivakumar's brother Mr. Suresh is a allottee of two sites of 60' x 40' .

[ 4] Minister T.B.Jayachandra one site

[ 5] Minister for Mines & Geology Muniyappa one site.

[6 ] Former Minister Basavalingappa's son Mr. Prasanna Kumar ; one site

[7 ] How the Fraud Society pocketed Yelahanka City Municipal Corporation ; as the B.D.A did not obliged to open the Indvidual Khatas of sites as the Society had not got the layout plan approved as claimed in its sale deeds executed ; & to misappropriate Civic amenity area of about 100 Acres into sites illegally , despite BDA warning to CMC to the contrary ; Society thought it fit to share the Booty amongst Yelahanka CMC office Higher ups & get opened the illegal Khatas, by presenting them with sites ; viz.,

a] Yelahanka CMC Commissioner Mr. Rudramuniappa ,

b] Yelahanka CMC Commissioner R.T.Gowda

c] Yelahanka CMC President Krishnamoorthy

d] Yelahanka CMC Member Ramakrishnappa & also agent / courier for Society's land grabbing activities; is holding 120 sites on anonymous names [080-98452-86492 mobile]

e] Byatarayanapura C.M.C. President Shreenivasaraju


[ 8] Mr. Sippegowda ; the President of Karnataka State Govt. Employees' Association is one of the main conduit between Fraud Society , Govt. Departments / Ministers etc., for settling the cases of Land Grabbing & other matters by/of the society. He is a Founder Member of this Society. As a Token Gesture of his yeomen service to Ministers & Society he is allotted with 20 sites on Anonymous names. [ Evidence : Hi Bangalore ; Kannada Weekly ; 6th Sept. 2002 . Phone: 080-] The one site officially allotted to him by Society he has sold.


[ 9] C. Shivalingiaha ; the KINGPIN & Founder President also the present President of the said Fraud Society : now a Criminal Contemner in Karnataka High Court, in CCC 87/2004 c/w WP[PIL] 40994/2002. 


a] knowing the Frauds of Society is careful not to keep many sites & neither has built house ; but instead made more than Ten Crores of Rupees out of this layout illegally & is investing on buying / building Bungalows in posh Sadashiva Nagar of Bangalore . [ Evidence : Hi Bangalore ; Kannada Weekly ; 6th Sept. 2002 ] .

b] One next to Kannada Famous Film Actor Rajkumar's son's house. Mangalesh Rice Mill in Chief Minister's town Mandya / Maddur. Many more buildings & about 40 Acres of lands in Nagvara, Bangalore.

c] He was earlier High Court's Registrar Adminstration & he is Member Bangalore District Consumer Court at Swathi Complex, Sheshadripuram. Be Aware of your any disputes before him .

d] At his heck the Police dances as he Basketed High Court & other Judges ; who are favored by him illegally in site allotment. Once our Parents have experienced his cunning ways . Yelahanka Police Inspector to name Mr. Krisnappa ; is allotted with a huge site upon which he has already built bungalow .About other police Officers we will inform in next update. Yelahanka Police Station Phone No. 080-846 0101 / 294 25 36.

e] His Residence Phone No.080-32 03 103. Consumer Court 080-344 26 70 .

f] His new found Baby is Kautilya Credit Co-operative Society .

g] In the new layouts being formed by his baby Societies to bring in the same Credit as that of this Infamous Judicial Layout
 it is learnt that present Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court Mr. Justice N.K.Jain amongst other Judges & Magistrates,
 who could not be gravitated in Judicial Layout is / are going to be / already allotted with site. Office premises of the Judicial Dept. Emp. Housing Society within High Court is being used to promote the welfare of his baby societies. [ Phone : 080-286 72 94 ]

h] His next Dream : to enter as M.L.A. of Yelahanka or at least as M.L.C.; 
which he is confident as he otherwise may spill the Beans of Present Govt.

[10 ] Frauds by 28 Sitting Judges of Karnataka High Court on High Court :

a] Sitting Judges as also other Judges of length & breadth of India who were Respondents by name or through Society ; in this La-De-Affairs in Writ Petition no. 11211 filed by Mr. S.Vasudeva , Senior Advocate. They had filed Affidavit with their Membership Applications ; to the effect that they do not own site / house in Bangalore. Rumour is this that High Court allowed the this Petition & others viz., 35837 of 1994 & 28707 of 1995 to have Merry-Go-Round for few months in which period the Judges & Society colluded to remove the said Affidavits & Applications & substituted Forged ones to say later in proceedings that they have never filed such affidavits & nor there was a column existed in Application " whether Applicant owns house / site in Bangalore ".[ File Code : 012.15 Advocate moves court.29 Judges ] .

b] C. Shivalingiaha having saved those Fraud Judges from Criminal Prosecution ; he is favorite of all & Petitioners the Black Sheeps. [ Refer Judgement ILR 1995 KAR 3139 & send in your comments to us. 

c] The worst part is this that the Advocate General / Govt./ BDA did not filed any written statements but allowed the Society / Tainted Judges to do their Job. The Presiding Deities or Judges agreed to the submissions of Society including that BDA has approved Layout . Today Can the High Court be pleased to make Public the Layout Plan of Judicial Layout ? For more visit SKULLS or to have light stink :- click here Flash Movie

d] Against the Judgement ILR 1995 KAR 3139 ; Public Interest Litigants appealed to supreme Court . They did not know that Justice A.M.Ahmedi , Chief Justice of India had Tea Meet with Justice S.Rajendra Babu & had predetermined to dismiss the Appeals ; if this news appearing in kannada Fortnightly called POLITICAL ADVISOR [ August 15th to 31st 2001 ] which was / of which Reporters were not prosecuted . But still such a conspiracy we consider as Rumour.

e] But as per News appearing in 1995 news papers it is believed that Justice S.Rajendra Babu had seeked permission of CJI Mr. Ahmedi ; to allow Him to proceed on leave unless He comes clean of Allegations made in PILs referred supra. But later He has built house & has rented out the same ? Hook or Crook enrich the Judges ; it does not matter Robbing Farmers or cheating Govt. / Contempt of Court / Criminal Prosecution !

[11 ] Justice Kumara Rajaratnam or so & other Judges ; allottees of sites in the layout measuring 120' x 80' ; Knowing the Frauds & Illegalities has sold the site for Rs. 45 Lakhs. His purchase cost was Rs.3 Lakhs. Has/ have He/they informed the income made to Income Tax Department ?

[12 ] M.Shivappa , the Advocate is allotted with two sites who is appearing for the Fraud Society in more than one case including the case pending in High Court Fraud Housing Society Vs Lokayukta W.P.No. 15101 of 2001 [ Click Here for Flash News ]

[13 ] Liquor Baron Adikeshvalu ; three & half Acres out of Civic Amenity / Grabbed lands . . [ Evidence : Hi Bangalore ; Kannada Weekly ; 6th Sept. 2002 . ]