Intelligence Bureau of India 

Land Acquisition for its Karnataka Branch called as Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau:

The said branch office is functioning in a building near to the Secretariat (Vidhan Soudha) near to Police Commissioner's Office and to be precise adjacent to The Hindu, The national daily newspaper, on Infantry Road, Bangalore. The building is being used since decades on rental basis as a tenant.

The building owner and the Intelligence Bureau for mutual benefits of bonafide and legal purposes agreed that Union of India through  Karnataka Govt. should acquire the premises and the lands as per the Emergency Clause contained under Sec.17(4) of Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

Accordingly Govt. of Karnataka and Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB) entered into a agreement setting forth the terms of acquisition on 24th May 1993 [009.--][scan copy: 009.--s].

The SIB on its part paid Rs.3,73,96,741 in two installments as demanded by Govt. through Special Land Acquisition Officer (SLAO) of Bangalore (Tel:080-2860219). The said money was paid/deposited considered as the total compensation as claimed by SLAO to be payable towards the cost of acquisition paid on 2nd April 1993 and 4th January 1996.

Govt. issued preliminary notification in 1993 notifying its intention and calling upon the public including the land owner to file objections if any thereto.

As per clause 3 of the said Agreement the Govt. was to invoke Sec.17 "Special powers in cases of urgency" of which subsection 4 reads thus: In the case of any land to which, in the opinion of the appropriate Govt., the provisions of sub-section (1), or sub-section (2) are applicable, the appropriate Govt. may direct that the provisions of Section 5A shall not apply, and if it does so direct, a declaration may be made under section 6 in respect of the land at any time after the date of the publication of the notification under section 4, sub-section (1).

In other words the Govt. should have issued the final declaration under Sec.6 of L.A. Act, 1894 should have been issued dispensing enquiry under Sec.5A and should have taken over the pocession of the land and building immediately in 1993 itself as per Sec.17(1). The Sec.17(1) reads thus: In cases of urgency, whenever the Appropriate Govt. so directs, the Collector, thougn no such award has been made, may, on the expiration of fifteen days from the publication of the notice mentioned in section 9, sub-section (1), take possession of any land needed for a public purpose. Such land shall thereupon vest absolutely in the Govt., free from all encumbrances.

But on the contrary the Govt. in violation of the Terms of Agreement went ahead with acquisiton proceedings as applicable for ordinary cases using all the steps of acquisition including enquiry under Sec.5A.

The resultant effect: till date SIB continues as a tenant. Intelligence Bureau's money is suspected to having been misappropriated towards payment of compensation for lands acquired for housing societies and morefully for the Fraud Housing Society, which has till date not paid / deposited the crores of Rupees.

To hush up this matter the Govt. conspired with land owner dragging the acquisition proceedings into litigation from High Court to Supreme Court supressing the aforesaid Agreement morefully to the disadvantage of SIB.

Will the Intelligence Bureau, SIB and CBI find out whether the money deposited i.e. Rs.3,73,96,741 is safe in the Karnataka Vaults?
Will the Intelligence Bureau, SIB and CBI find out whether Fraud Housing Society has deposited the Rs.2.02 Crores with Govt. of Karnataka?

As per our innocent knowledge we think that it is "Intelligence Bureau" which informs/updated of crimes committed by Judges of High Court and Supreme Court to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Justice and possibly the Hon'ble President of India, including CBI.