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JUDGES’ JUDGMENT : Advocate moves court over site allotment for 29 High Court Judges                                  Scan Copy (Code : 012.15s)
THE Indian EXPRESS, June 19, 1995 (Code : 012.15)
Farmers allege land grab by Co-op JUDICIAL HOUSING SOCIETY
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THE ASIAN AGE, 10-11-98
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Gods    in    Black    Nighties

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BDA ensures that buyers’ dream-house stays just so – a dream
THE INDIAN EXPRESS, Wednesday, June 24, 1998, Bangalore

  (Code : 012.15C)

IAS officer remanded to police custody for misuse of power

THE TIMES OF INDIA, 9-4-1999  [012.15D]

Ex–minister his facts in BDA site case Court asks Shivanna to pay Rs. 15,000 in suit against Vyjanath

(Code : 012.15E)

Lokayukta raids CMC.


Is it not fit case for C.B.I to raid Lokayukta;  which consist of Judicial Officers including Justice N. Venkatachela, who is the Chief Vigilance Officer who are illegal beneficiaries of non existant layout plan approved by B.D.A and Lokayukta is forcing the layout to be approved by Yelahanka C.M.C contrary to B.D.A Act and High Court Judgement.  Relinquishment deed executed in favour of B.D.A is suspeccted to be robbed ; which consist of Public property worth Rs 172 Crores out of Judicial layout consisting of about 2500 sites formed by the Fraud Housing Society
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Black & White evidence of Lokayukta Vs Fraud Housing Society


Now, there’s a code of conduct for Judges

THE TIMES OF INDIA, 9-7-1998 (Code : 012.15F)