"The Judges of Supreme Court and High Court and other judges, law secretaries, lokayukta who are illegal members of the Fraud Housing Society have resolved to further the illegal objects of the society violating all the laws, judgments and not to leave behind the Constitution of India and oath of office, have also resolved to legalize all the illegals and frauds to be regularised, call it use or misuse of the High Court and Supreme Court."

The following is the list of laws, judgements and provisions of Constitution of India are violated to form the JUDICIAL LAYOUT. The context in which the laws are violated are explained in the contents of this website or CD.

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Rape of Constitution of India:
Our Oath of Office.
Article 299:- (033-299) ; Article 300A (033-300a), 144, 142, 14 (033-14)

 002 Judgments of Supreme Court  
 003 Judgments of High Court of Karnataka  
 004 Natural Justice  
 005 The Judgments taken by us for the benefit of Development of Judicial Layout  

Land Acquisition Act, 1894.
Acquistion for Fraud Housing Society is malafide. Acquisition for Pvt. company only under part VII of the Act. Indira Gandhi's desire in the kind of Act of Parliament (No.68 of 1984 w.e.f. 24 Sept. 1984) just a month before she was assasinated; to see that lands of farmers are not acquired by fraud like the Society in context.

007 Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964  

Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961

009 Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961  
010 The Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976  
011 Karnataka Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes (Prohibition of Transfer of Centain Lands) Act, 1978  
012 The Indian Contract Act, 1872  
013 The Registeration Act, 1908  
 014 The Transfer of Property Act, 1882  
 015 Indian Stamp Act...