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Beneficiaries of this Formula:Judges of Supreme Court & High Courts of India; inter alia include "in Karanataka Law Secretaries, Lokayukta,100's of Judges & Magistrates " [014].

Learn How to Mis-use Courts. How to violate Laws, with sanction of Court's permission. How to violate Terms of Agreement / Contract. How to evade Crores of Rupees Taxes / Levies / Govt. legal Dues. Why waste time & energy in running about Govt. / Authorities to enforce your legal rights & despite of which, even after greasing-palms, No-Guarantee !

You also can formulate & Emulate similar modus-operandi to suit your circumstances. If court do not agree; quote the cases of Judges' examples.[501.00][015.01] [014.17s][Flash Movie].

But possibly you may have to spare part of BOOTY to concerned Judge & may be His seniors as well so as to get case listed before the amenable Judge.

Form sites in Agricultural Lands and without any orders / sanction of B.D.A. ; quoting B.D.A. Resolution dated 16-11-1992 vide Subject No. 503 / 92 [021.01], Don't forget to get fraud Jment / Decree. Similarly you can put to your sweet use yours or Govt's lands any where in India as how SC & other Judges have done [026.22 ][026.22A][026.11 ].

High Court: There also you are privileged to use this operandi ; but on same terms.[022.01] [022.02][014.17s][014.12s][040.12se][040.16][029.06][029.07][023.27] [2002 to 2006 High Court UnMasked]

Supreme Court:There also you are privileged to use this operandi; but on same terms.[022.01] [022.02][014.17s][014.12s][040.12s][040.16][029.06][029.07][023.27]  Failing which SC may quash such Decrees / Judgments as Fraud.[006.03] [006.05][004.07 ]

Government : If Govt. is involved in the case; you can quote Fraud Judgments Rendered & Procured by Judges in Conspiracy with Govt.[027.05][501.00] .

Govt. Officials: You are bound to help people who if are emulating examples of Judges-as-Role-Models. You won't be hauled-up by Anti-Corruption Bureau/Lok Ayukta of Karnataka [023.27] [Flash Movie]. We don't know of CBI but.

Any Difficulty: If you find any difficulty of what-so-ever-kind in achieving above objectives; join hands with President of Fraud Judges Society Mr. C. Shivalingaiah (Resi. 080-3615 003 or 3611 289) or his Consumer Court-080-3442670 & his companion Directors @ their office in High Court of Karnataka (080-286 72 94) (Manager:98452-86492). Impossibles made Possibles.

Dear citizens: Kindly download this page, print, and xerox and distribute the same with a sole aim of cleaning corruption in judiciary.