Public Auction of Judges' Bunglows & Sites


We  the land owners of 200 Acres of Agriculture lands on which lands so called Judicial Lay-out is illegally formed by Judges who are illegal Members of    " Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society Limited , High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore. 56 00 01" . call upon General Public to Send-in  their Letters of Intention with Quotation to Buy the (1) Judges Bunglows along site (2) To buy vacant sites on which no construction / in-complete building is built. We assure bidders / byuers that the posession of Properties shall be handed-over free of all / any encumberance.

Plot For Plot: The Corrupt Judges for the heck of a PLOT of land have made many conspiracies ( PLOTs ); to defeat laws of India, Rendered & Secured fraud judgments by which acts legalized(ing)  illegalls .Judge Members  have produced evidence to prove the Frauds they have played on their offices including High Court of Karnataka and Supreme Court of India.

The total cost is Not-A-Penny , To form this layout & 2600 sites thereon . Layout & sites are Result of Fraud Judgments / Decrees procured by Un-Holy-Alliance of Judges with Govt.: inside & outside the Govt. & CourtsWe are made to lose Confidence in all Courts by  Judges .
We as land owners are 3 Types
1] Compulsory Acquisition ; Compulsory Compensation :Not a Penny paid for 69 Acres
:Whose lands acquired on passing of General Awards ; but the Govt. till date has not paid Compensation nor has it deposited in Court as per L.A.Act. What our parents are paid is only threat of Jail.
2] Judges the Impostors: posed themselves as owners of 87 Acres:  Lands acquired on passing of Consent Awards; the Consent was not of our Parents who are owners but the Consent was given by Fraud Society itself  fraudulantly & illegally by conspiracy with Govt.  Our Parents who are illeterate were threatened with Jail if were to raise voice. Ministers' spouses , Commissioners of CMC & Police Inspectors of Yelahanka  & other Govt. officials are Prized with sites.
3] Land  Grabbing. 37 Acres.Fraud Decrres:  We were forced to agree to fraudulent Compromise Formulae of Society & Fraud Court Decrees. This averment is not only ours but Association admits it in Ann.' J ` of WP No. 40994 0f 2002 which Ann. is a Legal Notice issued to Govt., various Depts., BDA & Society. They the Judges in Notice say " They have no confidence to get Jusice from Karnataka High Court as it consists of Majority Judges who are Illegal Member Beneficiaries of the Fraud Society "

Till Date BDA has not approved Layout :Search & Seizure warrant :Against the back-drop of Lokayukta's " Search & Seizure warrant , if it fails to produce layout plan approved by BDA" this Society has filed a case in High Court WP.No. 15101 of 2001. This Society without getting lands converted from Agriculture to Residential & without Layout being approved by B.D.A has formed the layout.These mis-ventures prove beyond one's imagination that it would not have been possible without an Un-Holy-Alliance of Judges with Govt.: inside & outside the Govt. & Courts.

Supreme Court & High Court order that Convertion of Lands from Agriculture to Residential Mandatory ; but they violate these Judgments.Its' Convertion case SLP (civil).No.12153 of 2000 is pending in Supreme Court. The Supreme Court only has stayed the Convertion Fine Amount but has not passed any Orders allowing the Society to form Layout . Supreme Court in 1994 has in Civil Appeal No.5051/1994 (The State of Karnataka and others-Vs-Shankar Textiles Limited ) ruled that Convertion is mandatory. Accordingly Govt. of Karnataka has forbidden Registration of all Documents in violation of Sec. 95 of Rev Act. by Gazette Notification No. RD 80 ESM 93 (P) Dated 23rd March 1996 read with Notification No. RD 80 ESM 93 (P), dated 14th February 1994 . Society' actions like Registration of sale Deeds is not only amounts to Contempt of Supreme Court but also it shows the Conspiracy of Govt. allowing Registration of such Fraud sale deeds in f/o its Members who include Judges from all over State . High Court & Supreme Court.

The Fraud 2600 sale Deeds are registered in contempt of 1994 Judgment this Society had secured by Justice G.P.Shivaprakash against BDA & Sub-Regisrar ( reported as ILR 1994 2115 )

The Society has formed layout in violation of Land Revenue Act, KTCP Act , B.D.A. Act. The Members of this Society who are alloted with sites illegally in this lay-out & the ones who have built houses illegally on such sites have formed an Association called " The Judicial Layout Residents & Site Owners' Association" . This Association has filed a case in High Court WP.(GM).No. 40994 of 2002 in November 2002. In this WP Members Partly admit our averments made in above paras.



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