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Public Notice to General Public

Our Society i.e., “ Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society Limited , High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore. 56 00 01” ; has formed Judicial Layout in about 193 acres opposite to Jakkur Flying Schhol under Yelahanka Hobli , Bangalore. We the Genuine beneficiaries & Members of this Society & The Judicial Layout Residents & Site Owners Association; like to Appeal to Public as Notice or as General Information thus :

Our Public Interest Litigation in High Court of Karnataka WP.(GM).No. 40994 of 2002 (PIL) is admitted & stay is granted against said Society to maintain status quo in Site meant for construction Lord Ganesha Temple.
Our main prayers are (a) to direct BDA to produce the Layout plan said to have been approved in 1992. (b) To get Relinquishment Deed executed by our Society in F/o BDA relinquishing 50% of our lay out ( Roads, C.A.Sites, Parks , Open Spaces etc) as per BDA Rules. To this effect our Society had taken a judgment from High Court through Justice G. P. Shivaprakash ( our fellow member-who has built a house in layout). Judgment is reported as ILR 1994 2115.
In the said Petition we have informed that our Housing Society has illegally has converted C.A.Sites into Residential Sites and has sold & Registered about 400 sites illegally to gullible General Public, Advocates & even to High Court Judges .
Our Society has played many frauds on High Court in securing Judgment (ILR 1995 3138 ) in 1995. One fraud is BDA till has not approved layout . Fraudulently had claimed that it is only 156 acres of land & 2048 sites are formed. Now it is 193 Acres & 2600 sites!
Do not buy sites in our Layout or deal with them in any way as it is our apprehension that our Society is fraudulently claiming that BDA has approved Layout plan & so far has executed 2600 sale Deeds.
About 37 acres ( 156 + 37 = 193 acres) is taken posession by fraudulant Court Decrees. Land owners have not executed sale deed in f/o our Society. No convertion. This land does not form part of SLP in SC. No approval from BDA for this land. Sites are formed in this 37 acres & already Registered claiming in sale deeds that the BDA has approved ! Based on Fraud sale deed Yelahanka CMC illegally opening Khatas. Based on these High Court has approved loan applications & has recommended to Banks to Finance to construct houses on such sites. Banks have financed. Houses are constructed. We don’t know what will be the fate !
As the BDA has not approved layout ; as 50% of lands are Public Property & Society has to execute Relinquishment Deed ; we don’t know as whose sites/ Houses shall be demolished.
Against our complaint the then Upa Lokayukta Mr Justice G.P. Shivaprakash had show-caused to our Society on 28th Oct 1999 to produce BDA approved layout plan within 7 days failing which “SEARCH & SEIZURE WARRANT “ will be issued. Neither Society produced Plan nor Lokayukta Searched & Seized the Office until Feb 2001. There after Society By WP No. 15101of 2001 got stay.

*Judicial Layout, Bangalore. 56 00 84
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