He delivered the following lectures

  1. Ambedkar Memorable lectures under the auspices of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Madras University
  2. Allady Krishna Swamy Iyer Memorable lecture, Hyderabad
  3. Lecture in the Andhra University Waltair (Andra Pradesh State, India)
  4. Megachand Mahajan Memorial Lecture in the Punjab University and another in Delhi
  5. Bhimson Sanchar Memorial Lecture in Delhi. 

Justice Iyer has delivered many prestigious lectures including the Tagore Law Lectures on Human Rights (Calcutta University). He has traveled to many countries like Sri. Lanka, Honk Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, USA, UK, Canberra, Geneva, Stockholm and Brussels. His addresses in Dhaka and Karachi at the SAARC Law Conference are memorable. He delivered an important lecture on Victimology in Adelaide in Australia and he is an activist in Victimology. 

Participation in Social Organisations and Professional Bodies

Founder of a variety of social and professional organisations and guided the working of several of them at different periods.

  1. Founder Secretary, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Tellicherry.

  2. Member, Central Animal Welfare Board, Madras.

  3. President, Kerala Hockey Association

  4. President, Kerala Fine Arts Society, Cochin

  5. Member, Kerala State Sports Council and Chairman of the Committee which reported on the development of sports and games in Kerala.

  6. Vice-President, The Foundation for the establishment of an International Court of Criminal Justice, Massachusetts.

  7. Founder President and now Patron of the Sri Narayana Kendra, New Delhi.

  8. President, The Kathakali Centre, New Delhi.

  9. President, The Kerala Club, New Delhi.

  10. President, The Malayali Association, New Delhi.

  11. Patron of the Indian National Section of the International Association of Penal Law, with Headquarters in Paris.

  12. Vice Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India.

  13. President, Institute of Socialist Legal Studies.

  14. Vice President, International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

  15. Member, Central Prohibition Committee, Government of India.

  16. Vice-President, Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies.

  17. Member of Faculty of Law, Board of Aligarh, Kerala & Calicut Universities.

  18. Member, Executive Committee, Indian Council of Social Science Research.

  19. Hon. Member, American Association of Judges.

  20. President, Indian Society of Criminology.

  21. Vice-President, Indian Society of International Law.

  22. President , Indian Institute of Natural Law.

  23. Patron, The Madras Institute of Magnetobiology.

  24. Member, Board Of Trustees, Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, Bangalore.

  25. Trustee, S. Mohan Kumaramangalam Charitable Trust.

  26. President, Organisation for Protection of Human Rights in Sri Lanka.

  27. Member, Governing Council, The Brahma Vidyalaya Society, Varkala.

  28. Patron, Punjab Prisoners Welfare & Human Rights Association, Jalandhar.

  29. Chairman, National Centre for Quality of Life & Work, Hyderabad.

  30. President, Krishna Menon Memorial Society, New Delhi.

  31. President, Kerala Law Academy & Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Trivandrum.

  32. President, KPS Menon Memorial Society, New Delhi.

  33. Member, Faculty of Law, University of Kerala.

  34. President, Indian Council of Social Welfare, Kerala State Branch.

  35. Chairman, Indian Peoples Human Rights Tribunal.

  36. President, Indian Association of Lawyers.

  37. Executive Patron, All India Lawyers' Union.

  38. Member, Presidium of Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, National Council.

  39. Chairman, Institute of Asian Studies, Madras.

  40. Executive Patron, Indian Council of Legal Aid & Advice.

  41. President, Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights & Secularism NewDelhi

  42. Chairman, National Expert Committee of Women Prisoners.

  43. Chairman, National Campaign Committee for Central Legislation on Construction Labour, New Delhi.

  44. Patron, People's Council for Social Justice, Cochin.

  45. President, Forum of People's Voice, Cochin.

  46. President, World Council of Deontology, Paris.

  47. President, Citizen's Action Committee for Clean Politics.

  48. Member, Sponsorship Committee, International Centre for Trade Union Rights.

  49. Chairman, Watchdog Committee, Kerala.

  50. Visiting Professor, National Law School, Bangalore.

  51. Patron, All India Dalit Development Research Institute, Lacknow.

  52. President, Centre for Industrial Safety & Environment Concerns, Quilon.

  53. Patron, Indo-Socialist States Friendship Organisation, Madurai.

  54. Member, Steering Group On Social Welfare Set Up by The Planning Commission, India.

  55. Honorary Patron, The Management Professional Association, Madras.

  56. Member, Advisory Committee, General Encyclopedia, The State Institute of Encyclopedic Publications, Trivandrum.

  57. Chairman, Steering Committee on Decentralised Planning, 8th Five Year Plan, Kerala.

  58. Chairman, Sub Committee for establishment of a School of Indian Legal Thought in the Mahatma Gandhi University.

  59. Chairperson, National Campaign for Heresing Rights, Calcutta.