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April 5, 2003 
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Crystal Ball

Justice Mukherjee withdraws resignation

Our Legal Correspondent
New Delhi, April 4. – Delhi High Court judge Shameet Mukherjee, who had sent in his resignation to the President of India following allegations of involvement in the recent DDA scam, today withdrew his resignation saying he would wait till his name is “cleared of the charges”.
“I want to first clear my name which has unnecessarily been related to the DDA scam,” Justice Mukherjee said, adding that he had sent a letter dated yesterday to this effect to the President. The Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court have also been informed, he said.
“I have requested the Chief Justice not to assign me any official duties in the interim to allow me to deal with my personal problems,” he added.
Rashtrapati Bhavan is expected to forward the second letter written by Justice Mukherjee to the Law Ministry late tonight or tomorrow morning. His earlier resignation letter had been sent by the President’s secretariat to the ministry on Tuesday.
“Now both the letters will be processed simultaneously and a decision taken by the ministry,” a senior government official said. Ordinarily, it takes less than a week for the file to be processed and the request put up before the President.
Justice Mukherjee had quit on March 31 citing personal grounds, days after the DDA scandal broke, but had denied any involvement or wrongdoing in the scam which surfaced after CBI raided the houses of several top DDA officials on March 26. The CBI had recovered several documents related to cases pending before the High Court in the course of the raid.

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