Fraud in FIR

Campaigning against Anti Corruption Bureau Legalizing corruption of  Rs.17 Lakh Billion' & 867 Judges Slum is Crime

Enraged by our Complaint to Lok Ayukta received by it on 8th July 2004, lodged a Fraud Complaint stating that we were distributing CDs & Pamphlets at Mid Night i.e., 01.30 AM.
The Police recorded this fact as appearing in Complaint at Column 11 of the FIR.
But at Column 2 of 1st page of FIR forged the time of occurrence as 13.30 Hrs i.e, After Noon.
Believing the Forged FIR as True, Magistrate took Cognizance of FIR & Released us on  Bail.
Later having we got copies of Complaint & FIR etc., brought to the Notice of Fraud being played by Police, summoned the Investigating Police Inspector & confirmed that I.O  is & has playing Fraud on Court.

Uma Mote is exempted from personal appearance.  Next date is 2nd March 2005.
Deepak Mote is being tried by Juvenile Court.