H A L L O F S H A M E : Corruption and nepotism have not spared even the highest office of the judiciary

" A judicial commission has to be set up to stem the rot." K.K. Venugopal, senior advocate

" There is need for a package of remedies." P. Chidambaram, former finance minister and senior advocate

" The charges should hasten the creation of the NJC." Abhishek Singhvi, senior advocate

" What has come out is just the tip of the iceberg." M.P. Vashi, fromer chairman, Maharashtra Bar Council

K. VEERASWAMI: The former judge of the Madras High Court was found guilty under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1946, but fought his case in 1991 in the Supreme Court. The apex court in a later judgment held that a sanction from the CJI was needed before a criminal case could be registered against a judge.

V. RAMASWAMY: Son-in-law of Veeraswami, he was a judge in the Supreme Court when the Speaker of the ninth Lok Sabha admitted an impeachment motion brought by 108 MPs against him for financial irregularities committed during his term as chief justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The motion was, however, defeated as Congress MPs stayed away in 1993.

A.M. BHATTACHARJEE: The chief justice of the Bombay High Court was forced to resign in 1995 after it was found that he had received Rs.70 lakh as book advance from a publishing firm known to have links with the underworld.

AJIT SENGUPTA: The Calcutta High Court judge made it a routine to issue ex parte, ad interim stay orders on anticipatory bail pleas from smugglers having links with the Mumbai underworld. He was arrested in 1996 for FERA violations after retirement.

A.S. ANAND: As CJI, he was accused of using his position to get the subordinate judiciary to rule in favour of his wife and mother-in-law in a suit that had been barred by limitation for two decades. There was also a CBI probe after a dispute arose over his age in 2000. The investigation report was not made public.

A.M. AHMADI: When he was CJI (October 1994-March 1997), his daughter, a lawyer in the Delhi High Court, caused eyebrows to be raised for getting "special" treatment from certain judges. When some members of the bar sought a resolution banning layer relatives of judges from staying in the same house, the CJI got members to defeat the motion.

Mysore Sex Scandal

On Sunday, November 3, 2002, three judges of the Karnataka High Court, along with two women advocates, allegedly got involved in a brawl with a woman guest at a resort. The police arrived but reportedly didn't take action.

· N.S. Veerabhadraiah

· V. Gopalagowda

· Chandrashekaraiah

STATUS: The three-judge inquiry committee appointed by the CJI has filed its report. Action awaited.


In November 2002, Sunita Malviya, a Jodhpur-based doctor, alleged that a deputy registrar of the Rajasthan High Court had sought sexual favours for himself and for Justice Arun Madan to "fix" a case in her favour.

· Arun Madan

· Sunita Malviya

STATUS: A committee set up by former CJI G.B. Pattanaik found prima facie evidence against Madan, who does not attend court anymore.


Three judges of the Punjab and Haryana High Court sought the help of disgraced PPSC chief R.P. Sidhu to ensure that their daughters and other kin topped examinations conducted by the commission

· M.L. Singh

· Mehtab Sing Gill

· Amarbir Singh

STATUS: Two inquiry panels indicted the judges. Gill and Amarbir Singh have resigned M.L. Singh continues, though no work is allotted to him.