[ Page No. 54 of W.P.No.40994 of 2002 ]

Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society (Ltd.) .

High Court Buildings Bangalore-1,

(Regn. No. J.R.B. / R.J.N. / 39/ 4916/83-84,

Dated: 11-08-1983.

No. KRM. ENG. NSSN/16/2000-01 - Dated: 28-08-2000


Sri. N.D. Venkataramaiah


Judicial Layout Residents and Site Holders Association,

Judicial Lay-out, Bangalore _560 065.


In response to your letter, it is hereby informed you that a place of our society by the side of 14the Main Road, i.e., East: by 14th Main Road; West; by Site No. 969, North: by 16th Cross and South: by 15th Cross.

It is resolved to reserve the site as civic amenity place and in that place, it is resolved to construct a temple and as such you have been permitted temporarily to perform ensuing Gouri Ganesh festival.

Thanking you,

By order of the President


S. Suresh Kumar,