[ Page No. 51-52.of W.P.No.40994 of 2002 ]

Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society (Ltd.) .

( Regn. No. JRB/RGN/39/4916/83-84, Dated: 01-08-1983 )

High Court Buildings Bangalore-1,

No. KRNDEHBS / 2/2002-03

Dated: 15-02-2002.


The President,

Judicial Layout Residents Welfare Association,

Judicial Lay-out, Bangalore.


Sub: Your letter dated 09-04-2002 regarding.

It is true that you have decided to go on strike on 16-04-2002 putting-forth some of the demands, In this regard, it is informed as follows:

[1] In respect of drinking water, we have already dug two additional borewells from which we are supplying water. Apart from that, we have also taken action to dig two more borewells.

[2] The drainage system is already completed and if there is any defect, we will take action to rectify them.

[3] In the ensuing Executive Committee meeting, we will place the subject regarding the use of the society building.

[4] We are awaiting the report of the Sub Committee in respect of construction of the temple.

[5] We have already taken action against unauthorized sheds in the layout.

[6] We will take action after placing the subject before the ensuing Executive Committee meeting in respect of putting name plates on all civic amenity sites.

[7] In respect of connecting G.K.V.K. road, we have already discussed with the respective Officers and likely to yield fruitful result.

[8] We have entered into correspondences with the concerned departments in respect of immediate necessities of the layout.

[9] We have not reserved any sites for burial ground. In this respect, concerned departments will be approached by way of correspondence.

[10] In respect of construction of manual railway gate, we have written many a time and expecting results at the earliest.

This is to inform you that some of the above said demands have been complied with and for remaining demands, the society is making sincere efforts.

Hence, I request you to drop the proposed tomorrow strike and thereby extend co-operation in the . Works of the society.

Yours faithfully,

For the Society,

Signed .

C. Shivalingaiah, President.