[ Page No. 46 to 48 of W.P. No. 40994 of 2002]

Judicial Layout Residents and Site Holders Association (R)

(Nyayanga Badavane Nivasi Mattu Niveshanadarara Sangha (R)

GKVK Post, Bangalore _ 560 065.


The President,

Annual General Body Meeting ( 24-09-2002 )

Karnataka Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society,

High Court Buildings, Bangalore _ 560 001.


Subject: The subjects to be discussed in the General Body Meeting _ in writing _

The abovementioned society, in its meeting held on 09-09-2000 decided to place before the Annual General Boday Meeting, the following subjects and seek reply:

[1] There is insufficiency of supply of electricity in our layout causing great inconvenience to the residents _ reason for delay? And what next steps ?

[2] Till this day, according to your notice, in respect of water supply, from how many residents the amount has been collected? What is the amount spent and the purpose? What is the balance?

[3] What measures taken for the supply of Cauvery Water to the layout and its stage ?

[4] What are the places ear marked for civic amenity sites like police station, post office and Milk Booth etc.,? If so, whether the said civic amenity sites have been handed over to the concerned department ?

[5] Why the society building already constructed in the lay-out has not been made available to the residents? What is the money spent for the said building? Why the said building is kept unused (since two years)? Why this building would not be made available for small functions of the residents?

[6] What has happened to the litigations of the sites of Shir Eshwar Bhat and Sri Nanjundaiah? Why there is heap of stones on the road? Where is the end for this? What is the reason for non-reply? What is the reason for obstructions of the drainage in front of the school? Who is responsible for the said obstruction ? what is the action taken by you?

[7] For what purpose, you have reserved two sites in 11th Main Road, which was initially earmarked for temple? Or whether they have been allotted?

[8] Where is the place earmarked for B.M.T.C. bus terminal? Whether you have taken any technical opinion as to the suitability of such place as to the convenience of all the public?

[9] Hitherto, how many land-owners have filed cases before the Court? Out of them, how many cases compromised? How many sites have been allotted to each of the land owners (with measurements) and what extent of lands parted by such land owners to the Judicial Department House Building Society? How many cases are still pending?

[10] On 11-05-1999, we demanded you to furnish the list of Associate Members. So far, why you have not furnished? Who are those Associate Members? What is the reason for non-furnishing of status and addresses of those Members so far?

[11] Whether the present and ex-members of the Executive Committee of the House Building Society have sold the sites allotted to them? Then what is the dimensions of such sites? What is the amount paid by them to the society in the behalf? Have they obtained permission from the society before selling those sites?

[12] Without earmarking the civic amenity sites and handing over the same to the concerned department, the lay-out should not be handed over to the City Municipal Council.

[13] We have requested for allotment of a site for our Association. No action has been taken so far by you. Whether you are allotting such a site on free of cost or not?

Note: For all the above questions we want resolved answers by the General Body.

Signed ..


Judicial Layout Residents and Site holders Association (R)