State Government's powers to cancel the resolution or order:- (1) If the State Government is of opinion that the execution of resolution or order issued by or on behalf of the Planning Authority or the doing of any act which is about to be done or is being done by or on behalf of the Planning Authority is in contravention of or in excess of the powers conferred by this Act or any other law for the time being in force or is likely to lead to breach of peace or to cause injury or annoyance to the public or to any class or body of persons or is prejudicial to the interest of the Planning Authority, it may, by order in writing, suspend the extention of such resolution or order or prohibit the doing of any such act after issuing a notice to the Planning Authority to show -cause within the specified period which shall not be less than fifteen days, why,-
[a] the resolution or order may not be cancelled in whole or in part; or
[b] any regulation or bye-law concerned may not be repealed in whole or in part.
(2) Upon consideration of the reply, if any, received from the Planning Authority and after such inquiry as it thinks fit, the State Government may pass orders cancelling the resolution or order repealing the regulation bye-law and communicate the same to the Planning Authority.
(3) The State Government may at anytime, on further representation by the Planning Authority or otherwise revise, modify or revoke an order passed under sub -section (2).