Byelaws of Society
Revelant Extracts





[a] The name of the society shall be The Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative society Limited.

[b] The registered office of the Society shall be located at High Court Building, Bangalore.


Jurisdiction of the Society shall be confined to the Bangalore Development Authority.  


[a] To promote the economic interest of its members and to encourage thrift, savings and self-help.

[b] To raise founds required for achieving the objects of the Society.  

[c] To acquire lands and form layouts on the lands acquired and release house sites to the members of the society in accordance with the norms laid down by Government of Karnataka for such purpose.

[d] To undertake construction of houses/flats/apartments on the lands acquired/purchased by the society for the benefit of members subject to approval by competent authority.

[e] To make loans to the members for the construction of new dwelling houses for

extension/repairing their existing houses and for purchasing built houses.

[f] To construct building or take up works for common utility of the members.

[g] To manage, maintain and administer the property of the society.

[h] To secure allotment of sites or houses for the members from the Development Authority / C.I.T.B. Housing Board / any other approved

[ i ] To undertake such activities as are necessary or expedient for the attainment of the objects of the Society specified in these Bye-laws.


The membership of the Society shall consist of:

[a] Members

[b] Nominal members

[c] Associate Members


Any person who is above the age of 18 years and who is competent under section 11 of the Indian Contract Act of 1872 ( Central Act II of 1872).

 [7] APPLICATION FOR Admission as members

[a] Every application for membership shall be in writing, in the form prescribed by the society and shall be addressed to the secretary/Chief Executive of the society.

[b] Every application shall be submitted along with full paid up value of at least one share of Rs. 100 and share fee of Rs.10 [Rupees 10 only]


    All members shall be eligible to avail the benefits as per the objectives under bye-law No. 4 subject to the condition, that a member shall be eligible for allotment of site/flat/house only if he fulfills the following requirements:

[a] he / she does not already own a site or plot or house / flat / apartment in his / her own name or in the name of any other member of his / her family in the Corporation limits / development Authority limits / Municipality limits in whose limit the society is situated [Explanation : ' Family ' means and includes husband, wife, sons having no independent source of income, unmarried daughters and person / persons dependent on the members];

[b] he / she is an employee of Judicial Department for which the Society has been organised and has put in a minimum continuos or intermittent service of 5 years in Karnataka;


[1] No person shall be eligible for admission as a member of the society if he /she

[a] has applied to be adjudicated as an insolvent or is an undischarged insolvent.

[b] has been sentenced for any offence, other that an offences of political character or an offence involving moral turpitude, such sentence not having been reversed or the offence pardoned and a period of 5 years has not elapsed from the date of expiry of such sentence.

[c] Carries on business of the kind carried on by such Co-operative Society.

[d] is already a member or becomes a member of a Co-operative Society carrying on business of the same kind as itself.

[2] If a member becomes subject to any of the disqualification's, specified in Clause [a] to [d] of Bye-law No. 11 [a] he / she shall be deemed to have ceased to be a member from the date when the disqualification was incurred.

[3] Cessation of Members.

Any member of the Society shall cease to so member due to any of the following reasons:

[a] By withdrawals of shares

[b] Death

[c] If he / she not qualified to be a member of the Society as per provisions of Act, Rules and Bye-laws.

[4] If any member becomes subject to any of the disqualifications specified above, the committee shall record the fact in the proceedings of the meeting and the Secretary of the Society shall inform the person concernte dnominee about the cessation of his membership.


      The society shall prepare a list of members as on the last date of each Co-operative Year. The list of members shall be published on the notice board of the society at least 15 days prior to the date fixed for elections.


       The society shall adopt the system of seniority in allotment of sites / house / flats /apartments. The seniority or a share transfer other than legal heir of a deceased member will be effect from the date of transfers of share to him / her and not from the date of original share allotted to him / her except in case of inherittance of deceased member. The society shall allot sites/ flats / houses only to  members who are eligible as per bye-law No. 10. A member shall produce a certificate from his employer regarding his employment and length of service in Karnataka. A SC / ST member shall produce

[56] DOCUMENTS: The society shall maintain the following documents.

[1] Application for members. [2] Letter of resignation of members. [3] Application for transfer of shares / Interest on the capital. [4] Correspondence with the Registering Authority. [5] Conveyance of property. [6] agreement and contract deeds.[7] Application for sites with all connected activities. [8] Approved plans of layout.[9] Copy of the registered bye-law with upto date amendments. [10] certificate of Registration. [11] Member wise loan application, sanction and documentation. [12] Periodical statements. [13] Audit memos and audit reports. [14] Notice and agenda of committee of management. [15] Notice and agenda of General Body meeting. [16] Copies of the K.C.S. Act and K.C.S. Rules. [17] File containing the circulars / directions issued by Registrar / Director of Audit or any other authority connected with the society.

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