Page No. 55. WP. No. 15101/ 2001


Ref. No. KSJDEHBCS / 29 / 2000-01

Dated: 10-10-2000.


The Additional. Registrar,
Enquirty-2, Karnataka Lokayuktha,
M.S. Building,
Bangalore - 560 001.


With reference to your letter No. Compt/Uplok/BCD.125/2000-01 dated 19-09-2000 pertaining to certain allegations against Secretary/Director of Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society Ltd., Bangalore, we wish to inform you as under:

In respect of the rate per square feet fixed by the society for sites measuring 60X90 if is middle site it is Rs.28/- per Square feet and it is a corner site the value would be 1. 5 times the normal rate of middle site which would be Rs. 42/- per Square feet.

As regard the 2nd and 3rd question the copy of the allotment order/letter pertaining to site No. 1253 has been given to the Vendee. With regard to the said allotment of site No. 1253 there was a rectification deed and the copy of which has been sent to you earlier along with our letter and explanation. In view of the same and the allottee being given Possession certificate and Sale Deed no further clarification in the regard may be needed.

In view of the fact that a rectification deed was made pertaining to site No. 1253 showing the boundaries the said site has become a CORNER SITE. The excess amount collected for the area which is not demarketed as Road by virtue of the rectification deed is to be adjusted towards the higher rate of a corner site. The society has already written a letter to the Vendee informing the Vendee that the site being a corner site the value would be 11/2 times the allotment rate and request him to make good the balance amount payable towards the corner site. This has also been informed over phone to the Vendee, and the Vendee has agreed to pay the same. The excess amount paid by the Vendee for the cancellation of the marginal land which has become road now thereby making site No. 1253 as a corner site, the excess value paid to the marginal land is not sufficient to adjust towards the difference of amount payable towards the value of the corner site by the Vendee. All theses has been informed to the Vendee and in addition to the excess amount paid which was value towards the marginal land being cancelled and made it as road the vendee has to pay more amount towards the value of the corner site and the society has requested the Vendee to make good the same.

In view of the same the excess amount collected from the purchaser of site No. 1253 is not required to be returned to the purchaser and so it is not information as per the clarification sought for in the above referred letter.

Thanking you Yours faithfully,

For K.S.J.D.E.H.B.C.S. LTD.,