[ PAGE No. 38 of WP 15101/2001 ]

Government of Karnataka

Office of Karnataka Lokayuktha
Adress :M. S. Buildings, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore - 1.

Ref. No. Compt.Uplok/BCD-64/99-2000/AR.2[164]

Date: 06-09-1999.


Sub: allegations against the Secretary/Directors, K.S.J.D.B.H. Co-operative Society, Bangalore - reg

Ref: Your letter No. KSJDEHBCS 32/99-2000 Date: 13-08-1999.

With reference to the Subject and reference cited above, you are hereby called upon to furnish the following documents;

[a] List of members of the society

[b] List of members to whom the sites are allotted

[c] List of members/and persons who have purchased the corner sites

[d] Register and receipts regarding collection of money received from the members towards membership fees, towards price of the sites, betterment charges, water, land tax etc.

[e] Tenders given and bills paid for providing electricity and towards the execution of civil work.

[f] Tenders given and the bills etc., regarding digging of six bore-wells.

The above documents should be produced on or before 20--8-1999, without fail.




The Secretary,
Karnataka State Judicial Dept.
Employees' House Building Co-operative Society Ltd.,
High Building
Bangalore - 560 001.