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[Inscribed by of Office of Sub-Registrar :Document No. 409 / 96-97 registered on 18-04-1996]

THIS INDENTURE OF SALE DEED IS MADE AND Executed on this the Eighteenth of April One thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Six [ 18--04-1996 ]

THE KARNATAKA STATE JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES HOUSE BUILDING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED, Having its office at High Court Building Bangalore- 560 001, a co-operative society registered under the Karnataka co-operative societies Act bearing Registration No. JRB/R.G.N. 39/4916/83-84 represented by its Hon President Sri M. Rudraiah here in after called the VENDOR which term shall mean and include the said society, its successors in office, representatives. Administrators and assigns, on the ONE PART and M. Rudraiah 2


Sri Gopi Chand Bharuka Slo late Dungar Mal Bharuka , Age 55 years ,
Presently the Sitting Judge of High Court
of Karnataka at Bangalore,

Who is a member of this society, bearing membership N0.2504 hereinafter called the VENDEE which term shall mean and include his heirs, executors, Administrators, legal representatives and assigns on the OTHER PART.


WHEREAS the Vendor has acquired and taken possession of lands bearing several survey numbers of Allalasandra, Chikkabommasandra and Jakkur plantation villages, Yelahanka hoble, Bangalore North Taluk, through Land Acquisition Proceedings under section 4 [1] of the land Acquisition Act notified Under Notification No. LAQ [1] SR 5/87-88 and declaration Under Section 6 [1] of the Land Acquisition Act notified Under notification No. RD. 156 AQB 84 dated 24-02-1989 and published in the karnataka Gazette dated 27-02-1989 and the Addl. Special Deputy Commissioner Urban Land ceiling, Bangalore, in his letter No. ULC [A] [6] Misc 3/87-88 dated 14 January 1988 has stated that there is no objection to acquire the Lands of Allalsandra, Chikkabomsandra and Jakkur Plantation Villages of Yelahanka hobli, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore bearing survey numbers as detailed below:


9/1, 9/2B & 3, 11/1, & 2, 12/2A, 3, 4A, 13/1A
1B & 2, 14/2, 3, 5, & 6, 89/1 & 2, 90, 91/2A, 91/4
to 6, 94/3, 97, 98/1, 98/5, 6, & 9, 99, 100, 100[part],
101/1, 2, & 3, 102/2, 3 & 4, 103/1, 2, 3, & 4,
104/1, 104/3A, 104/3B, 108, 108[part]

110/1, 2, 3A, 3B & 4, 111/2 & 3, 112.

CHIKKABOMMASANDRA:  39, 41/1, 41/2 and 42.

JAKKUR PLANTATION: 3/1 & 2[part], and the possession was handed over to the society with a view to form residential sites for its members.

The Bangalore Development Aurthority has approved Lay-out plan in its Board meeting held on 16-11-1992 vide Resolution No. 503/92 as per their letter No. BDA/TPM/DDW/1374/92-93 dated 28-11-1992.

AND WHEREAS THE VENDOR SOCIETY had called for applications from intending members for allotment of sites and also several persons on their own have applied to VENOR SOCIETY for membership and for allotment of a site from 1984 and now the VENDEE being one such member applicant, has been allotted a site No. 1266 in 60 ' X 90' Dimension at the above lay-out for a consideration amount of Rs. 1,55,305/- [Rupees one lakh fifty five thousand three hundred and five only] and the VENDEE has paid the said amount from time to time which VENDOR SOCIETY hereby acknowledge, subject to the condition that the additional charges towards establishment of amenities and other funds

Created or that may be created by the society form time to time are payable by the Vendee on demand to the VENDOR SOCIETY and also such charges consequent on demand from the authorities like Bangalore

Development Authority, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Karnataka Electricity Board and karnataka state Revenue Department in case of higher compensation for lands that may be awarded to the litigant landlords who have approached the Judicial authorities for higher compensation, shall forthwith be payable to the Vendor Society or such listed authorities as the case may be in addition to the said listed authorities as the case may be in addition to the said tendered amount towards consideration of this Sale-Deed and in case of default of payment as to the said demand the Vendor society or the said authorities shall have charge to the extent one upon the schedule property now transferred under this deed.


1) In consideration of the above sum of Rs. 1,55,305/- [Rupees one lakh fifty five thousand three hundred and five only ] paid to the Vendor Society, the Vendor Society hereby conveys and transfers to the Vendee, the Site No. 1266 more fully and specifically described in the schedule annexed hereto and he is hereby put in possession of the property as full owner subject to the conditions that the Vendee shall not in any manner and in any form alienate the property to any person for a period of 10 [Ten] years from this date. However the Vendee is hereby permitted to mortgage his right, title and interest in favour of the President of India , Government of Karnataka, the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Housing Co-operative societies, Co-operative Banks, Provident Fund Trustees, HUDCO, Karnataka Housing Board, Karnataka State Co-operative Housing Federation, Housing Development Insurance Corporation Ltd., Nationalised Banks, Scheduled Banks, any other Banks any private Financial Institutions or financial Agencies or the purpose of securing financial assistance for construction, improvement and development of land building on the site by obtaining a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE FROM THE SOCIETY.

2) The Vendee covenants that he shall not use or allow to be used the scheduled property for any purpose other than for a residential building. The Vendee shall construct the building in accordance with the plan approved by the Bangalore Development Authority or the Corporation of the City of Bangalore or other authorised for the purpose, within two years from the date of possession. Provided that where in application of the Vendee, the Authority for sufficient reasons agree to extend in any parficular case the time for construction of building, the Vendee shall construct the building within such extended period.

3) The Vendee shall pay hereafter all B.D.A./ Corporation and other Taxes to the concerned authorities in respect of the scheduled property.

4) The Vendee shall also adhere to valid and binding Rules of the B.D.A. or other authorities, from time to time.

5) The Vendee hereby acknowledges the possession of the schedule property, subject to any other terms and conditions that my be imposed by the Bangalore Development Authority or the Corporation of the City of Bangalore in this regard in addition the terms and conditions above mentioned.

6) The Vendee convenants that in case of breach of any of the above conditions the Vendor society is at liberty to resume the site and deal with it further as deemed necessary.

7) The Vendee agrees that the Vendor Society may take over possession of the property with the structure thereon if there is any misrepresentation in the application for membership and allotment of the site and also for breach of the terms and conditions, of the sale deed subject always to the rights of the mortgage created by the allottee in favour of the institution from which he raises the loan.

8) On matters not specifically stipulated in these presents the Vendee shall carry out all directions of the Vendor and in default in carrying out such directions will be a breach of conditions of these present.

9) Vendee convenants that common services in the township karnantaka State Judicial Department Employees House Building C0-Operative Society Layout shall be run on Co-operative principal and cost is shared to the extent required and he shall offer all his co-operation for the purpose.

10) Vendee agrees that it is the exclusive prerogative of the Vendor to explore survey and develop underground Water resources in the general interest of the community in the entire township of karnataka State Judicial department Employees House Building Co-operative Society Layout.

11) If the society becomes liable to pay to the Government of other Authority, any further amount in regard to the layout towards acquisition or towards development / betterment / Water supply scheme, Electricity or any other charges, the Vendor shall be entitled to demand and collect proportionate amount from the member/purchaser and the purchaser shall be liable to pay the said amount as and when demand by the society. Similarly, if any amount becomes due to the society from the member/purchaser on account of any developmental work including digging of bore-wells, Buildings, reservoirs and fortification for storm Water drain etc., carried on by the society in the layout, the member/purchaser shall be liable to pay the same, as and when demanded by the society.


All that bearing No. 1266 in the layout inseveral survey number at Allalasandra, Chikkabommasandra and Jakkur Plantation villages, Yelahanka hobli, Bangalore North Taluk Bangalore formed by the karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society, Bangalore, as per plan approved by the Bangalore Development Authority.


East to West :: 60 feet

North to South :: 91 feet

In all Total Area :- 5460 Sq-yards with all rights, Appurtenances, whatsoever whether underneath or above the surface and boundaries as follows:-

On the East by :: Site No. 1265.
On the West by :: Site No. 1267.
On the North by :: Site No. 1283
On the South by :: Road

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Vendor society has affixed his signature to this Sale Deed, on the day of the month and the year first above written in the presence of the following witnesses at Bangalore.


  1. N.Eswarirao For Judicial Department Hose Building Co-Op. Society Ltd.

  2. T. Ramakrishna M. Rudraiaha , Honorary President .