HUD 260 MIX 82

Karnataka Government Secretariat, Mini Tower,
Vishveswaraya Contra, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-1

Dated: 3rd April 1984.


Sub: Revised Guidelines for approval of Private Layoutsby the Bangalore Development Authority.

Bangalore City had a population of 29.13 lakhs according to ensues 1981. The City is expanding very rapidly and it would not possibly for the Bangalore Development Authority to fully meet the demand for developed residential sites. It is therefore necessary to encourage formation of private layouts. But while thin so, care should be taken to see that these layouts are strictly in accordance with the outline Development Plan/Comprehensive necessary to ensure that civic amenities can be provided to these private layouts.

Guidelines had been formulated earlier and wore followed by the erstwhile city Improvement trust Board, and Bangalore Development Authority in the approval of private layouts. However, they were not comprehensive.

The following revised guidelines are therefor prescribed:-

1) The area proposed for a layout should be within the residential zone of the outline Development Plan/Comprehensive Development plan approved by Government. In special cases were lands are reserved for purposed other than green belt and which are suitable for Residential purpose, layouts may be considered after obtaining prior approval of Government for the change in land use.

2) The Co-operation Department Shall register the names of the be using societies only after getting the opinion of the planning Authority [BDA] which shall verify whether the lands proposed for the societies are in the residential zone or are suitable for residential purpose as indicated in para 1, or whether they are required by Bangalore Development Authority.

3) If the Housing Society has purchased land, no object certificate for the competent Authority, Urban Land Ceiling by produced.

4) The Housing Sicties/private developers should prodatile deeds to prove ownership of the Land.

5) The Bangalore City Corporation, the HAL Sanitary Board Notified Area, Yelahanka and Kongcri Municipal Authority such other authorities shall not approve any bifurcation of into plots or any private layout. Such approval should be to by the Planning Authority [BDA] according to the Karnataka Country Planning Act, 1961.

6) Kathas shall not be issued by the Revenue Section of the Bangalore City Corporation, and the Bangalore Development Authority HAL Sanitary Board, I.T.I. Notified area, Yelahanka Town Municipality, Kengeri Town Municipality/Panchayats and such other suites, unless the layout is approved by the Bangalore Development Authority.

7) The following minimum land allocations shall be insisted the approval of private layouts by the Bangalore Development Authority.

Residential Not exceeding ---- 50%

Parks & Playgrounds --------- 15%

Roads ------------ 25% to 30%

Civic amenities ------------- 5% to 10%

8) [a] Except in case of layouts for economically weaker security standard road width shall be enforced line 12 meters [40 feet] 18.5 meters [60 feet], 24.5 meters [80 feets] and 30.5 meters

[b] While working out the road pattern of the private layouts, road pattern of the outline Development Plan/Comprehensive Development Plan should not be affected. Minor roads may be designed suitable within the framework of roads approved in the outline Development Plan/Comprehensive Development Plan.

9) The civic amenity sites earmarked should be for specific poses determined by Bangalore Development Authority. In cases where it is found necessary to allot sites for other purpose, proper justification will have to be furnished.

10) The purpose for which the sites are proposed shall not be violated by the housing societies/private developers.

11) Underground drainage and electricity works in private layouts shall be carried out only the Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board and Karnataka Electricity Board. The Bangalore Development Authority may permit the Housing Societies to carry out the civil works only in case of societies getting the work done the civil Engineers of the required competence.

12) After the formation of sites, allotment of sites to individual members of the housing societies must be in accordance with the eligibility conditions of allotment of the Bangalore Development Authority which are in force including the lease-cum-sale


13) Conditions shall be enforced in the Approval of layouts in favour of housing societies that sites should be allotted only to the members of the societies and not to other individuals purposes of land speculation. A list of members shall be submitted by the societies along with the application for approval of private layouts.

14) If the land where a private layout is proposed is not adjacent either to a developed area or to a BDA Layouts, the Bangalore Development Authority should scrutinise the case with extra care and ascertain whether water can be supplied to the layout and whether this layout would interfere with the Bangalore Development Authoritys own programmers for layout formation. If water cannot be supplied easily, then the applicants should deposit the estimated cost of water supply works required.

15) The usual procedure followed by the Bangalore Development Authority in the approval execution of the private layouts will continue in additional to the above guidelines.

By Order and in the name of the

Governor of Karnataka


Under secretary to Government

Housing & Urban Dev. Department