RD 166 AQW 84 Date: 05-02-1985 [ L ]

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[ Letter from the Revenue Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of Karanataka Revenue Dept. to all the Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Spl Deputy Commissioners and Special Land Acquisition Officers]

Sub:- Land acquisition [Amendment] Act, 1984 Action to be taken.

I am directed to forward herewith a copy of D. O. Letter No. 12011/32/21/84-LRD Date: 21-01-1985 together with the statement indicating steps required to be taken for implementation of the different provisions of the amended Law received from the Additional Secretary tot he Government of India, ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, New Delhi for information and guidance .


J. C. Jetli Min. of Agri. & Rural Development
Additional Secretary [RD] Department of Rural Development Block No. 11, 6th Floor C.G.O. Complex, Lodi Road New Delhi.
D. O. No. 12011/32/21/84-LRD Dated the 21st January 1985.

Dear Shri Venkatesh,

[1] As you know, the Land Acquisition [Amendment] Act, 1984 came force on September 24, 1984. The implications of this Act were discussed on the 29th September, 1984 at some length at a conference of the Secretaries of the State Governments and Union Territory administrations, who dealt with land reforms and land revenue. A brief note outlining the implications of the amendment act was circulated at the conference. The Minutes of the conference also outlined the steps required to be taken for effective and expeditious implementation of the amended law.

[2] I am sending herewith a brief statement indicating certain administrative and other steps required to be taken for the implementation of the different provisions of the amended law. These steps include the placing of adequate trained personnel for specified tasks to be performed at the State headquarters as well as the district levels and suitable budgetary provision etc. the law provides a time-frame within which different stages of the acquisition proceedings must be completed. It should be our utmost endeavor to see that this time frame is strictly adhered to. Expenditure on personnel to be detailed and other measures required for this purpose will have to be incurred ungrudgingly, or else the administration may find itself paying such higher cost of acquisition, since the acquisition proceedings will come to lapse automatically on account of the failure to adhere to the time schedule .

[3] It will be highly appreciated if you could kindly review the progress in the implementation of the law once a month. Special attention needs to be given to the administrative and financial set up that has to be established on a permanent basis. Immediate attention is also necessary on the proper implementation of the transitional provisions for acquisition proceedings which have been completed before the enactment of the new law but entails payment of further compensation according to the provisions of this new law as well as for completion of proceedings pending from before its enactment .

[4] As already requested in our telex No. 13011/2/85-LRD dated 11the instant, report regarding action taken for implementation of the Amendment Act be sent on 25th of every month, till all action is completed. Copies of rules framed, important notifications, circular instructions issued etc., be also invariably sent.

[5] We intend to pool together the experience of different State and Union Territories in the implementation of the law for six months or so after which it is proposed to hold a conference of the Secretaries in charge of land reforms and land revenue indifferent State Governments and Union Territory Administrations with a view to determining the further steps if any, needed for streamlining the procedure for land acquisition for public purpose and companies.

Yours sincerely,


[ J. C. Jetli ]

Shri s. Venkatesh
Revenue Secretary & Commissioner,
Govt. of Karnataka, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.

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