[ The following is adduced as Document No. 11 in O.S. No. 8116/1999 c/w 7973/99 by Mr. M.S.Hegde Nagre ; case against land-owners ]


Sub:- House Building Advance to Sri/Smt. M. S. Hegde Nagre, Civil Judge [Sr. Dn.] OOD
Dy. Registrar [ Enq.3], Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore.


[1] Correspondence ending with letter No. DRE-3/Misc. 99-2000 dated: 1-7-1999 from Sri. M.S. Hegde Nagre, Civil Judge [ Sr. Dn.] OOD Dy. Registrar [Enq.3] Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore, Praying for Sanction of House Building Advance.
[2] G.O.No. FD 95 AHT 89 dated: 26-7-1989 and 11-9-1989.
[3] G.O.No. FD 48 MAKAMA 94 dated: 21-10-1994.
[4] G.O.No. FD 6 MAKAMU 97 dated: 17-10-1997.
[5] Government Letter No. FD 6 MAKAMU 97 [ Part] dated: 21-10-1997.
[6] G.O.No. FD 1 MAKAMU 98, dated: 21-7-1998.
[7] Government Letter No. FD 1 MAKAMU 93 [Part] dated: 31-10-1998.
[8] Government Letter No. FD 1 MAKAMU 98 [ Part] dated 21-6-1999.

ORDER No. HCE . 143/GO/98 BANGALORE, DATED: 26-7-1999.

Under article 211 of Karnataka Financial Code 1958 read with Government Order referred to above, sanction is accorded to the grant of House Building Advance of Rs. 2,93,000/- [Rupees two lakhs and ninety three thousand only ] to Sri. M. S. Hegde Nagre, Civil Judge [Sr.Dn.] OOD as Deputy Registrar [Enq-3], Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore, subject to the terms and conditions indicated below:-

[1] Purpose of Advance : For construction of a building on site bearing No. 1755, Assessment No. 1836/1755, situated in Judicial Layout, Yelhanka, Bangalore.

[2] Preliminaries to be fulfilled before the loan or its Installments can be drawn : Agreement on a plain paper in Form No. "E" has to be executed and sent to High Court for acceptance on receipt of the first cheque from the H.D.F.C.

[3] Officer responsible to get Form"E" from the Loan: Head of the Office concerned.

[4] Rate of Interest on the loan: Upto Rs. 1,00,000 - Interest at 12% p.a. Rs. 1,00,001 to Rs. 3,00,000- Interest at 14% p. a.

[5] Penal Interest : 4% in addition to ordinary rate of interest.

[6] Number of installments in which the loan has to be recovered and amount of each instalment: 83 monthly installments at Rs. 3500/- and 1 installments at Rs. 2500/- Total: 84 monthly installments covering the principal amount of Rs. 2,93,000/-

[7] Mode of recovery of interest after principal amount is recovered fully: As communicated by the sanctioning authority/Director of Treasuries Bangalore, the balance of Principal amount and interest if any shall be recovered out of D.C.R.G. admission to the loanee at the time of retirement.

[8] Mode of Repayment of loan: Recovery shall commence from the month following that in which the last installment of the advance drawn OR from the 10th month following the drawl of first installment whichever is earlier.

[9] Officer responsible to maintain detailed accounts and to watch recoveries: DRAWING OFFICER M. S. Hegde Nagre, Civil Judge [ Sr. Dn.] OOD Dy. Registrar [Enq-3] , Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore.

[10] Security: The house proposed to be construct out of the advance together with the site on which it is built.

[11] Additional Security: KGID Official Branch Insurance Policies held by the Officers Officials as detailed below:-




Rs. 12,600.00

LIC Policy No. 631941202 for surrender values of

Rs. 13,935.60

LIC Policy No. 64393305 for surrender values of

Rs. 13,708.40

LIC Policy No. 64393306 for surrender values of

Rs. 4,146.20


Rs. 44,390.20

Collateral Security offered by the following officials:

Smt. P. Puttu, Typist, Court of civil Judge & Addl. CJM, Puttur, vide O.B. KGID policy No…… 1384924

Rs. 29,545.00

Smt. K. Praphulla Bai, English Typist - Copyist, court of the Civil Judge, Puttur vide O.B. Policy No. 1385753

Rs. 7,125.00


Rs. 81,060.20

[12] Other Conditions: As per Government Order and Circulars to be issued by the Finance Department in government from time to time.



High Court of Karnataka ; Bangalore.

[1] The Regional Manager, H.D.F.C. Ltd., No. 51, Kasturba Road, Bangalore, for information with a request to replace the amount early as detailed in the covering letter.

[2] The Director of Treasuies, First Floor, Podium Block, Vishweshwaraiah Center, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-1, for information .

[3] The Joint Director, State Huzur Treasury, Bangalore for information.

[4] The KGID, Bangalore for information.

[5] Sri. M. S. Hegde Nagre, Civil Judge [Sr. Dn.] OOD Dy. Registrar [Enq-3], Karnataka Lokayukta M. S. Building, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Bangalore-1, for information, with a request to forward the simple agreement in Form No. "E" on a Plain Paper duly executed in favour of Government for acceptance by this office before issue of Cheque received from the H.D.F.C., and also to sent Form No. "D" mentioning the list of documents furnished with reference to Form No. "C" already furnished duly singed. It is also requested to follow the instructions that are issued with regard to effecting recoveries and sending recovery statements to the concerned treasury by mentioning H.D.F.C. Account Number that will be given by the H.D.F.C.

[6] Registrar, Karnataka Lokayukta, M. S. Building, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Bangalore, for information.

[7] Office Copy.

****************** "True Copy " 22 JULY 1999 ****************

[ This is adduced as Document No. 11 in O.S. No. 8116/1999 by Mr. M.S.Hegde Nagre ; case against land-owners ]