The following is adduced as Document No. 10 in O.S. No. 8116/1999 c/w 7973/99 by Mr. M.S.Hegde Nagre ; case against land-owners

Dispatch No. 678/98 - 04-05-1998.


Office of the Civil Judge (Sr. Dn) & ACJM.
Puttur. D. K. Date: 04-05-1998.


The Hon'ble Registrar General
High Court of Karnataka

Through the Proper Channel

The Hon'ble District Judge
Dakshina Kannada.

Hon'ble Sir,

Sub:- Application for House Building Advance from H.D.F.C. - Submission of- Regarding.

I am herewith submitting the application in duplicate fore House Building Advance from H.D.F.C. along with necessary documents.

The following documents are herewith enclosed for kind perusal.

(01) Application in Form No. 42.
(02) Registered Sale deed
(03) Site allotment letter
(04) Persuasion Certificate
(05) Form No. MAR 19 Maintained by T.M.C. Yelhanka
(06) Khata certificate issued by T.M.C. Yelahanka
(07) Building licence
(08) Sanctioned building plan by T.M.C. and expenditure statement
(09) N.O.C. by society
(10) Certificate of encumbrance
(11) Tax pad receipt (from TMC Yelhanka)
(12) Certificate issued by A.G.P. Puttur.
(13) Pay certificate
(14) Declaration
(15) Undertaking
(16) Confirmation letter issued by L.I.C. of India
(17) Copy of L.I.C. policies.

I further submit that my application may kindly be considered and orders may be passed early.

Yours faithfully,

-Signed- (M. S. Hegde Nagre ) 4-5-1998. Civil Judge ( Sr.Dn) & ACJM.Puttur D. K.