Lokayukta of Karnataka State, India
(Vigilance Commision of Karnataka)

This Lokayukta is investigating the case mis appropriation of public property admeasuring about 100 acres out of 200 acres of land forming part and parcel of Judicial Layout formed by the Fraud Housing Society; of which the following officers including the chief are suspected to be beneficiaries. The Writ petition No:15101 of 2001 which is pending in High Court explains as how the Lokayukta instead of handing over the case to CBI i.e Central Bureau of Investigation is trying to cover it up.

Membership No.



851 Justice N. Venkatachala    Present Karnataka Lokayukta,  Judge, Supreme Court
1280 V.N. Kulkarni.       . Deputy Commisioner of Enquiries, State Vigilance, Bangalore-1
1558 M.S. Hegde Nagre    Lokayukta Dy.Registrar, Blore/  played Fraud on High Court by getting loan application approved based on fraud sale deed of site in Judicial Layout; on the lands which were grabed by the Fraud Housing Society. He aviled loan from  HDFC by fraud. And his staff's Insurnce was given as Collateral security.
1284 N.C. Laksminarasimhaiah Commissioner of Enquiries, State Vigilance Commission, Bangalore


S. Shakaranarayana  Registrar [Legal Opinion] & Privte Secretary to Lokayukta


Justice S. A. Hakeem      Chief Justice of Karnataka [Retd] , Former Lokayukta. Respondent in ILR.1995.KAR.3139


Justice G.P. Shivaprakah      Hon'ble Upalokayukta of Karnataka [Former];
Respondent in ILR.1995.KAR.3139


C.Y.Illur                         Present Addl.Registrar [ Enquiry-2]; Lokayukta,  Bangalore

? ? ?

D.Krishnappa Registrar Karnataka Lokayukta


S.M.Reddy   Assistant Registrar

? ? ?

Shrikanth Shimpi Assistant Registrar


B.A.Muchhandi                    Addl.Registrar, Enquiries-1; Lokayukta