Village : Allalasandra                                        Taluk : Bangalore North

Hobli   :  Yelahanka                                          Dist.   :  Bangalore

Sl.    Name of the                Name of the                  Sy.         Total
No.    Khatadar                  Anubhavadar                 No.        Extent
                                                                                           A - G
1    Hanumanthaiah S/o    Hanumanthaiah              9/2B       2 - 25
       Doddanna                   Ramakka                                    0=08 pk

2.    Munishamappa            Munishamappa                           0 - 31     Gts. deleted
       Appanna S/o               Lakshamma                                              as per
       Byrappa                      W/o Erappa Reddy                                   Gazette
       Ramakka W/o                                                                             Notn. dt.
       Y.V.Govindappa                                                                         25.5.89
       Lakshamma W/o
       Erappa Reddy                                                                  0 - 04  Gts. deleted
                                                                                                          as per
                                                                                                          ltr. 1.12.90

          Notices Under Section 9 and 10 of the Land Acquisition Act have been served on the Khatedars, Anubhavadars and   interested  persons. Smt. Lakshmamma W/O Erappa Reddy, Sri Byrappa @ Byrappa S/o Kate Munishamappa @ Appanna have appeared for the enquiry and  given a   statement  that they  have  received  the  entire   amount  of Rs.1,75,000/- for 1-30 acres from Sri N. Shivanna, and they have executed G.P.A. and agreement in his favour. They have also stated that the amount received  by  them   ia inclusive of all allowance as per the Land Aquisition Act, no balance amount is due, and the amount also inclused the valuation of malkies existing on the land.

          The society has also given a letter on 24.8.89 and 26.6.90 stating that the entire amount has been paid to the land owners and vouchers have been produced.

          The land owers have already   received  the  amount  from the society and executed G.P.A.    The  G.P.A.   Holders   Sri   N.Shivanna,   Treasurer,  Karnataka  State  Judicial Department employees' House Building Co-operative Society has executed the agreement and Indemnity Bond on a Stamp Paper and stated that the entire amount  has been received by them.  As such no amount is due to be paid to the landlords.


          As  per  index   of  lands,  Record  of  Rights, R.T.C. the Khatha of the land in Sy. No.9/23 measurng 2-25 + 0.08 pk of land at Allalasandra, Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore stands in the following names :-

Sl.     Sy.         Extent                      Khatedar                  Anubhavadar
No.   No.        A - G      

       9/2B        0 - 25             1) Hanumanthiah             Hanumanthaiah
                      0 - 08 pk             S/o Dodanna              Manishamappa
                                             2) D.Minishamappa         Lakshmamma 
                                                 @ Appanna S/o          W/o Erappa Reddy
                                             3) Byrappa S/o
                                                 @ Appanna
                                             4) Ranakka W/o
                                                 late Govindappa
                                             5) Lakshamamma
                                                 W/o Erappa Reddy

          As could be seen from the   encumbrance  certificate  issued  by  the Sub-Registrar, Banglore North Taluk, the land in sy. No.9/2B is free from encumbrances.

         The Tahsildar, Bangalore North Taluk, in his letter No.LRF.CR.120/87-88 dated 2.3.88, has reported that there are no tenancy applications Under section 48(1) of the L.R.F. Act in respect of sy. No. 9/2B of Allalasandra, under acquisition.

        The Special Dy. commissioner,  Urban   Land  ceiling  in  his  letter No. ULC (A) (6) Misc.3/87-88 dated 14.1.88 has stated that there are no declarations Under Section 6(1) of the U.L.C. Act in respect of the lands in Allalasandra village, being acquired.

        The total extent of land notified is 2 acres 25  guntas + 08  guntas p.k. out of which     0 - 31 guntas of land  belonging  to  Sri Hanumanthaiah  S/o Doddappanna   has   been deleted  under  Section 48(1)  of  the   L.A.  Act in  No.RD 156 AQB 84 dated 22.4.89 published  in Gazette   dated  25.5.89   and   Society  in  their   letter  dated 1.12.90 have requested to delete 0-04 guntas of land since houses have come up in this extent.  Hence excluding 0-35 guntas of land, award has been pleased for 1 acre 30 guntas + 08 guntas phut kharab only.

        Hence the consent award is passed as follows :


I    Value of 1 acre 30 gts. of land in Sy. No.9/2B
     of Allalasandra, Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore
     North Taluk inclusive of all allowance such as
     12% Additional market value from the date
     of preliminary notification to the date of award
     and 30% statutory allowance etc.                        :    Rs.1,75,000.00
                                                               Total        :     Rs.1,75,000.00


    a) Value of 08 gts. of phut Kharab
        land in sy. No.9/2B at Rs.6,000/- per acre      :     Rs.     1,200.00

    b) 12% Addl. amount from the date of 4 (1)
         Notification i.e., 11.2.88 to the date of
         award i.e., 11.12.90 to (2 years 10 months)  :     Rs.           408.00

    c)  Statutory allowance at 30%                            :     Rs.         306.00

                                                            Total           :    Rs.       1,968.00
                                            Grand Total I & II      :   Rs     .1,76,968.00

(Rupees One Lakh Seventy Six thouand Nine hundred & Sixty eight only )


           As   already   discussed  in the  foregoing  paras  the  compensation    amount   of  Rs.1,75,000/- has already been received by the land owners through the G.P.A. holder.  No balance amount of compensation is payable to the land owners.

         The value of Phut Kharab of Rs.1,968/- is payable to Tahsildar, Bangalore North Taluk, Bangalore.


           Since consent award is passed no interest is payable in this case.

         The cost of acquisition  shall be   met out  from  the  funds deposited by the acquiring body.  The Karnataka State Judicial Department employees House Building Co-operative Society Ltd., Bangalore.

         The Land Revenue shall abate from the date of taking possession of the land.

        Dictated to the typist, typed script edited by me this day the 11.12.1990.

                                                                                Special Land Acquisition Officer