Department of Stamps & Registration

No. RGN 58/99-2000 Dated: 18-5-2000.

Encl: Three

Office of the Inspector General of Registration & Commissioner of Stamps,

7th Floor, BWSSB Wing, Cauvery Bhaven, Bangalore - 9 .


The Secretary to Govt.
[Stamps & Registration], Revenue Department,
M. S. Building, Bangalore-1.


Sub: Detection of a missing sheet in doct. No. 3178/92-93 Registered in the office of the Sub Registrar, Shivajinagar - Action -reg.

Ref: 1) Representation dated 15-3-1999 of the "Representatives of aggrieved people"
  2) Representation dt. 12-5-2000 of Shri B. V. Ramachandra Reddy, Ex- MLA.

In representations quoted above it is brought to the notice of the department that a page No. 3 of document No. 3178/92-93 containing the list of civic amenities sites relinquished by Amarjyothi House Building Co-operative Society in favour of in favour of the B.D.A. is missing.

The records pertaining to the above document maintained in the office of the Sub-Registrar, Shivajinagar are summoned and perused. Following facts come to light:-

1] A relinquishment deed was registered by the said society in favour of the BDA on 14-12-1992. As per the endorsement of the Sub-Registrar on the 1st page of the deed, the deed comprised of 4 pages. Since it was a document belonging to BDA, a copy of the deed was filed in special filing volume No. 3366.

2) In special filing volume, copy of each page of the document is pasted on one butt. Each butt of the volume is numbered serially before hand. It is seen that page No. 1 of the document is pasted on butt No. 109, page No. 2 is pasted on butt No. 110 and page No. 4 is pasted on butt No. 112 of the volume. Page No. 3 of the document and butt No. 111 are not available in the special filing volume.

3) The schedule of the document is available on page No. 2 (pasted on butt No. 110) and page No. 4 ( pasted on butt No. 112 ). Hence, page No. 3 of the document which must have been also a part of the schedule is missing. Page No. 2 of the schedule is the area of 6.91 lakh sq. ft. reserved for roads relinquished in favour of the BDA. Page No. 3 of the schedule is the area of 0.54 lakh sq.ft. reserved for parks.

4) That a page of the document is missing in the copy maintained at the Sub-Registrar office was noticed while issuing a certified copy of the document.

The statement of Shri Nayaz Ahmed, the then Sub-Registrar, the statements of Shri Ravindra L. Pujar and Shri Anandkumar, Sub-Registrars, Shivajinagar are enclosed herewith for kind information.

As to when the page No. 3 ( pasted on butt No. 111 ) was taken away and as to who are persons responsible for the same cannot be ascertained even if a departmental enquiry is conducted. It also appears that property costing a few crores must have been indicated as relinquished by the said society in the missing page. Hence, it is felt that only an enquiry by the Corps of Detectives [CoD] can investigate and book the culprits.

Therefore, Government is hereby requested to hand over the investigation to the CoD.

Yours faithfully,

( M. N. Vijayakumar)

Inspector General of Registration & Commissioner of Stamps.

Enclosures 01, Enclosures 02, Enclosures 03

Enclosure : One


1) NAME : N. Anandakumar
2) AGE : 49 Years.
3) DESIGNATION : Senior Sub-Registrar, Shivajinagar, BDA Complex, Domlur, Bangalore 560 071.

I am working as Senior Sub-Registrar in Shivajinager Sub-Registrar's Office since 12-06-1997. There are two Sub-Registrars in S.R.O.. Shivajinagar. In addition to me. Shri Nayaz Ahmed, the then Senior Sub-Registrar was also working since December 1996. The said Officer was in-charge of the issue of certified copies.

Shri Nayaz Ahmed was transferred and Shri R. L. Pujar has assumed charge during August 1999. Hence, Shri Pujar is looking after the said section i.e issue of certified copies.

Since I am not in-charge of the said section, I am unable to provide further information in this behalf.

Date: 18-5-2000. ( N. Anandakumar)      


Enclosure : Two


1) Name: Ravindra L. Pujar
2) Age: 35 years.
3) Designation: Senior Sub-Registrar, Shivajinagar.

I have been working as Senior Sub-Registrar from 20-8-1999. There are two Sub-Registrars in SRO, Shivajinagara. Shri Anandakumar, is my Co-Sub-Registrar. I succeeded in-charge Sub-Registrar then.

On 29-4-2000, one Shri Digvijay Mote filed an application seeking a certified copy of the document. No. 3178/92-93. After the fees for the issue of certified copy was made, a receipt was issued there counter from which the application was received. Subsequently, the application was forwarded to the concerned copying section. The applicant Shri. Digvijay Mote did not meet me while applying for the said copy. I was not aware that a sheet of the said document is missing in the office. I was officiating in the office upto 03-05-2000. From 04-05-2000 to 08-05-2000 I was on leave. From 09-05-2000 till 17-05-2000 I did not attend SRO since I was busy with computerization project and was deputed to NIC.

Only when I received a call from IGR & CS. Office to give a statement about the missing sheet of the document. I became aware of the same. I cannot say as to when the sheet was taken away from the special filing volume. However, the senior most Sub-Registrar is responsible for the maintenance of records as per the Registration Laws.

Date: 18-05-2000

[ Ravindra L. Pujar ]      


Enclosure : Three


1] Name: Nayaz Ahmed
2] Age: 47 Years.
3] Designation: Senior Sub-Registrar, Shivajinagar [Presently Working as HQA to DR.

Bangalore [U] Dist. ]

I worked as Senior Sub-Registrar. S.R.O. Shivajinagar from December 1996 to August 1999. There are two Sub-Registrars in the said office. When I joined as Senior Sub-Registrar at Shivajinagar. Shri. Hanumanthappa, Deputy Tahsildar was my Co-Sub-Registrar. On 12-06-1997. Shri Hanumanthappa was transferred and Shri. AnandaKumar assumed the charge of the office. During August 1999 I have been promoted as Head Quarters Assistant and posted to the DRO. Bangalore [U] District.

During my functioning as Senior Sub-Registrar. Shivajinagar, on 05-02-1999. One Shri. Digvijay Mote applied for the issue of a certified copy of the document bearing No. 3178/92-93. Accordingly, the certified copy was prepared by Shri. Maniga. SDA and was compared by Smt. S. N. Kamatgi. SDA. Hence. A certified copy was issued on 08-02-1999 to the said person.

On 09-02-1999. The said Shri. Digvijay Mote filed an application on behalf of "representatives of aggrieved people" stating that the certified copy issued consists of only 3 sheets and that sheet No. 3 is not supplied. Since the fees was paid for the supply of 4 sheets, a copy of the missing sheet may also be given. On receipt of the said application, I instructed the staff in-charge of the issue of certified copies to verify the correctness of the statement so made. Thereafter, I summoned the concerned special filing volume No. 3366 and observed that the said document was a relinquishment deed filed by Amarjyothi House Building Co-op. Society in favour of BDA. As per the endorsement made by the registering authority consisted of 4 sheets. On physical counting of the same, it was found only 3 sheets were available pasted on butt No. 109, 110 and 112. The sheets pasted on these butts were page No. 1, 2 and 4 the said document. Page No. 3of the document and butt No. 111 were not found in the special filing volume No. 3366. It was also seen that in the descriptive index register for the said document, only the survey Nos. mentioned in the schedule are noted and the extent of land reserved for roads. Parks etc. are not mentioned. This improper writing of descriptive index register has happened at the time of registration of the document and indexing i.e., during 1992-93. I cannot say at what point of time the sheet was taken out of the special filing volume and by who.

During March 1999, I was deputed to attend a course at the Administrative Training Institute, Mysore. After my return from Mysore, because of my ill-health, I was admitted to a hospital for an operation.

The said "Representatives of the Aggrieved People "filed an application both before the District Registrar, Bangalore [U] District and also the IGR &CS.

Date: 18-05-2000.

[Nayaz Ahmed]