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Statement of  Assets and Liabilities: of Justice N. Santosh Hegde and Mrs. Sharda Hegde;  as on 27.6.2005
`Lok Ayukta should be granted suo motu rights'
More power to Lokayukta: CM
The task is challenging, says Santosh Hegde

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Justice N Santosh Hegde
Hon'ble Lok Ayukta, Karnataka 


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Justice N. Santosh Hegde

        Born in 1940.  Did most of his school education from St. Alyosius High School, Mangalore and completed S.S.L.C. from Madras Christian College School, Madras in 1956.  After completing Intermediate from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and B.Sc. from Central College, Bangalore, obtained B.L. Degree from Government Law College, Bangalore.  Represented University of Mysore and State of Mysore in hockey.  After apprenticeship, enrolled as an Advocate in January, 1966.  Worked in the Chambers of Justice K. Jagannatha Shetty, who later retired as a Judge of the Supreme Court of India.  Was appointed as Advocate-General for the State of Karnataka in February, 1984 and held that post till August, 1988.  Was designated as a Senior Advocate in May, 1984.  Appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India in November, 1989 and held that post till December, 1990.  Appointed as Solicitor General of India in April, 1998 and during that tenure was elevated in January, 1999 as Judge of the Supreme Court of India. Retired as Judge of the Supreme Court of India on 16.06.2005.  Appointed as Chairperson, Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal on 27.06.2005.                      Top

Statement of  Assets and Liabilities of Justice N. Santosh Hegde and Mrs. Sharda Hegde as on 27.6.2005


An apartment measuring approximately 2200 sq.ft. situated in No.13/1, Cavendish Court, Hayes Road, Bangalore presently estimated at Rs.65 lacs.

 Bank Deposits :-


1.     Canara Bank, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi – FD for Rs.10 lacs. (DOM 29.8.2005)

2.     IDBI Bonds for Rs.5 lacs. 

3.     UTI Bonds for Rs.3,28,200/- (DOM 1.4.2009)

4.     ICICI Technology Fund Plan for Rs.50,000/-

5.     ICICI Tax Plan for Rs.25,000/-

6.     Canara Bank, N.Delhi-FD for Rs.1.5 lacs in the name of Mrs.Hegde. (DOM 3.1.2006)

7.     Syndicate Bank, Bangalore – FD for Rs.66,176/- in the name of Mrs.Hegde. (DOM 20.11.2005)

8.     Syndicate Bank, Bangalore – FD for Rs.69,572/- in the name of Mrs.Hegde. (DOM 11.2.2006)

9.     UCO Bank, Supreme Court-FD (in joint names) for Rs.1,32,534/- (DOM 20.12.2005)

10. RBI  (Relief Bonds) – Rs.2 lacs. (DOM 12.10.2007)

11. RBI (Savings Bond) Rs.10 lacs. (DOM 12.10.2008)

12. Lamina Suspension Product – FDs for Rs. 8,550/- (Self)  & for Rs.10,000/- (Mrs.Hegde)

 Myself and my wife have following Bank Accounts –

1.     Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road – Savings Bank A/c. No. 14348 –  Rs.18,68,515/- .

2.     UCO Bank, Supreme Court Compound, - Savings Bank A/c No.23642 – Rs.1,24,381/-.

3.     Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road – Current A/c. No. 221 –  Rs.1,17,945/-.

4.     Canara Bank, Langford Garden, Bangalore – Savings Bank A/c No. 8947 – Rs.14,16,000/-. 

5.     Personal Jewellery – About Rs. 10 lacs.

6.     One Maruti Car – 800 – 2003 Model on hypothecation to Canara Bank, New Delhi.


                                                                                                                                                                             (Justice N. Santosh Hegde)   Top




Sl. No.

Bank’s name/ Branch

Type of investment As on date Balance


S.B.A/c. No.14348, Canara Bank Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi Savings Bank Account 02.08.2006  Rs. 5,47,720.99
2  EEFC A/c. No.1944, Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi Foreign Exchange Account 02.08.2006  Rs. 1,70,196.00
3 S.B. A/c.No. 0424101008947 at Canara Bank, Langford Town Branch, B’lore. S.B. 02.08.2006 Rs.21,71,041.67
Note:- Out of the above amount in S.B. A/c.No.0424101008947 a sum of Rs.16,81,327.67 has been transferred from New Delhi, after closing FD for Rs.10,00,000/- in Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi and FD for Rs.1,32,534/- from UCO Bank, Supreme Court and the balance in Current A/c.No.221 in Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi, which is since closed.


1 S.B.A/c.No.14343 Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi Savings Bank Account 02.08.2006 Rs. 37,798.50

            2) Details of Deposits.

Sl. No.

Bank’s name/ Branch

Type of investment Maturity date Maturity value
1  Unit Trust of India Bonds 01.04.2009 Rs. 3,28,200/-
2 I.C.I.C.I  Technology Fund Plan   Rs. 50,000/-
3 I.C.I.C.I Tax Plan   Rs. 25,000/-
4 R.B.I.  Relief Bonds 12.10.2007  Rs. 2,00,000/-
5 R.B.I.  Savings bonds 12.10.2008  Rs.10,00,000/-
6 Lamina Suspension Product Fixed Deposit   Rs. 8,550/-
7 Syndicate Bank, Bangalore Vikas Cash Certificate 05.01.2007
Rs. 69,572/-
Rs. 45,000/-
8 Canara Bank, Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi Fixed Deposit 03.01.2007 Rs.1,50,000/-
9 Lamina Suspension Product Fixed Deposit   Rs. 10,000/-

3)     Maruthi 800 Car – 2003 Model valued at Rs.2,00,000/-

4)     Arbitration fee due from Rajasthan Government – Rs.1,75,000/-

Note:- Before accepting the assignment as Lokayukta, State of Karnataka, I was permitted by the Government of India to take up arbitrations. Consequently, I had three pending arbitrations;

            (i)     Nav Bharath Constructions Company V/s. State of Rajastan,

            (ii)    MSA NEDARLAND B.V. V/s. Larsen & Toubro Limited;

            (iii)   Mrs.Arti Kapur V/s. Ms.Sumana Verma

            Before assuming the office as Lokayukta, I had completed the arbitration hearings in the case of Nav Bharath Construction Company V/s. State of Rajasthan, in which case, as noted above, a sum of Rs.1,75,000/- is due from the Rajasthan Government. In the arbitration matter of MSA NEDARLAND B.V. V/s.Larsen & Toubro Limited, a fee of £230 per hour was fixed plus all costs for travel and stay at London separately paid for. In the case of Mrs.Arti Kapur V/s.Ms.Sumana Verma, the arbitration fee payable was Rs.50,000/- per day. In the case of MSA NEDARLAND V/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd, I have returned the deposit kept by the authorities towards fee and expenses to an extent of Rs.6,80,000/- (approximately).

5)             The property, Flat measuring 2200 Sq. Ft situated in No.13/1, Cavendish Court, Haynes Road, Bangalore has been sold in the month of November 2005 for Rs.70,00,000/-. The said amount along with the amount received as retirement benefits from Supreme Court and part of the amount that was in deposit in the Banks have been paid as part of consideration for construction of an apartment in Langford Town, as per Agreement dated 25/7/2006 made with M/s.Indraprastha Shelters Private Limited. Two further instalments of Rs.14,50,000/- is due from the undersigned to the above builders, as also the registration fee payable on the construction and purchase of the said flat, which approximately would amount to another sum of Rs.14,00,000/-. The said amount which is due to be paid to the builders and registration fee payable will be paid out of the amounts available in Bank deposits and if need be, by making financial arrangements of borrowing from the bankers. All these details have been reflected in the annual income tax returns filed before the Income Tax Authorities for the year 2005-06. Apart from the above apartment and investments, neither myself nor my wife had own any other immovable property either agricultural or urban, anywhere else.

(JUSTICE N. SANTOSH HEGDE)                             Top

`Lok Ayukta should be granted suo motu rights'
The Hindu,    Friday, Aug 04, 2006

Empower the institution to help conduct prosecution for corruption: Santosh Hegde

BANGALORE:    Lok Ayukta N. Santosh Hegde has urged the Government to set up special Lok Ayukta courts and empower the institution to conduct prosecution under the Prevention of Corruption Act, besides conferring suo motu powers on the legal authority.

These additional features would go a long way in strengthening the institution and reinforcing the fight against corruption, he said. He was speaking at his maiden press conference after being sworn in by the Governor here on Thursday.

Setting up special courts on the lines of CBI special courts to try corruption cases would help in avoiding the delay in adjudication, Justice Hegde said.

Reiterating his predecessor's demand for suo motu powers for the Lok Ayukta, Justice Hegde said it was necessary since people might hesitate to lodge complaints against powerful public servants.

Although the Upa Lok Ayukta had suo motu powers, his jurisdiction was limited, Justice Hegde added.

Justice Hegde said he would adopt a different approach to fight corruption and bring in good governance. "It is not possible for the Lok Ayukta to inspect each and every office in the State. The work will be done by officers and my duty is to supervise them," he said.

He said that he would visit places across the State not to inspect government offices, but to check whether the Lok Ayukta personnel were discharging their duty properly. He would hear public grievances in this regard, Justice Hegde said.

Justice Hegde said that his priority would be to create awareness among people and the target group would be school children and the youth.

"When people are aware of their rights and fight for them, the Government has no option but to provide good governance," he said. On the reported differences between his predecessor and the Upa Lok Ayukta Patri Basavanagoud, Justice Hegde said they did not have any difference of opinion.     Top

More power to Lokayukta: CM
Deccan Herald     Friday, August 4, 2006



         Chief Minister Kumaraswamy said here on Thursday that the government is committed to giving any power that the new Lokayukta demands, including bringing the office of the chief minister and other ministers under its gambit.

He told reporters at the Shimoga helipad: “I am ready to even give ‘prosecution’ powers if the Lokayukta wants. I have read in newspapers about the Lokayukta seeking more powers. Since the government also is keen on providing a transparent administration, a decision will soon be taken at the Cabinet meeting.”.

Mr Kumaraswamy made the same point in Bangalore. Minutes after new Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde was sworn in by Governor T N Chaturvedi at the Raj Bhavan, Mr Kumaraswamy said: “the government will not hesitate to give additional powers to the Lokayukta.”

Additional powers

A couple of days prior to the retirement of former Lokayukta Justice N Venkatachala, Mr Kumaraswamy had said government was considering giving additional powers as sought by the then Lokayukta. But a day after Justice Venkatachala’s retirement, Mr Kumaraswamy ruled out more powers while claiming that “it would be detrimental to the powers vested with the government.”

Justice Hegde welcomed the chief minister’s assurance on giving additional powers. “I am not aware of his statement. If he has already told the media about it, then it has made my job easier,” Justice Hegde said.

Meanwhile, Upalokayukta Justice Patri Basavana Goud clarified that they were not asking for “absolute power” for the Lokayukta as reported in a section of the media. “Nobody can have absolute power in a democratic system. We want some additional powers to check corruption more effectively,” Justice Goud said.      

The task is challenging, says Santosh Hegde
     Wednesday, Jul 19, 2006

He wants to build public opinion against corruption

BANGALORE: The former Supreme Court judge, N. Santosh Hegde, who has been appointed Lokayukta, is serious on building public opinion against corruption. The target group, according to Mr. Hegde, will be the younger generation.

Admitting that the task was challenging, Mr. Hegde said he would continue the work of his predecessor N. Venkatachala. "There are lots of expectations from me due to my predecessor's war against corruption," he said.

In an informal chat with The Hindu, Mr. Hegde, who was in Bangalore on Monday, said he would tackle corruption by involving the student community. He said the younger generation was fed up with the menace. Besides, he proposed to seek the support of senior citizens in his task.

Mr. Hegde maintained that he had been a proactive person all through his legal career. However, everything would be done within the framework of the Act, he noted.

The provisions of the Act would be put to optimum use for the benefit of the public, he said.

If the law was silent on some aspects, he would approach the Government for a remedy, including bringing in amendments, if necessary.

On the much debated suo motu powers to the Lokayukta, Mr. Hegde said he favoured it. There should be no inequality between the Lokayukta and the Upalokayukta as for as their powers were concerned and that he would seek suo motu powers to act at least against certain categories of public servants.

On the proposals to enable the Lokayukta or the Upalokayukta to discharge the functions of one another in the absence of either of the posts and empowering the Lokayukta to launch prosecution without Government sanction, Mr. Hegde said he would talk about that after thoroughly going through the Karnataka Lokayukta Act.

Mr. Hegde who stressed on transparency in administration, said he would declare his assets and liabilities and post the information on the website of the institution.

"We are sitting in a glass house and before pointing fingers at others, we should be clean," he noted. A section of society felt there were black sheep in the Lokayukta set-up, he said and declared that he would cleanse the system if the feeling was found to be true. Mr. Hegde said he would work closely with the Upalokayukta and there would be no cause for differences. The fight against corruption would be a teamwork of the entire institution and it would not be individual-centric.        Top