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N Santosh Hegde

"Lok    Ayukta    Institutional      Corruption"   " Rupees    17     Lakh     Billion"          " In     Lok    Ayukta    Case File    No:     Compt/Uplok/BCD/64/99-2000/AR.2(164)"          "When   Past   &    Present     Upa lok Ayuktas & Lok Ayuktas are Personally  interested Persons in this  193  Acre SLUM Case +  867 Judges  Lands  Corruption  case, It  should  have  transferred  Case  to C.B.I  for  Corruption-Free  Investigation"      "Not  handing over  case to CBI  & Itself  Trying     to     Hushup    case     is     Shaking     very     credibility     of    Lok Ayukta  as  an  Institution"                      "Worst  part,          when           Complaint    is    made In-this-regard    to                 N. Venkatachala              with                copy            of this CD,          he    files a   Complaint      against    our    Volunteers"                "This           is              Mr. Clean Venkatachala    &    Lok Ayukta"

Bureaucrats Mission Successful

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 Upa Lok Ayukta

Patri Basavana Goud


Savior of 867 Scamster Judges:
In 1995 he Delivered Constitutional Fraud Judgment

Un-fortunately TI has appointed him as Chairman of Karnataka Chapter. Can you Imagine of this person's Bonafide Contributions towards "Impartial Reporting of Corruption in TI" ?

C O M P A R E       I N V E S T I G A T I O N S   of  C O R R U P T I O N : O U R s Vs  TI
Justice Saldanha's Contribution in TI Web Site
Effects of our Investigations + Reporting in Our Web Site

Evidences in Government Web-Site      "Of  Lok Ayukta INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION"   www.kar.nic.in/lokayukta/index.htm
Our CD forced Case to be Re-opened in High Court on 26th October, 2002 
Suo-Moto     Proceedings:        COMPT/UPLOK/BCD/64/1999-2000/ARE-2[164] =            Date: December 4th  1999.     Allegations in Brief: Irregularities, NEPOTISM and CORRUPT Activities in Allot-ment of sites                     Case Closed on March 13th,2002. 

"Lok Ayukta = Anti-Corruption Bureau"  = Most Corrupt Institution

CORRUPT Venkatachala; Complains against Complainants        Click-Here 4 JUDGMENT
Lok Ayukta trying Best to Hush Up this Judicial Scam Fourth-time since 1999 till-date
A Govt. Institution exclusively meant to Investigate & prosecute Public servants including Ministers;
Trying to Legalize ILLEGALLY with Corrupt motives Rs.Seventeen Lakh Billion Scam; instead of referring Scam for CBI Investigations.  Govt. should not be Silent Spectator,& forthwith refer Scam to CBI or COD or CCB
Scam  of
800 to 1000 Judges including Lok Ayuktas + Upa Lok Ayuktas + Judges on deputation as Inquiry Officers

But Alas !  Every Tyranny has an End-To-Itself-By-Themselves: By No-Less-Than REAL Justice 

Justice N Santosh Hegde New Lok Ayukta's OATH 
To Dig-Open "Corrupt Skulls of Venkatachala in Lok Ayukta
  I Will clean up Lok Ayukta first
The                    newly    appointed   Lok                   Ayukta’s   WAR   ON   CORRUPTION                   WILL   BEGIN   AT   HOME.                   Justice  N  Santosh  Hegde,   appointed                   Lok  Ayukta   of   the                   State   on   Saturday,   15                   July   2006,   is   CATEGORICAL                   THAT   HE   WOULD   CLEAN                   UP   THE   INSTITUTION   FIRST                   BEFORE   CRACKING   THE   WHIP                   ON   OTHER   CORRUPT                    GOVERNMENT    SERVANTS.                                         “    I   WILL    FIND                    OUT   WHETHER    THE   LOK                  AYUKTA    INSTITUTION   is                   in    ORDER   or   NOT.                    IF   NOT,   I    WILL                    HAVE    TO    TAKE                    ACTION   to   SET   it                   RIGHT,”    JUSTICE    HEGDE                    told   DECCAN    HERALD                   while   REPLYING   to   a                   QUERY    on   the                    ALLEGATION    that    the                    LOK   AYUKTA    ITSELF                    WAS   NOT    FREE                    FROM    CORRUPTION.

  "King-Pins or Dare-Devils out-of 867 Judges"

Year 1994:       H.N.Narayan [HC Judge],          G.Dakshinamurthy [Law secretary],             V.G.Mahajan [HC judge],                Justice N.D.Venkatesh [HC judge],               Justice L.Venkataraman [HC judge],              Smt. Yeshodhara Doddakale Gowds [HC judge],                Justice D.P. Hiremath [HC judge],                D.M.Chandra Shaker [HC Judge],                  H.G.Balakrishna [HC Judge],                    B.A. Muchandi [Lokayukta Judge],          B.Padmaraj [HC Judge],         Manjula Chellur [HC judge],          G.Patri Basavana Goad [HC Judge],            M.P. Chinnappa [HC Judge],         Justice S.Rajendra Babu [SC Judge],                 Justice Abdul Majid [HC Chief Justice],           Justice Shivaraj Patil [SC Judge],           Justice G.P.Shivaprakash [HC Judge Upa Lokayukta],        Basavaraj K.N. Patil [HC Judge In 1994 BDA Advocate],         R.Venkatesh [HC Judge],           M.S.Rajendra Prasad [HC Judge],         Mohamed Anwar [HC Judge],         Shashidhar Bhimarao Majoge [HC Judge],        B.alice D.Souza [HC Officer],        K.Bhakthavatsala [HC Judge],      H.C. Puttaswamy [HC Judge],      N.Lingaiah [Society Secretary in peak periods of litigations ],       V.G Sabahit [HC Judge],           B.V.BairaReddy[J.L.R.S.O.A. President],        V.M.Hebbar [BDA. Law Officer+Judge],          D.Souza Robinson [Present Law Secretary],          C.M.Basavarya [society president (king pins)],         C.Shivalingaiah [society president (king pins)],        M.S. Patil [HC Judge],        Justice C.Shivappa [HC Judge],         Justice B.Jagannath,        Idegde [HC Judge],        Justice S.A. Hekeem [HC Chief Justice],       Justice B.M. Chandrashekariah [HC Judge],       H.M.Bharatesh [Law Secretary],            Year 1995:    Gundappa Dasai [HC Judge],      Justice Kedambadi Jagan [SC Judge],     P.C. Puttaswamy [Society Director],        K.Krishnappa [Police / Judge ? ],       K.S. Putta Swamy [HC Judge],        M.B. Viswanath [HC Judge],         Justice R.J. Desai [HC Judge],        Justice R.G. Vidyanath [HC judge],         Justice K.Shivashankar Bhat[HC judge],          Ramesh Somashekar Fatane [HC Judge],          Justice P.K. Shyamasunder  [HC judge],         S.Shankaranarayana,   [Lokayukta Judge],          R.Venkabo Rao [HC officer],            K. Sreedhar Rao [HC judge],         P.S. Rama Murthy [HC Judge],         A.B.Margod [HC Judge],         M.B. Viswanath [HC Judge],         Robert D. Souza [Law Secretary ?],         Smt. Janaki G. Sabahit [HC Judge],          Justice K.Jaganath Shetty [SC Judge],           Gonsalves [ Law Dept],          M.Gongammauthappa [Police Judge],          Justice K.A. Swami [Chief Justice],              Sivanna [Society Director]                             Year 1996:     K.Sippe Gowda [ Govt Emplovee's Associations President],         G.S. Shivakumar [ Society Director],         R.Ramakrishna [HC Judge],          Justice Gopi Chand Bharuka [ HC Judge],        Justice J.Eswara Prasad [HC Judge],           Justice Tirath Singh Thakur [HC Judge ],         Justice Bhimarayappa.K Sangalad [HC Judge](Land Grabber),          Justice M.RamaJois [Chief Justice Bihar Governor],           Justice N.Venkatachala [   Lokayukta + SC Judge  ],          Justice P.A.Kulakarni [HC Judge],             P.DattatreyaBhat [HC Librarian],           L.Sreenivasa Reddy [HC Judge],             N.Srivatsa Kedil [ Law Secretary],              Lingaiah [Society Director],         Justice V.P.Mohan Kumar [HC Judge],           Justice A.J. Sadashiva [HC Judge],              Justice P.Krishna Murthy[HC Judge],          Justice Kumar Rajaratnam [HC Judge],           Justice D.R.Vithal Rao[HC Judge],             T.Abdual Mujeeb [HC Registrar + Judge],       Justice Vijay Kumar [HC Judge]                  Year 1997:       Justice Chandrashekraiah [HC Judge],           B.S.SrinivasaRao [HC Judge],          S.Rajendra Prasad [HC Judge],           R.Aswini [MLA / Judge / Minister ],          S.Vani [MLA /Minister],          Shankar Kumar [Judge / MLA / Minister ],           H.G.Ramesh [HC Judge + Registrar],          Venkoba Rao [HC Judge + Registrar ],         V.Shylaja [MLA / Minister ],           D.B.Devgirikar [Society Founder + Advocate],           B.N. Mallikarjuna [HC Judge,Law Secretary K.A.T. Chairman],           H.L.Dattu. [HC Judge],             Y.R.Rathna [Judge / MLA / Minister],        T.Abdul Jaber [Law Dept / Judge],             Justice M.N.Venkatachalaiah [SC Chief Justice],           R.V. Vasanth Kumar [HC Judge],            N.GeethKumari [Judge, MLA, Minister ],             G. Veswishwary [Judge, Senior Advocate],             Puttaswamy [HC Judge],              R.H. Raddi [Lokayukta Judge],             M.Ravi Kumar [Judge / Advocate],           A.Krishnappa [judge / Police],        Kali Mahamed Mujeebullah [Judge / HC Registrar]                  Year 1998:        Ravi B. Naik [Advocate of Karnataka High Court],          R.G.Desai [HC Judge],          Justice N.Y. Hanumanthappa  [Chief Justice Orissa High Court],         Justice S.R.Rajashekar Murthy [High Court Judge],             B.Srinivas Rao [HC Judge],          K.Ramanna [HC Judge],           B.N.Krishnan [High Court Judge]                Year 1999:       S. Mohan [Supreme Court Judge],          L. Rajappa [V.I.P. PWD Class-I Contractor],          Justice V.K. Singhal [HC Judge],           Justice S.R. Venkatesh Murthy [HC Judge],         Justice G.T.Nanavathi [SC Judge],             Justice Y.Bhaskar Rao [Karnataka Chief Justice]                  Year 2000:          K.H.N.Kuranga [High Court Chief Justice],          Roopa R. Sabhahit [Judges' Daughter],             B.Kempaiah [Law Secretary],          Justice Y.Bhaskar Rao [Karnataka Chief Justice],         D.G. Chinnappa [HC Judge],           Justice V.Gopala Gowda [HC Judge + Mysore Sex Scam],          B.N.Dwarakanath [Judge +BDA Law Officer],          S. Prabhakara Jois [Bihar Governor, RamaJois Relative],            H.V.Ramachandra Rao [District Judge]                   Year 2001:          Justice Kumar Rajaratnam [Chief Justice of Jharkhand],         Justice P.Venkatrama Reddi [Supreme Court Judge],     Justice H.G.Bala Krishna [Partition of Big site],      K.S.Raghavendra Rao [High Court Registrar],         Justice Samindar Rudrayya Banurmath [HC Judge],             Justice G.Patri Basavana Govd [ HC Judge],           Justice R. Gururajan [HC Judge],               Aravind S. Pachhapure [(Vigilance)+ Spl Judge to hear TN CM Jayalalitha Corruption Case]

Why India is Most Corrupt Nations ? =  "Lok Ayukta is so perverted & Corrupt  that when it received our complaint on 8th July 2004, against Lok Ayukta N. Venkatachala's Institutional Corruption.                    Instead of acting as per "Anti-Corruption Act", thought fit to Persecute our Volunteers  by Complaint to  Vidhana Soudha Police . In the process CD Sales + Propagation got Approved by Lok Ayukta.
Latest from Prosecution News:  
  21 June 2006, dismissed the Complaint & Case: Click-Here 4 JUDGMENT 21 June 2006, dismissed the Complaint & Case. Investogations & CD Sales GOT CERTIFIED. We Got, WHAT-WE-EXPECTED.
Govt Advocate was not ready to argue Case & was Going-on-Taking-Dates.
 As he has to agree that Case is filed by fraud + CDs are being sent to Judge who is hearing case 
& also as all proceedings shall be published. Advocate has put Judge in piquant situation.

Corruption BOOSTER 
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[1] The scam as reported in CD is true.     [2] Lok Ayukta is investigating & tried to Hush-up this "Lok Ayukta Scam of Rs. 17 Lakh Billion     Click Here [3] BDA informed  Lok Ayukta that Judicial Layout is "Illegal Layout in 1999. High Court Investigating Scam
Click Here
[4] Instead of "Order to BDA for Demolition of Layout, it directed to Judges' Housing Society to hand-over Layout to CMC; an Illegal & Institutional Corrupt act  of Lok Ayukta.  Click Here

[5] Complaint is lodged fraudulently; to coerce CIPCJI Volunteers. On Trial.

Lok Ayukta received our complaint of 7 July on 8th July 2004 Lok Ayukta lodges fraud Complaint with Vidhana Soudha Police stating that we were selling CDs on 8th July Mid Night First Information Report:
Lok Ayukta Coerces Police

Click-Here 4 JUDGMENT       Deposition Statements of Witnesses:  

1. D.Krishnappa Registrar of Lok Ayukta, Complainant      2. H.C. Nagabhushan      3. M. Krishnappa

4. Nagarathnayya      5. Muniyappa     6. T.V. Prabhakar,  Investigation Officer, Vidhana Soudha Police Station    7. Deposition of Accused: Digvijay Mote

High-Ligts of Judgment of Acquittal:    Para. 10:   It is another fold of argument that the    accused   No.1   and    2   were    distributing    the    hand   bills and    shouting    slogans against    the    Hon'ble    Lokayuktha    will not amounts to any offence,  because   it   is   a   Democratical   Power   given   to   all   the citizens   to   express   their   DISSATISFACTION     or    SATISFACTION   .                                   Therefore, the    allegation   that   the   accused   persons    were    crying   and   it   was amounts to obstruction   to   the   officers   holds   no   water.

Para 11:   PW-3 D. Krishnappa Registrar of the Hon'ble Lokayuktha office has deposed that both the accused persons were raising slogans against the Hon'ble Lokayuktha and tried to attract the publics in an indecent manner.                        He also deposed that by the act of the accused persons it was disrespect to the Hon'ble Lokayuktha and to the Judges.                                                       It is also the case of the prosecution that the accused persons have created false impression on the publics about the work of Hon'ble Lokayuktha.                                                               But I would like to say that it does not amounts to any offence, because the distribution of hand bills or holding a banner against  any authority does not comes within the purview of sections as alleged in the charge sheet and which is sufficient to acquit the accused persons.  

Para 12: Para12:       All the witnesses have answered that they have seen the contents, but they are not in a position to give the description.                        Further the No-body is not aware what the CDs are containing.                                                  Even the investigator also did not say anything about the same.                                   According to PW-1 and PW-2 the  accused persons were shouting by holding banner and distributing     the handbills.                             According to investigator, he has seized handbills , banner and CDs and filed the charge sheet.                                            Whether the contents of CDs, handbills and banners will amounts to any statement or not is not investigated.                              It is not the evidence of investigator he has sent the CDs to know what it contained.                                Therefore, there is evidence that those articles have been seized and nothing further proceedings has been proved by the prosecution.                  

Para  13:     In the complaint marked as Ex.P1 the time of the alleged incident is mentioned as 1.30 am.,       But it was ought to be 1.30pm.,       In this connection the IO who is examined as PW-6 has said that he has recorded the further statement of CWI and wherein CW-1 had said that the timing was not 1.30am., but it was 1.30pm.,                                    But when the same was questioned to complainant PW-3 he did not admit that IO has recorded his further statement.              It means the further                 statement as said by the IO is false one is the argument of the defence counsel.                            But however it is not a fatal point to throw the complaint itself.                               Because the presence of accused persons and distribution of CDs and holding of banner near the office of Lokayukth is not deride by the accused person.                                It is his case that this false complaint is lodged just because he has given a petition to the Hon'ble Lokayuktha about the scandal.                                            During the cross-examination of PW-3, an attempt has been made by the counsel to get admission over the same.          

Click-Here 4:  JUDGMENT    PHOTOCOPY OF Judgment 

Lok Ayukta received our " Complaint Against Lok Ayukta N. Venkatachala in CD of E-Book "  of 7 July on 8th July 2004



Having received Our Complaint against Lok Ayukta on 8th July 2004; Lok Ayukta lodges fraud Complaint with Vidhana Soudha Police stating that we were selling CDs on 8th July Mid Night.


First Information Report:  Lok Ayukta Coerces Police

Enraged by our Complaint to Lok Ayukta received by it on 8th July 2004,  
lodged a Fraud Complaint stating that we were distributing CDs & Pamphlets at Mid Night i.e., 01.30 AM.

The Police recorded this fact as appearing in Complaint at Column 11 of the FIR.
But at Column 2 of 1st page of FIR forged the time of occurrence as 13.30 Hrs i.e, After Noon.
Believing the Forged FIR as True, Magistrate took Cognizance of FIR & Released us on  Bail.
Later having we got copies of Complaint & FIR etc., brought to the Notice of Fraud being played by Police, summoned the Investigating Police Inspector & confirmed that P.O  is & has playing Fraud on Court.


Witness 1   Deposition Statement of Registrar of Office of Lok Ayukta.     
[Registrar= District Judge cadre= At Present District Judge Bangalore City Civil Courts]


Witness 2     Deposition Statement of Office Superintendent in Lok Ayukta


Witness 3     Deposition Statement of Driver in Lok Ayukta Office 


Witness 4. Deposition Statement of Office Superintendent in Lok Ayukta


Witness 5. Deposition Statement of Assistant Sub Inspector, MS Building Police Out-Post.


Witness 6. Deposition Statement of Investigation Officer i.e., the Circle Inspector, Vidhana Soudha Police Station


7. Deposition of Accused: Digvijay Mote

000.04.00s  Past & Present Lok Ayukta[s] & Upa Lok Ayuktas are Plotters
000.04.02s   Bangalore Development Authority informed to Lok Ayukta in 1999, that Layout Not approved. It is a 1,000 Judges Slum