A judicial scandal has always been regarded as far more deplorable  than a scandal involving either the executive or a member of the legislature
So says Chief Justice of India, "Canons of Judicial Ethics".

If so, here is ; this Judicial Scandal could be the Last  Scam of Judiciary, we Hope !; 867 Judges' Rs. 17 Lakh BillionThe Karnataka Anti-Corruption Bureau Legalizing 867 Judges' Rs. 17 Lakh Billion Scam + Judges' Tyranny on Karnataka Govt., B.D.A, Revenue Department, Lok Ayukta, etc., sample.



Santosh Hegde
Lok Ayukta

Patri Basavana Goud

Below  are documents including N. Venkatachala's 120' x 80' site in the said layout + Lok Ayukta correspondence of Investigation + Hush-up
Such hushup was done by 1,000 Judges in 1995 in conspiracy with B.D.A, wherein B.D.A. claimed that Layout is approved by B.D.A......   ILR.1995.kar.3139 [027.05
] [027.05s ]

Present + Past Lok Ayuktas + [Upa Lok Ayuktas] + most of Judges on deputation to Lok Ayukta are all allottees of Plots on which they + 867 Judges have availed loans approved from Karnataka High Court & Built Bungalows. Since 1999 Lok Ayuktas are searching the Layout Plan approved by B.D.A. As Sale Deeds are Registered claiming that B.D.A. has approved Lay Out. 867 Judges had taken a Judgement reported as ILR.1994 Kar2115 Against I.G. [stamps], that if the Layout is Approved by B.D.A. & 867 Judges have executed Relinquishment Deed in favor of B.D.A. etc,.[025.09] [025.13s ] for more details of other such Frauds by B.D.A. visit folder no. 025 under "Index to Documents". Matter of fact this very Lay out plan is being the main Bone-of-Contention in Karnataka High Court in CCC No. 87 of 2004. [000.02.01s] [000.02.02s ] [000.02s ]

000.02s ccc87.J.Reddy.Int.Order:    
867 Judges Versus Judges Case which is being hushed up by Lok Ayukta.
in Karnataka High Court. Next hearing 4th March 2005

Lok Ayukta's Complaint Against the Campaigners


Savior of 867 Scamster Judges:
In 1995 he Delivered Constitutional Fraud Judgment

Un-fortunately TI has appointed him as Chairman of Karnataka Chapter. Can you Imagine of this person's Bonafide Contributions towards "Impartial Reporting of Corruption in TI" ?

C O M P A R E       I N V E S T I G A T I O N S   of  C O R R U P T I O N : O U R s Vs  TI
Justice Saldanha's Contribution in TI Web Site
Effects of our Investigations + Reporting in Our Web Site

CORRUPT Venkatachala; Complains against Complainants        Click-Here 4 JUDGMENT
Lok Ayukta trying Best to Hush Up this Judicial Scam Fourth-time since 1999 till-date
A Govt. Institution exclusively meant to Investigate & prosecute Public servants including Ministers;
Trying to Legalize ILLEGALLY with Corrupt motives Rs.Seventeen Lakh Billion Scam; instead of referring Scam for CBI Investigations.  Govt. should not be Silent Spectator,& forthwith refer Scam to CBI or COD or CCB
Scam  of
800 to 1000 Judges including Lok Ayuktas + Upa Lok Ayuktas + Judges on deputation as Inquiry Officers

But Alas !  Every Tyranny has an End-To-Itself-By-Themselves: By No-Less-Than REAL Justice 

Justice N Santosh Hegde New Lok Ayukta's OATH 
To Dig-Open "Corrupt Skulls of Venkatachala in Lok Ayukta
  “ I Will clean up Lok Ayukta first
The                    newly    appointed   Lok                   Ayukta’s   WAR   ON   CORRUPTION                   WILL   BEGIN   AT   HOME.                   Justice  N  Santosh  Hegde,   appointed                   Lok  Ayukta   of   the                   State   on   Saturday,   15                   July   2006,   is   CATEGORICAL                   THAT   HE   WOULD   CLEAN                   UP   THE   INSTITUTION   FIRST                   BEFORE   CRACKING   THE   WHIP                   ON   OTHER   CORRUPT                    GOVERNMENT    SERVANTS.                                         “    I   WILL    FIND                    OUT   WHETHER    THE   LOK                  AYUKTA    INSTITUTION   is                   in    ORDER   or   NOT.                    IF   NOT,   I    WILL                    HAVE    TO    TAKE                    ACTION   to   SET   it                   RIGHT,”    JUSTICE    HEGDE                    told   DECCAN    HERALD                   while   REPLYING   to   a                   QUERY    on   the                    ALLEGATION    that    the                    LOK   AYUKTA    ITSELF                    WAS   NOT    FREE                    FROM    CORRUPTION.