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Date: September 27th, 2005                                                           Ref: CPCJI:KarGov:HoD:01

Shri H.K. Patil, 
The Honorable Minister for Law &
Parliamentary Affairs,Government of Karnataka, Bangalore 560 001

Copies to: All Ministers, Heads of Departments/ Corporations / Companies of Karnataka Government. Offices of Central Government + Its Undertakings

Dear Sirs,

Subject:    1.    "Death-Blow to Indian Judiciary = 867 Judges SLUM = Judicial          L                          Layout, Bangalore ".  "Lok Ayukta  is converted into "Corruption L                          Legalizing Bureau" by trying to hush-up this Judicial Scam."

                2.    Request for "Annual Subscription of 'Monthly-Updated' e-Books in C                       CDs of "Indian Judiciary: In-side Out" & "Dark-side of Indian Judiciary"

Our Humble Prayer: 
Show Errant Judges & Lok Ayukta; "Be You Ever So-High, LAW is Above You"

Our Dream Theme :   
To prove that Judges- Themselves are on War-Path of Negating Peoples' Confidence in Courts, contrary to the Legal Say that " 'Peoples Confidence in Courts' is the Foundation of Courts ".

Our Organization:     
an un-registered NGO, is mainly established to prove that corruption in all other spheres of Governance is much less as compared to "Corruption in / amongst Judges" or "Courts / Judicial Bodies presided by Corrupt Judges" viz., Chief Justices of Supreme Court, High Courts, Lok Ayukta, Tribunals, Judicial commissions etc.,

Dream come true:    
We hit upon a Case which has Evidences beyond suspicion & are Backed by Eternal Records of Court +Government
; after filtering many a Cases of "Reported Corruption in Judiciary".

867 Judges SLUM     
Investigated over 10 years. Being updated every month. More than Two lakh pages. Most of classified Evidences of Records are put in Photo-copy in CD; to enable the reader to believe our investigations. Secondly Judges involved are spread across India, un-believably more than 5,000 Judges. Thirdly, all crimes reported by us are wonderfully admitted by Themselves in Karnataka High Court vide Public interest Litigation WP No. 40994 of 2002. And in Contempt Case C.C.C. No. 87 of 2004.

Our ten years Investigations in short, shows:   
As to the Stooping Level Judges have reduced the Supreme Court of India through the High Court to Lowest Courts, not to leave behind Karnataka Lok Ayukta in trying to Hush-up the 'Corruption, Contempt & Penal Crimes' committed for a Plot-of-land. Secondly how Your Government is used as Foot-mat & 'Peoples Confidence is Reduced to Foot-wear'.

Effect of this Scam:      
"Bangalore Infrastructure Collapsed" "Bangalore- Graden City" into "Bangalore SLUM". In the process Government lost Billions of Rupees & Public lost Tens-of-Thousands-of-Acres of Lands supposed to be "Public Parks /Play Grounds / Hospitals etc.,".

"Be You Ever So-High, LAW is Above You":   
We pray You to apply this Law Lexeme, which Your former Governments have failed to. 
The End Results, we are confident, shall bring lot of Peoples' Laurels & increase in credibility of Your Government. Also improves Images of Legislature & Executive.

"Constitutionally defined separation of Three Pillars of Constitution":  
For enabling Your Government & Departments to "legally win all Cases in courts" so as to work & maintain equal-distance with courts.

We  await  Your kind  orders  for  Annual  Subscription  of 'Monthly-Updated' e-Books in CDs of "Indian Judiciary: In-side Out" & "Dark-side of Indian Judiciary"

We Remain Yours Sincerely

Digvijay Mote. Volunteer

Scamster Judges have used Courts & Lok Ayukta as Their Ancestral Property.


Karnataka High Court
867 Judges


Chief of Anti-Corruption Bureau

Our Achievement 10 years Forensic Investigation Judicial Tyranny of 867 Judges = Corrupt + Criminal + Contemptuous Judges.

Rs. 2,000 Crores worth Illegally acquired property.

For sale at 'Gangaram Books, M.G. Road, B'lore-1.Cell:9342297670   Fax:080- 2558 7540'

Names & Crimes; supported by Perennial Records of High Court + Anti-Corruption Bureau + Govt., in e-Book in Web Format.

Chief Justice of India Hon'ble Justice R.C. Lahoti; Compares Judicial Scandal, thus:
A Judicial Scandal has always been regarded as far more deplorable than a Scandal involving either the executive or a Member of the Legislature.